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  1. Snowball2

    Buying a used car Queensland

    Thanks for this
  2. Snowball2

    Buying a used car Queensland

    So we finally made it to Townsville! Next on the list is buying a car. I just want a chespish run around really. Ive seen a couple online at a local dealership, but I have no idea of the process. It seems you have to physically go to the council to transfer the ownership with ID & proof of address. I’m in Airbnb accommodation for a month so don’t yet have anything to prove I live here. also, can someone explain the Rego please? I think it’s an MOT combined with something else? Any help is much appreciated!
  3. Snowball2

    Tax on rent from U.K. home

    Thanks Alan. I can’t message on here yet but will email you next week.
  4. Snowball2

    Tax on rent from U.K. home

    Hi Alan. I have a PR visa
  5. Snowball2

    Tax on rent from U.K. home

    Thanks, yes I think professional advice is definitely needed.
  6. Snowball2

    Tax on rent from U.K. home

    Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I’m not able to sell my UK home so I’ll be renting it instead. I think I’ll need to submit a self assessment firm to HMRC. House is in joint names so the income won’t exceed the personal threshold (if this can be combined). I’m not sure what I need to do in Oz though. I know the rental income is simply counted as income so is taxed at the same rate as wages etc. I’ve also heard about a depreciation report and offsetting certain things. This is what I’m not sure of. I wasn’t expecting to be renting it out so I’m unsure of certain aspects. Any advice would be really helpful
  7. Snowball2

    How does my plan look?

    Thanks! I do have some questions about Townsville so I’ll message as soon as I’m able (think I’m restricted atm because I’m new).
  8. Snowball2

    How does my plan look?

    Thanks very much everyone, really helpful. I’ll sell it here before I leave.
  9. Snowball2

    How does my plan look?

    Ok so my partner & myself are moving to Townsville QLD in November. I have a job waiting for me but my partner hasn’t got anything lined up yet. She works in admin. Work are covering the cost of my shipping container. Initially I had planned to bring my car, but I’ve discovered that the model (Citroen C1) was never sold in Oz. I’m thinking it will be impossible to get parts or sell it on so have decided that I probably won’t take it. What are people’s opinions on this? If I don’t take the car, I’ll have to rent one for a couple of weeks then buy one asap. How easy/hard is this in terms of documentation/paperwork etc? Cars seem very expensive and I can only afford something 7-9 years old, whereas my current car is not even 3 years old with low mileage. Any advice/suggestions are welcome! Thanks.