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  1. mat8iou

    Skilled Independent vs Partner visa

    Thanks. Reducing the number of applications definitely seems a bonus (having done the similar process for the UK).
  2. mat8iou

    Skilled Independent vs Partner visa

    Yes - this is the other thing we are doing at the same time. There's no way I want to have to go through that whole process again.
  3. mat8iou

    Skilled Independent vs Partner visa

    Thanks - that settles that question then.
  4. mat8iou

    Skilled Independent vs Partner visa

    Interesting - I'm at 65 points, so it seems that I'd be waiting for a very long time for the skilled visa on that basis. I wasn't aware that it was restricted to a limited number of places.
  5. mat8iou

    Skilled Independent vs Partner visa

    Thanks. We've been married since 2011, so are well over the 3 years. It's interesting what you say about onshore vs offshore processing times - we had the same experience when my wife came over to the UK - the initial application for the UK partner's (all Australian applications now go through Manilla) took 4 days (and that's including a weekend, so 2 working days). The next step of applying for Indefinite Leave in the UK took about 6 months even though the amount of info required was the same for both stages.
  6. mat8iou

    Skilled Independent vs Partner visa

    Thanks. Very helpful. I'm at 65 points - so on that basis it seems that the partner visa would definitely be the more reliable option.
  7. I've had a search and couldn't spot this question asked before. My wife and I are planning to relocate to Australia. She grew up in Australia and holds Australian citizenship. Looking at the calculators for points for Skilled Independent visas, I could take that route, or I could apply for a partner visa. Based on a quick bit of research, there are obvious differences both in the cost of the application and the processing times. I understand that with the Partner visa, it is possible to first apply for a sub-class 820 Partner Visa (Temporary), which would allow me to travel to Australia and permit me to work there sooner, whilst the 801 Partner Visa processes. I assume that there is no equivalent for the Skilled Independent visa. So - if I have eligibility for both options, what are the pros and cons of taking one route versus the other. I've spoken to two different friends, one who did it one way, one the other way. Interested to know if anyone has thoughts on which is the best way to approach things. The processing time is a potential issue, which is why I was looking at the 820 temporary visa.