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  1. Not sure if anyone else has seen this. It was in the text of the auto response email received from WAParents today. IMPORTANT NOTE Finalisation of many Parent Visa applications will be put on hold for a period of approximately two months. The situation will be reviewed in late May 2020, and further extension/s will be provided if necessary.
  2. I'm not sure how immi count those, always wondered about that myself. Don't forget these are the number of applications which will differ slightly from the numbers granted. There aren't actually that many 173's included in those figures anyway. Out of the 39,559 total shown at the end of that report only 2,097 are 173's (5.25%)
  3. It's really no trouble at all. I extracted the data and designed the report template a while back. Now I just have to tick a box or two, enter a couple of dates and the result pops up on the screen within seconds. As you say it's a shame immi don't publish the queue data, they could easily do it.
  4. Hi SusieRoo This a snapshot of some of the 173 applications separated out from the 143/173 combined report I posted. Seems strange that youv'e not heard anything yet. But I suppose you would only hear of other 173ers if they were English speaking and on this forum. Been a bit quiet for 143's too lately. Also I've noticed in the past with 143's that some are processed weeks out of application date sequence. More wine is good! 173 Applications 2016 Month Cumulative. Mar 121 121 Apr 109 230 May 115 345 Jun 181 526 Aug 77 666 Sep 95 761 Oct 110 871 Nov 116 987 Dec 74 1,061 2017 Jan 67 1,128 Feb 66 1,194 Mar 92 1,286 Apr 53 1,339 May 96 1,435
  5. Could it be that the 5600 is the number of visas granted rather than the number of applications processed. Just trying to be optimistic for you!
  6. Just updated this report so all the poor soles waiting in the queue can see where they stand. The criteria assumes everyone with an application up to and including April 2016 has had a request for further docs. The original source of this data (link in the report) was from a freedom of information request someone submitted. It only covers applications up to the end of April 2019. If anyone can find a more recent similar document at any point please let me know. I will be more than happy to include that data and continue to post updates here after my own visa has been granted. Based on a quota of around 6000 visas per year you can foecast approximately when you might be contacted for further docs. Providing of course the quota doesn't change and processing doesn't pause for any reason! CPV Lodged Date Report as of 06 March 2020.pdf
  7. Very frustrating, I know the site can be flakey but it may be worth trying a different browser. Some of those can also cause problems. Good luck.
  8. Yes I' noticed that. We used a MARA agent and who said sometimes the applications get processed outside of Australia. The agent had one visa recently processed by the Australian embassy in Dubai. Maybe this is why they're not be processed in exact date order. Who knows!
  9. Hi Linda, if I had lodged around the same time as you and circumstances allowed it, I would have applied for the new 5 year visa, sold up lock stock and barrel and just gone. Assuming they have almost finished requesting further info for March 2016 applicants, there are just over 20,000 143 parent visa applications between the 1st April 2016 and your lodgement date in the queue. I admire you If you can stick it out but I don't think I could deal with that. Life is too short and getting shorter, I don't think any of us can really afford this amount of time for life to be on hold. Good luck!
  10. Last 143 applicant I know of to be asked for further information was Falangela100 on Saturday 18th Jan. They applied 6th April 2016.
  11. Hi Christa not sure how much you personally have to pay but we were able to increase our BPAY limit to $100k in preparation. We chose to go into the bank (commbank) to do it while on holiday there last year. Not 100% sure but I seem to remember the person at bank saying we could increase the BPAY limit ourselves online! I believe $100k is the limit for none business accounts. I think you may also be able go into the branch in Australia to make the payment from your account over the counter. We have also done this at a commbank branch as the max total daily payment/transfer you can do for yourself is $20k. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi Bridgie, click on your name at the top of the page when logged in and select "Account Settings" from the drop down menu. You should then see another menu on the left where you can select "Signature".
  13. I've seen other members on the forum say that they got a text message in advance from AOS advising they will get a call and to make sure you answer. Not sure how far in advance you get the text though.
  14. Looking at the link AlwaysVet posted I would say she definitely has to enter either with or after the main applicant of the 143 but not before the main applicant.