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  1. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    If you are eligible for recent graduate pathway, you can directly lodge your application at live in Melbourne website after filing your 190 EOI in skill select. You don't have to wait for a pre-invite in that case.
  2. Pooja Negi

    Professional references for anmac for Registered Nurse

    Hey! What do you want to know regarding the Professional References? I did my ANMAC last year and may be I can help you with that. :)
  3. Hello, Even with 80+5 points for 190-VIC is still not enough. Seeing, the latest trends (especially for Pro Rata) even 90 pointers are not being invited by VIC. I would suggest that you try to increase your points if you do have the option for that. One of my friends (Business analyst) with 85+5 points and D.O.E as Dec, 2019 is still waiting for the pre-invite from VIC.
  4. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hey Bella! Congratulations hon!! I'm guessing you got the pre-invite from VIC, right? But I don't understand You applied in AHPRA for registration? What about ANMAC skill assessment, have you got that done? Because if you received the pre-invite, that means you should already have all these things before. Am I missing something here?
  5. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    You cannot claim it on your own but It's the ANMAC who assesses and if they have considered all your experience to an appropriately skilled level then yes you can claim the complete experience for your EOI. And all the best wishes for your wife who will be starting her process via the new pathway for IQNMs. They have reduced the costs considerably so that is one good thing.
  6. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hey Sandeep, Please check your inbox, just messaged you.
  7. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hello Sandeep Kaur, I believe you should go with the ANZSCO for AGED CARED NURSE for your current employment since you have been working as an aged care nurse since more than a year now. And if you do have some work experience back home, so put ANZSCO code as per the experience you had that time. For example, I worked at 3 different hospitals in my home country and my ANZSCO code was different for all 3 occupations. After ANMAC assessed my application, they gave me the code for 254415 (Critical Care & emergency) as I had the maximum experience in that specialty (around 3years). Also, they did consider my other two experiences to an appropriately skilled level as a RN/RM.
  8. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Thank you Peimika!! And hang in there, be patient and hopeful, Yours will be coming soon too. Also, look for a Plan B as well. If not, try to maximize your points if you do have the option for that. Sure, I will keep you updated with my application. Wish you luck
  9. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hey Martina, Thanks hon It's definitely a struggle for overseas nurses to make their way in Aus but yeah it's all worth at the end. Will definitely ping you when the final grant comes
  10. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hello Bella, Yeah, I received the pre-invite in almost 10 days from my updated D.O.E with 85+5 points. When did you file your 190 EOI with 90 points? I guess, you will be receiving it soon. :)
  11. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hey Guys! Happy to inform you all that I received my final invite from VIC today and I can't be more happy than this. Now just one and last step left for Aussie dream to become a reality. Hang in there guys, Your invite will be around the corner. Be patient. I started my process for Aus in March, 2017 (IELTS-->Applied in AHPRA-->Did my overseas bridging program-->gain Aus license as a RN-->skills assessment-->PTE-->EOI) and now here I'm. 3 years went by. Things do look doubtful at times but keep going for your dream.
  12. Pooja Negi

    Nurses on 189, 190

    Hey Guys! I have a doubt if anyone would be able to clarify on this. I got my ANMAC positive skills assessment dated 17/05/2019 (valid till 17/05/2021) and included 3 of my previous employment (screenshot attached). Currently I'm working as a Nurse Educator (RN-NEC) since 10/04/2019 till date. I also worked at this same place earlier (14/04/2015-24/02/2016) and that period was part of my skill assessment also. Point to be noted here that When I applied for my skill assessment (Early April, 2019), I have not joined this current job so this one is not included in my skills assessment result. When I initially submitted EOI for 189 & 190 in Aug, 2019, I did mention my current job and included that in "related to nominated occupation". Now, in Jan, 2020 I completed 5 years of overseas exp and my EOI automatically got updated and added 5 more points on it's own. Now, my question is Do i need to get another skill assessment done from ANMAC since my current job is not included in the previous skill assessment result? I hope I was clear with my question and if anyone would be able to answer this?? My agent says that it is not required at this stage. FYI, I have received a pre-invite from VIC on 16/01/2020 and have submitted my nomination application on the same day so now I'm awaiting for the final invite. Many Thanks for your time and response!
  13. Yes, It is the same one. Probably you did not find it difficult but yeah it depends on the theoretical & clinical knowledge of the nurses. So, it's a case to case thing. I believe AHPRA has now made it cheaper and tough at the same time.
  14. That's what I thought. Total fee comes around $5000 AUD which is wayyy cheaper than what we paid. But i believe there might be increase failures among overseas nurses if they did not prepare for it carefully. Giving NCLEX-RN is no child's play and then you won't get any training for OSCE and will have to directly appear for it which will prove to be quite difficult for nurses who have not followed the same standards back home. Anyway, this is what it is now. All the best to the new overseas applicants for NMBA-AHPRA. :)
  15. Yes, Though the MCQ & OSCE might differ for RMs but if you are an overseas applicant, then yeah, this is the new pathway.