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  1. So little stressed here. RFI came on 18th of Feb (well 14th to our agent but she sent it to us on the 18th). Medical done 4 days later, UK background same. Applied for my US FBI Clearance on the 18th of Feb and am still waiting for it to come back with the cut off for documents being today... they said it would be 6-8 weeks to get a response. We have uploaded the application for the Clearance to the site. Anyone else had any issues before with not having all documents for an RFI by the deadline? Just worried this will affect getting my visa for the sake of checking 1 year of living history 9 years ago and being stuck in bureaucratic process Thanks!
  2. So it may not be a grant but my agent finally told me we've been assigned a case officer so i need to now submit my Medical and my US FBI background check (already did the UK one for a job so that was accepted) . We applied around June 25th 2019! so heres to a speedy last few months! now off to get my fingerprints done
  3. yeah we were told to hold off on those till about 6 months after we applied and were advised to not do it when the the immigration account said to as it could expire and have to be done again. at least this is the info our agent fed back to us after speaking with their immigration contacts at the High Commission
  4. completing through to grant
  5. My mara agent had said last week that immigration was a bit behind and hasn’t started any applications from March yet. But had finished most of January’s
  6. good to know some movement has happened for those of us applied in June of this year. All we had was our agent asking us to submit our sponsor app in July and nothing since then . We aren't planning on moving till June next year when my Visa and my partners visas will both expire for the UK. hopefully sorted before then or i may off to the US for the unforseen future
  7. I applied end of June 2019 and nothing as of yet, spoke to my immigration agent and she said we are now in the fun 'waiting' period sadly.
  8. I've known loads of people from my Rugby team to use PSS Removals
  9. congrats everyone that's got their recent approvals!! sounds like the agents are all back from Holiday!
  10. our MARA agent said to apply just before 1st July as thats then their quota reset so we'd likely be on the 'top' of the new years pile and may get processed faster'
  11. yeah i hear that. we're off to Oz in November for our friends wedding and to look for our wedding venue as well for a March 2021 wedding hoping we'll be living out there next UK Summertime giving us time to plan in country, but who knows! I Also do loads of consulting work so i'm at the point where i need to determine contracts i want to take or not take due to length of them and our lease is up next May so we still have a fair bit of time but i'm sure we all know it goes quite quickly! I did luckily check and see my agent has been away for 3 weeks since we submitted the 40SP so hopefully get some news about anything today as we can't login and check ourselves!
  12. hey all, joining in on the thread as i constantly scroll through thought i'd participate. Anyone here used a MARA Agent to do theres? We submitted my application on 24th June 2019 and then Sponsor application went in 20th July 2019 so now just playing the waiting game. Probably made things lots easier prepping for the application but as someone who likes control over everything it's annoying i can't log in and check daily on the status hahah.