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  1. Hi Everyone, I am a silent reader but now really getting worried. We applied for 187 and 186 in Nov 2018. Our nomination was approved in April 2019. On 8th July 2019 we received a letter of natural justice. Immigration tried to verify my wife's(primary applicant) overseas degree. In the natural justice letter it was my name not my wife. She studied in girls college, not sure what kind of mistake is that... they tried to verify my wife's degree with my name? My agent replied to their email in 2 days asking if it is for me or my wife and got their reply that its for my wife (may be typo error in natural justice email). We would never provide any bogus documents to immigration. My agent replied to natural justice email formally that the primary applicant provided genuine documents. This time we provided everything like her transcripts, admit card for exams, character certificate and luckily her college still have online results available( anyone can see it on collage website by entering the roll number provided on the degree and you can see the transcript with completion of degree) we also provided the online link. My agent is kinda worried with natural justice letter. He said though we provided very solid evidence but there is still a chance that immigration refuse our visa. He mentioned lot of time their is an ego issue with immigration. I am very surprised what happened here.... possibilities are; 1. Immigration tried to verify my wife's degree providing my name? 2. Immigration never called my wife's collage for verification.( Immigration outsource to some companies for these type of verification). 3. The collage did not respond to immigration properly. Its been long and we are really worried what will happen now. Anyone in the same shoe or similar case? Regards