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    Visa application submitted 3 mins late

    I was very worried this would happen had Morrison's cabinet been re-elected. That shouldn't even be an option for a government.
  2. nomadiccarpenter

    Waiting for visa news: any tips to make the wait less painful

    Make a plan for years to come - learn new skills, a language, do projects you won't be able to if the visa grant changes life circumstance. Read buddhism books to curb insanity! Save, save and save. Though it seems like they process new cases over old ones so you may not have to wait long at all. We just never know!
  3. nomadiccarpenter

    Decided I need a change

    Very relatable. Yet many don't understand.
  4. nomadiccarpenter

    491 visa grant for offshore non-essential workers

    It is! Although, there are a lot of challenges as described very well in this article: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/absolute-gridlock-five-challenges-in-australias-migration-program-facing-the-albanese-government/6z1gj92nc
  5. nomadiccarpenter

    New government

    Going on a third year of little net migration, I don't think there's danger of that. Especially since the new allocations aren't even the highest they've been.
  6. nomadiccarpenter

    New government

    There are many job vacancies which Australians alone can't fill. In the name of growing the economy and population again, there are brighter days ahead for migrants. I believe we can all look forward to serving and rebuilding Australia. The backlog is really the only issue now.
  7. nomadiccarpenter

    491 visa grant for offshore non-essential workers

    A handful. I don't quite understand the continued use of PMSOL list at this point. Shortages across the board and wouldn't this list cause more shortages in other occupations excluded from this list? I guess someone just needs to give the order not to follow it anymore, or at least greatly expand it. Just my uneducated opinion.
  8. nomadiccarpenter

    At what point do you give up?

    Let's brace ourselves for a slow month of May and June as we approach the elections and the remaining quota is filled. If we don't see 'back-to-normal' movement between July '22 and July '23, something's wrong, right? I've been reading Buddhism books to cope and staying as busy as possible.
  9. The processing times reflect the age of the applications they process that month. The elephant in the room is that there is a backlog of 70K+ migrants and many of them across different visas have waited over 30 months. 189s have seem some movement recently, some non-critical occupations. Despite things getting back to normal Covid-wise, just mentally prepare yourself for a long wait. I'm almost to my two year anniversary of applying for my 190. Been a lot happier lately living in the moment but it's been very stressful.
  10. nomadiccarpenter

    491 offshore

    Assume you mean 2020, which is still a long time to wait. To answer more politely than others, yes there isn't much you can do to complain as we've all been getting the same generic responses by contacting Home Affairs or political leaders. The good news is, this problem is coming to light more in the news, especially as borders re-open. Seems every week there's good news so I truly believe we're on the other side of this, even if that means we all still may have long wait with the backlog.
  11. nomadiccarpenter

    190 Visa Grant

    Seen a lot of movement for offshore, non-PMSOL 190s recently as well. This looks to be the year things get back to normal.
  12. Touche. Seems to be a trend in every developed country. I wonder how many of the applicants who have been waiting years will still work in their profession when the grant finally arrives.
  13. We get the same paranoid thinking from leaders in America too but the consequences are far greater for Australia. Truth is, if the job could be filled it would. Australia has already tried not having immigration and it isn't working. It's frustrating to see them take money from people only to have them wait close to three years.
  14. With the language being "visa holders," I'm interpreting this as we still won't see processing of offshore applications such as 190 and 189, since we don't "hold visas," correct?
  15. nomadiccarpenter

    190 wait times

    I applied for my EOI in February 2020 (offshore, carpenter, NSW) and was invited to apply less than a month later, right when the pandemic as declared. Been waiting for grant with no case officer assigned ever since.
  16. nomadiccarpenter

    VETASSES Carpentry Technical Interview

    Congrats on stage 1! I was asked a ton of safety questions; fencing around sites, know the ground you will dig, watch for surroundings and powerlines, PPE, etc. Other topics were reduced levelling, layout a site, terminology of what I was working on in my photo evidence. Identify components of a blueprint (if you have trouble reading their pictures, say so. I accidentally said 285 degree angle, instead of 28.5 because the internet connection made the numbers mush together). They understood though and didn't mark it against me. I knew in my head it sounded weird but just blurted it out of nerves. They may form some questions based on the evidence you submitted. Here's a nice video for some tips as well: I'm interested in tutoring if you'd like to DM me. I passed my assessments in carpentry.
  17. nomadiccarpenter

