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  1. We are the same @Lauren L and @OzinEire - our RFI was 22 Feb! We replied on 24 Feb and... nada... When we received the RFI, we had an email notification - if you hit 'reply' to that, it will go through to the consulate in London. However, be prepared to get a standard autoresponse in big red letters back (which indicates that they won't pay any attention to visa queries/chasers). Congratulations @Kayse - I am so incredibly jealous you've gotten yours so quickly. We submitted in July 2019. We are feeling very disheartened by the wait, and the fact our RFI seems to have disappeared into thin air. As you say, at least we know IMMI are working. I just wish they'd work on ours!
  2. hello @Reboz @Sunseeker20 This seems to be a WA specific requirement, for entry into Australia via WA, and for coming into WA from another state - see here for the FAQs and details of what you should be doing: https://www.wa.gov.au/government/publications/wa-border-closure-frequently-asked-questions Its all pretty clear. Aussies coming from abroad will be exempt from the WA entry ban on 'compassionate grounds' it seems
  3. Hi @Furqan we also tried the email enquiry, but had no response other than the auto-email filled with lots of big red sentences! Basically it said 'thanks but you won't get a response'. Congratulations @K-Man such great news! Thanks for all the details re: your timeline. Pleased to hear that they are still processing applications, but feeling a bit deflated ours is still pending. Will keep on keeping fingers crossed
  4. thank you for this post, so useful and has given us a bit of hope we can travel soon!
  5. Hope everyone is safe and well... has anyone out there gotten a grant outright or post-RFI recently? All seems very quiet, understandably, but would be nice to know some things are still moving. Last grant I saw was @MrsH i think...?
  6. Congratulations! That's great news!!
  7. @CloLou Thank you for sharing your migration agent's info. That makes total sense, however gutting it is to have the offshore ones put on hold. We'd had an RFI and so were hoping things were going to happen quickly after that, but I can totally understand why they'd need to look after the onshore ones as a priority, especially with the travel restrictions in/out of the country. Hopefully this will mean that the requirement to leave Australia to activate a visa is also waived over this period, for those that are stuck in that particular limbo onshore - keeping my fingers crossed for those in that situation, I really feel for you guys. To echo your words CloLou - stay strong everyone x
  8. The main rush is that airlines are all scaling back their flights (eg. Qantas who I believe plan on stopping their international flights at the end of the month); it will make it harder for returning citizens and residents to get back to Australia, if they haven't yet been able to return.
  9. looking at our immi account online (we're waiting on a 309/100 for my husband), it notes: "If you are an immediate family member of either an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you may be eligible to apply for a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600)." This will be our route there, if there are still flights available, unless the 309/100 turns up soon. We haven't got an Australian passport for our baby*, and so will do the same for him. (*=TL;DR: I'm a citizen by descent and the baby won't be eligible for citizenship until we've lived in Australia for two years; my understanding is he'll need a child's visa)
  10. We're in a slightly odd position in that I'm a citizen by descent, and because I haven't lived in Australia recently, our child does not qualify for citizenship/a passport yet. I grew up overseas, but my parents moved back a while ago, and they and my wider family all live in Australia now!
  11. Can anyone with a recent grant, who also had a child whilst waiting for the visa to process, please tell me what happened with regard to that child being added to the application? Was the child included in the visa grant or were you expected to get a further/new visa for the child? We’ve added our baby via the “change in circumstances” paperwork but it’s unclear what would then happen.
  12. Am starting to feel like I've got George Gershwin on repeat... "They're writing songs of love, but not for me...A lucky star's above, but not for me" Seriously though, congrats to those who've had their grants and have let us know your timelines, its good to know there's real movement happening. Hopefully we get ours through soon too, really looking forward to making the move.
  13. Congratulations!! Great news for you can I ask, was it the 309, or both? (Inc. the 100?). Trying to get an idea of timelines! safe travels
  14. Hello, I can still see the button/box but it’s ‘greyed out’/inactive now. I haven’t tried clicking it again! I think it wouldn’t do anything, and may only become live again if a further request is made.
  15. Hello, I put ours in the “additional documents “ section all together (if you click on the little “i” info icon it says something along the lines of ‘the section is for requested documents’).