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  1. G80

    VISA 187 - TAFE occupation

    Yes, a fuller review of my options would be of great help. I have contacted SunCoast and if it’s worth pointing out, I made an error on highest qualification, it is Diploma not IV certificate
  2. G80

    VISA 187 - TAFE occupation

    Thank you for your reply. My occupation is on the Combined list of Eligible Skilled Occupations 2019 as: Vocational Education Teacher - 242211 - Regional - VETASSES If this is subject to change, would you advise I wait for the new Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Visa? There is so much info out there so I need someone to guide me through the process. Gem.
  3. @paulhand can you please advise me; I live in Northern Ireland and I am considering emigrating to Australia with my family where my brother has been since 2010. I am a college tutor teaching beauty therapy qualified to level 4 HNC and I am currently undertaking a level 5 HND. I have been teaching part time since 2012 with a few breaks in between (maternity leave and so on.) Since 2017 I have been continually working for the same college and will continue to do so until I complete my HND (which will be another 2 years) So my plans to emigrate will not be until then but I would like to know where I stand with applying for a 187 visa and what qualifications do I need for a job within a TAFE college in Australia. I have been advised to undertake a skills assessment but before I pay the fee I’d like to know do I have what it takes now to apply. Thanks Gem.
  4. Hi, I am new to this but I could do with a bit of help. I am in need of an excellent migration agent in the UK or Australia please & thanks