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  1. Echrist

    Exemption requirements for skills assessment.

    Just to see if anyone agrees with me.
  2. Echrist

    Exemption requirements for skills assessment.

    According to the table of occupations that require a skills assessment under visa subclass 482 ‘fitter and turner’ does not include the U.K. as one of the countries required for a skills assessment. Based on this my U.K. passport and qualifications should provide sufficient evidence for exemption of the skills assessment.
  3. Echrist

    Exemption requirements for skills assessment.

    Occupation is Fitter and Turner ANZSCO code 313212. Looking at the legislation “Migration (IMMI 18/039: Mandatory Skills Assessment—Subclass 482 Visa) Instrument 2018” there is an exemption clause in section 7 (2) (a) that says the following: (2) A person who has applied for a Subclass 482 (Temporary Skill Shortage) visa is an exempt applicant for an occupation if: (a) both of the following apply in relation to the person: (i) the person holds a relevant qualification for the nominated occupation to which the application relates that is commensurate with the qualification specified for the occupation in ANZSCO; (ii) the qualification was obtained as a result of the successful completion of a course of study or training in Australia or a permitted country for the occupation; Based on this can I argue that I am exempt from doing a skills assessment? My qualifications are equal to the ANZSCO and my employer (sponsor) recognises my qualifications as I’ve been working for them for a year as a fitter and turner.
  4. I’m currently working for an engineering company in Melbourne and they have submitted an application to sponsor me on a visa subclass 482, one of the questions on my application for the skills assessment is ‘has the applicant commenced or completed a skills assessment?’, I’ve put no for this. The following statement is ‘the applicant declares that they’re not required to undertake a mandatory skills assessment’ I have selected yes for this. The application provides a drop down list of reasons why and I have chosen ‘occupation/passport country not on the list’. Will this application be approved without doing the skills assessment? As I said I have been working for my sponsorship company for a year now.