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  1. Have had some helpful advice from @wrussell on another thread (thanks again!) but just a hopeful bump to see if anyone has any insights on likelihood of success with 75 points in my circumstances, and/or any thoughts on why there seems to have been a big change since January (i.e. threshold has gotten higher).
  2. Thank you so much for the reply @wrussell - it's very helpful. I think we will take our chances and wait until November 2019 to apply then with 80 points. :)
  3. Hi, that's 75 excluding spouse points - I don't think I/we are eligible for any spouse points as my husband's occupation isn't on the skills list (at least not as far as I am aware - I will check that though). Grateful if you could let me know if i've misunderstood...Apologies the world of visas is very new to me as my employer organised our 482s through a migration agent and we simply produced the relevant documents.
  4. Hi Could anyone advise what you think my chances of being granted a 189 visa are? Any idea of turnaround time? I am a 33 year old solicitor with 75 points, working for an international law firm. I am here on a 4-year 482 visa with my 30 year old husband (who I would like to include on my 189 visa, if that's possible?) I'd like to explore the 189 route whilst keeping my fingers crossed that the rules don't change and I will still be eligible for a 186 visa after a further 2.5 years with my Aus employer. Relevant ANZSCO is 271311. I have looked at the govt website and in the past 4/5 months is seems no-one with under 80 points was invited to apply, but in November, December and January there were hundreds of invitations issued to people with 70 or 75 points. I am unsure why so many more invitations were issued last summer - has there been a recent policy change that I am unaware of? Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Kind regards, Dexy
  5. Sorry should have said, I'm a solicitor so my ANZSCO is 271311
  6. Thanks Paul. Incidentally, do you have a view on whether it is worth applying for the 189 with only 75 points?
  7. Sorry Marissa posted too soon. Note what you say about the 189. Unfortunately I only have 75 points so I am not sure it would be worth applying, but will look into it further.
  8. Thanks Marissa. So if my application were successful we would just both get PR on the same day? No need for the 801 / 820 partner visa etc?
  9. Hi Married couple (age 33 and 30), no children. We moved here in December, and were each sponsored for a 4-year 482 visa through my new employer. We love it here and are thinking about settling permanently. Assuming the rules don't change between now and then (!), I understand that if I continue to work for my new employer for a further 2.5 years I should be able to apply for Permanent Residency (I think it's the 186 visa?) However, what will happen to my husband? He is self-employed and I don't think his occupation (media / advertising) is on either the short or medium-term skills list. Can he get permanent residency, and if so, how? Thank you in advance, Lucy