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  1. Pooja Negi

    Info on points system and selection

    Also (jut out of curiosity), are you onshore or offshore?
  2. Pooja Negi

    Info on points system and selection

    Why would you want to apply for employer sponsored visa when you have already got a 189 invite? You do realize that 189 is a PR visa and will have other government benefits (including childcare) attached with it once granted. I agree the processing time for 189/190 have skyrocketed post covid but it will come sooner or later unless one has supplied forge documents or have a criminal record. There will definitely not be a refund if its refused/rejected/takes a long time to grant. But I dont see any point not accepting this invite as long as you have a clear record and have all the evidence for the points you claimed in your EOI. You are one lucky person who received an invite for 189 at 70 points which is very rare seeing there are so many waiting without an invite at 90+ points for so many months. Wish you luck!
  3. Pooja Negi

    Impact of PMSOL on points thresholds?

    Hey Cobs_Ahoy, Yes, you are correct about the employer sponsored visas, hardly any hospitals/age care gives sponsored visas to offshore applicants. This is coming from a fellow nurse who applied to many places but didn't get a positive response (every time they would ask my citizen/residency status before even looking at my profile). Having said that, one of my RN friend was lucky (very lucky) enough to grab one and she went to Australia in July (got a travel exemption as well because of our occupation). But in order to apply for an employer sponsored visa, you should have your AHPRA License. If not, I would suggest that you apply for one as COVID has really changed the status of our occupation not just in Aus but all over the world. Once you have your AHPRA license, it will be easy to grab one of the employer sponsored visas as I believe (guess) now more hospitals/age care/nursing homes would be willing to sponsor offshore applicants because of the PMSOL. And anyway, even if you have to choose the (Sensible) long term plan, you would need your AHPRA license. Wish you luck!
  4. Pooja Negi

    Travel Exemption HELP!

    Maybe ask the employer to write something regarding "Compassionate reasons". Why would a partner stay away from the other especially during this pandemic time. That's the only thing I can think of tbh.
  5. Pooja Negi

    ANMAC application

    Usually (Pre Covid) ANMAC takes around 4 weeks to give a decision on the application. When I applied (Last year), I got it exactly after 4 weeks and same with my friends. But as mentioned in their website now, it could be delayed. And usually they do update the account to "further assessment" (after a CO Contact) and then "finalized" when its done. So just hang in there, it will be coming soon! Wish you Luck!
  6. Pooja Negi


    There are many Australian Hospitals who give sponsorship visas (TSS) to nurses working in UK, Ireland, USA. I would suggest that you apply for jobs in seek/indeed and if selected, employer sponsored visas are now under PMSOL (Priority Migration skilled occupation list) and RNs are included in that list so there will be priority processing of your Visa and you will be getting a travel exemption too. If you are thinking of the PR pathway, then yes go ahead get your ANMAC Skills assessment, write PTE/IELTS/OET and get proficiency scores to increase your overall points for GSM (189/190) Visa. Wish you luck!
  7. Pooja Negi

    APHRA help!

    For which profession are you inquiring?
  8. Pooja Negi

    Has 491 visa closed for offshore?

    Most of the states have now got interim quota for 190/491 until 6th Oct, 2020. So, they will be sending few invitations only for critical care occupations. Most of the states have posted the official announcement on their website, so please check for each state. Also, hope for offshore applicant as of now is NEGLIGIBLE. Maybe things improves post budget announcement. Best of Luck!
  9. Pooja Negi

    190 State Nom Visa EOI

    What's your ANZSCO code? Which all states have you applied for 190? Also, 190 program is currently closed now and the states will start sending out invites only after they receive the Annual Migration Quota from the federal gvt which is scheduled for 6th Oct, 2020. Having said that, some states have updated on their websites, that until they receive the quota, they might send out few invites only to occupations critical/relevant to the economy during this pandemic. So, if you are from a critical care occupation, you might expect some movement soon. If not, it will be a long waiting time for you. In addition to that, states invites people whose skills are in need of the particular state and high points do not really matter much. They can invite someone with 70 points and not invite one with 95 points. Answer to your second question: Applicant files for state nomination application when their EOI gets picked by any/particular state. However, for some states and occupations (example-VIC for occupations OTHER THAN ICT, Nursing & Engineering occupations), one can submit 190 EOI and can simultaneously file state nomination application and the state will process the application and will declare the outcome-accepted/rejected/refused.
  10. Pooja Negi


    Yes Maria. OET is just equivalent to the other English language tests. Also, I'm offshore and I have lodged my Visa Application in March, 2020, still waiting for the grant.
  11. Pooja Negi

    Any offshore 190 been granted recently?

    It actually depends on the Case Officer (CO). Some ask; some don't. So, you just have to wait and if asked, then re do PCC & Medicals.
  12. Pooja Negi

    Any offshore 190 been granted recently?

    There was a FOI released by DHA & shared by someone (yesterday) on a telegram 190 waiting group which shows the number of offshore grants for 189/190 for each month starting Jan till June, 2020. For the month of June, there have been 44 offshore grants for 190 & 32 grants for 189. This includes both primary & secondary applicants. And Guess what, fun fact is we were unaware of any offshore grants post covid since none of these folks are on any sort of forums/trackers hence unreported in the public eye. So there have been offshore grants in the last 2-3 months as shown in the FOI. May be july (till date) has got it's share of grants too. I hope this info helps!
  13. Pooja Negi

    subclass 190/491 visa

    Hey, Just wondering why your agent said, English Test (IELTS/OET/PTE) is valid for 5 years? As per my info, DHA accepts English test results for only 36 months that is 3 years for all visa categories. Anyone please correct, if I'm wrong?
  14. Pooja Negi


    OET is specifically designed for Healthcare professionals so if you are a nurse/doctor, go ahead for this one as it is comparatively easier than IELTS. I'm a RN, but when I started my Immi process, OET was not yet into action so I ended up giving IELTS Academic three times and it was one nightmare. lol