    Sydney property

    If by nicer, you mean warmer, yes. Although I only spent two winters in Brisbane. It was warmer than Sydney with more humidity. I still wore a light jacket some nights but could have survived easily without it. Just wanted to look good on the ferry! Looks like NSW is progressing well with the vaccinations. I've been avoiding the news because it was making this visa wait drag on more than it already was. It's healthy to get a break from all the doom scrolling.
  18. nomadiccarpenter

    Sydney property

    While Brisbane lacked "ocean beaches", there is access to lots of nature and of course South Bank beach was always nice for a quick dip. I guess it technically has beaches but they are all along bays and rivers. I worked in Redcliffe on a casual gig. It was a bit of a ways but I've had worse. Was a nice quaint town. I would probably want to invest/live in South Brisbane as I like to surf and have better accessibility to Gold Coast. As of now, I'm thinking of going ahead and investing in property in Brisbane next year (pending my visa grant) and work my two years in or around Sydney, renting.
  19. nomadiccarpenter

    190 Visa Grant

    Correct. It is now 4 - 15 months as of today. Though it seems more accurate for onshores.
  20. nomadiccarpenter

    190 Offshore Visa Applicants

    Completely forgot about that! Thank you. Again, super conservative, but definitely more than likely the timeline will be shorter than what I stated.
  21. nomadiccarpenter

    190 Offshore Visa Applicants

    There was but it was changed to a 491 thread and we didn't feel welcome anymore! I believe you are right about offshores being dead last. Here's my speculation and it isn't good news if anyone is expecting a grant soon. Please don't hate me for this outlook, just trying to help people prepare for the worst. Let's screen capture this and check back post-border closures to see if I was right or wrong. So here's the formula I've been working on when we would actually start seeing offshore grants. This is based on Australia's Four Phase reopening plan, the number of vaccinations to be administered and the number of Australian citizens waiting to catch a flight back. My Super Duper Conservative Estimate reaching 70% vaccinated based on past rates: August 2021 - Phase I -Since March 15th 2021, 15% of population has been vaccinated. Let's assume 20% by August 15. -That's 20% every five months, not considering this number increasing exponentially with new vaccine supplies and public demand. -This would reach 80% by November '22, so 70% around September '22. Optimistic Estimate: More vaccine supplies/boosters are delivered in 2021, demand picks up, hesitancy drops and Australia reaches 70% by March '22. May 2022 - Phase II -Average the above data and Phase II begins. -Less lock downs, restoring arriving passenger caps at previous levels for unvaccinated returning travellers + larger caps for vaccinated returning travellers. -Australian citizens gradually begin to come home in higher numbers. August '22 - November '22 - Phase III -Phase III begins, assuming no new variants scare the government into abandoning it's reopening plan. An election has happened so politicians are willing to take more risks and continue on regardless now that there hopefully enough vaccinations and immunity among the general public. -More Australian citizens return home. -Students and priority skilled offshore migrants gradually arrive late Phase III -Airfare prices are high January 2023 - March '23 - Phase IV -After much protest, hunger strikes, and general pandemic fatigue, Australians have relatively no trouble getting home. -Airfare demand is high the first half of 2023. -Offshore student and general skilled visas are granted and offshore migrants who have been waiting three years or more arrive to Australia. -Possibly no quarantine.
  22. nomadiccarpenter

    190 visa want to leave before 2 years period

    Is there another job you could jump over to that may make you feel a bit better, even if it just pays your expenses while you wait?
  23. nomadiccarpenter

    Border opening now mid 2022

    A shame that is what it takes. Friend of mine in her 70s wasn't going to get vaccinated until a break out happened.
  24. nomadiccarpenter

    190 Offshore Visa Applicants

    No worries at all! Sent you a DM. I often think back in hindsight if I had known how long the wait would be, whether I would still go through with it. I definitely would have but my life here in the US would have been different. I would have most likely moved somewhere that makes me happier instead of waiting in my hometown - but that's a lesson to be learned here: live your life no matter what and don't wait on anyone else. Luckily I had an unexpected 10 month contract come in last year that just now ended - and here I am still waiting... So thinking I may go ahead and move somewhere else in the US. I'll live like I'm not leaving for years. If I get the grant as soon as I do so, it'll just make for a good story. Would love to even live in another country until Australia is ready for us but don't want to complicate my visa and police checks.
  25. nomadiccarpenter

    190 Offshore Visa Applicants

    Maybe this could be our centralised thread since our 190 offshore discussions have been a bit all over the place. I'm a 190 NSW applicant waiting since March 30, 2020 with of course no contact. Immigration seemed in a hurry to take my money as each phase before applying went very quick. But I can't blame them for Covid.