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  1. Hello! In response to your questions, from our experience: (1) - No, we didn't also do an attached 40SP, we just completed the sponsor application in immi, by setting up an account for me as the sponsor. (2) Yes, we reused the same written answers (and great that you've referenced your attachments in those - it'll make their lives easier, we were nowhere near that organised! - you might just want to reword that they're attached to your partner's application/ref number?), (3) You get an email with a more detailed attachment (explaining what has been granted and when you need to enter by), but nothing goes into the passport as its all recorded electronically in the immigration systems. We plan on taking a print out of the letters with us, just in case, for when we go through immigration. Best of luck!
  2. ...and some more positive news here! We had our 309 and 100 granted today as well, having applied in July 2019. Can't quite believe it has finally happened! Thanks to all on the forum for providing your application dates, insight, tips etc. - we are very grateful for all the info, which helped immensely. And now to celebrate!! And to sit in disbelief a bit... And to celebrate some more!! Good luck to everyone still waiting... there is movement happening...
  3. Hello all; my husband's medical record has expired - has anyone ever had to obtain a new one? What happens - can you generate a new request letter? Do you get a new HAP ID, or is it the same one as before? We don't want to do this next one until requested by immigration, given the ongoing covid-related delays, but there's a possibility my husband will have to get a medical done soon anyway and we therefore may be able to cover a new aussie medical at the same time (and thus save some cash, which would be nice!)
  4. Signed! Last day to sign this petition folks, currently sitting at 8879 signatures...
  5. Start it as soon as you can! They're taking forever to process the forms. You can continually upload evidence to her application, so you could add your passport at a later date. You will need some proof of your citizenship (like birth certificate) to start the process I think, and there are two applications you have to make, one as applicant and one as sponsor (you link these via the sponsor application). Its been so long since we submitted ours, that I can't remember exactly what proof of citizenship is requested at what stage in these forms. We completed the applicant form first, and then did a sponsor one later on. Also, you pay when you first submit it (right at the end of the initial applicant's form, if I recall correctly)
  6. Yes, makes total sense. We've added our baby recently as he does require the visa (he can't yet get dual citizenship), and i'd gotten hopeful that in uploading the forms for that, our visa suddenly read "family - stage 1" (and was therefore being looked at again) whereas it looks like that line was always there! I wondered if it was different for people who weren't notifying they had immediate family members/were applying for partners only, but I'm assuming not and that everyone's app must say "family - stage 1".
  7. Thank you @lepea @Agnese It looks like it has probably always said 'family' for us as well - that's exactly what I wanted to know about. Am I right in thinking, both of you have children, which you put on your original application, and they are dual citizens?
  8. Hi all... I'd be really grateful if someone could take a look at their immi account and please let me know what your applications screen looks like! I imagine most people on here are straightforward partner visas so it'd be great to have a comparison...
  9. Quick question! For those applying for just a partner (with no additional applicants) what does it say on your main application screen, under the applicant’s name, and above the stage of your application? E.g. above where it says something like “further assessment” “initial assessment” “received” etc.? We added our baby as a dependent the other day (a necessary move) and I swear it now says “family visa - stage one” above the existing “further assessment” line and under my husband’s name, when it never did before/never had text there before... I’m not sure if it’s just my memory playing tricks on me, and there was always text there that said ‘family’ OR the application has been updated as a result of uploading our recent form...and so am feeling hopeful it’s the latter and the application is being looked at again (post- our February RFI) Yes I know...I’ve got too much time to look at immi during lockdown
  10. massive congrats to @Shaggylom and @Aussie20 Makes me think we should push the 600 just as a prod to get things moving... such good news for you guys! we're all on similar time lines (June 2019 application, Feb 2020 RFI) - so I'm glad things seem to be being looked at, and I can only hope that ours will be looked at soon. Must be such an amazing feeling.
  11. We are the same @Lauren L and @OzinEire - our RFI was 22 Feb! We replied on 24 Feb and... nada... When we received the RFI, we had an email notification - if you hit 'reply' to that, it will go through to the consulate in London. However, be prepared to get a standard autoresponse in big red letters back (which indicates that they won't pay any attention to visa queries/chasers). Congratulations @Kayse - I am so incredibly jealous you've gotten yours so quickly. We submitted in July 2019. We are feeling very disheartened by the wait, and the fact our RFI seems to have disappeared into thin air. As you say, at least we know IMMI are working. I just wish they'd work on ours!
  12. hello @Reboz @Sunseeker20 This seems to be a WA specific requirement, for entry into Australia via WA, and for coming into WA from another state - see here for the FAQs and details of what you should be doing: https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/wa-border-closure-frequently-asked-questions Its all pretty clear. Aussies coming from abroad will be exempt from the WA entry ban on 'compassionate grounds' it seems
  13. Hi @Furqan we also tried the email enquiry, but had no response other than the auto-email filled with lots of big red sentences! Basically it said 'thanks but you won't get a response'. Congratulations @K-Man such great news! Thanks for all the details re: your timeline. Pleased to hear that they are still processing applications, but feeling a bit deflated ours is still pending. Will keep on keeping fingers crossed
  14. thank you for this post, so useful and has given us a bit of hope we can travel soon!
  15. Hope everyone is safe and well... has anyone out there gotten a grant outright or post-RFI recently? All seems very quiet, understandably, but would be nice to know some things are still moving. Last grant I saw was @MrsH i think...?