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  1. Pooja Negi

    Nurse job

    Well, before you approach the Hospitals, it would be a good idea to look at the registration procedure with NMBA-AHPRA. Just like how you are registered with NMC in UK, you need to be fully registered with NMBA as a RN before any Aussie hospital can offer you a job/sponsorship. Try looking at the link shared by @Jon the Hat above for NMBA Registration.
  2. Pooja Negi

    491 visa grant for offshore non-essential workers

    190-VIC; RN (offshore); lodged application in Mar 2020-not a single update since then.
  3. Pooja Negi

    Skills Assessment for 189 Visa

    Well, nobody can predict the future and that too with the global pandemic. If your wife is offshore, chances are very slim to receive an invitation for either 189/90 as both DHA/States aren't entertaining offshore applicants for now. When this situation will change is anyone's guess!
  4. Pooja Negi

    Lodging an EOI in the current climate - 190 visa

    The EOI sits in the queue until it gets picked by DHA/State for an Invitation. Or else it will remain in the system until it gets expired after 2 years. You can submit a new EOI as and when its gets expired or about to expire.
  5. Pooja Negi

    Nursing in Australia

    Hey! You mentioned in your first post that you continued to pay for your AHPRA registration since the last 10 years so that means you do hold a valid RN licence from AHPRA at the moment. Correct me if im wrong here? In that case, even though you haven't practiced in Aus as a RN but if you do hold a valid RN license from AHPRA, there wont be any issues. Now, that you have decided to come back to Aus, then please start looking at the 189/190 PR pathway VISAS and see which one suits you the best. Due to covid pandemic, the timelines have skyrocketed so be ready to wait (for almost everything starting from invitation to visa grant). Also, for your query regarding difference between "skill assessment and modified skill assessment". First of all there are 3 types of skill assessment done by ANMAC: Modified, Modified Plus and lastly, Full skills assessment. As you said, you have AHPRA reg then you will qualify for a Modified skills assessment. Please go through the ANMAC website if you have more doubts on this. @paulhand has shared the ANMAC link in a previous reply.
  6. Pooja Negi

    Nursing in Australia

    @Lou Gates needs a positive skill assessment (From ANMAC) so as to be eligible to apply for a skilled visa (like 189/190-PR pathway).
  7. You wont get much response from here as mentioned by @DukeNinja. Try putting this on FB groups if you want to cover Indian Nurses who are in the process of migrating to Aus.
  8. Pooja Negi

    Sub class 189, 190

    Hello, Glad to see a fellow RN. Have you calculated your scores for 189/190? And yes, you need AHPRA Full registration as a RN in order to qualify for a positive skills assessment. Without it, you will not get a positive LOD and will not be eligible to submit EOI for 189/190. Wish you all the best!
  9. Pooja Negi

    190 visa

    Yes, it is very difficult. So just waiting and watch for the grant to come on its own. Do you know if there is anything else we can do in order to expedite our Visa Grants?
  10. Pooja Negi

    190 visa

    Hey, we both are already registered with AHPRA as a RN since 2 years now so I don't think that will work. For overseas nurses from India or the Philippines, AHPRA registration process is completely different, we do not have to present in person rather its a different story altogether. So that will not work. We applied for jobs but being stuck overseas at the moment, nobody is willing to look at our CVs as the first thing they will ask is our residency/visa status. Does your friend already has a job offer from an Aus employer?
  11. Pooja Negi

    190 visa

    Good to hear that an offshore RN got his/her visa grant. I'm a RN too waiting since 03/2020; filed visa for 190-VIC. Although RNs are a high priority occupation during covid/post covid but it doesn't seem that DHA is finalizing applications based on that. Another RN friend of mine is waiting since Dec 2019 and hasn't received any update; it still says "received" on his immi account. So, its more of luck I would say! lol
  12. The Aus FY will end in June and it doesn't seem the borders will open up for all by then, So year end basically means 2021 Dec. I even read on the news that they wont open up until 2022 mid year so its just wait and watch and counting your stars! The renewal of skill assessment depends upon the authority. Since you haven't mentioned her job code, So I wont be able to comment on what will be the exact procedure. As @DukeNinjamentioned that for RNs, its ANMAC who does the assessment for Nurses and the LOD is valid for 2 years. In case it gets expired before receiving an invitation, one has to submit fresh professional references, Good standing certificates and English tests should be valid at that time along with paying the renewal fee in order to get the re issuance. Might be similar for other job codes but cant be sure.
  13. I'm sorry Paul for generalizing it by saying that. I do understand that there are plenty of genuine MARA agents out there but at the same time there are agencies/agents who are just looting PR aspirants by showing a fake picture of Australia Immigration. New Applicants do need to know that things have changed drastically since 2019 (even before covid) hence there is no use in getting stuck by applying for Aus rather one should look for other countries who are still welcoming immigrants just like before.
  14. For the first time I'm hearing this from a migration agent (Most of them just want client's money) but I definitely agree with this statement. Since you are offshore, there is no use starting your journey now by investing your time in English test and skill assessments when you have no idea about the future of 189/190/491. There are so many people waiting without invitations since 1-2 years and are just losing their money by re attempting PTE/IELTS/OET or renewing skill assessments as most of these docs expire while waiting for an invitation. It doesn't seem the borders will open by this year end so you will just lose your documents validity if you get these done now. It would be better to wait and see how things turn out for immigration in the future. Or maybe look for other countries in the meantime. And you can submit separate EOIs for both 190 and 491.
  15. Pooja Negi

    190 Nurse

    You will be applying for a Modified skills assessment with ANMAC. If you are gaining GSM points from your professional experience then you need minimum 3 years of full time experience. The below ANMAC website will give you more info on this assessment. https://www.anmac.org.au/skilled-migration-services/modified-skills-assessment