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  1. Hello, When applying for visitor visa (subclass 600) there are couple of questions that i encounter. 1. Does the applicant have health insurance arranged for their stay in Australia? 2. Does any applicant intend to enter a hospital or a health care facility (including nursing homes) while in Australia? The applicant here is my baby who is under 1 year of age. I planned to take health insurance once the visa is granted and before arriving in Australia. But there are 2 questions on immi when filing new visitor visa application. If i answer "NO" and proceed, will there be any impact on the process? The applicant may need to visit hospitals for baby vaccinations. There is already child visa under process for the applicant. Thanks in advance - Pratap
  2. Hey, thanks for your reply. Yeah i you are right i will need to visit the places myself and experience it for once.
  3. WOW! Thank you for providing detailed information.
  4. I know that was a stupid question . If we know that the visa is granted and we need to go offshore and visit again to activate the visa benefits but the question "do we get enough time to plan and travel offshore and come again" still remains. There is a mention of health insurance for visitor visa. Is this a any health insurance that we can take or there is anything else we need to consider? With "no further stay" condition, can we apply again from onshore (this was answered by Westly Russell but i couldn't follow).
  5. Ok....As per the immigration website, the processing time for child visa 101 is 14 to 19 months. How do we know that the grant of child visa is blocked because the child is onshore? And do we get enough time to plan travel and re-enter Australia?
  6. Sorry if i wasn't clear. We applied for child visa 101 from offshore and if we apply for visitor visa (tourist stream) for a child and visit Australia we cannot get the child visa granted because we are onshore? Not even if we mention about in-process child visa in the visitor visa? And what about the no further stay condition? As per the visa condition here, there might be a condition on the visa but not sure if we can re-apply for the visitor visa. Thank you for your patience
  7. I really appreciate your response. You mean "visitor visa with 'no further stay' condition"??? And if we get the child visa granted while we are onshore, then do we need to come out of Australia and re-enter in order to activate the child visa?
  8. Thanks for the reply. The child is offshore and yes the subclass is 101. We have not any applied for any other visa (it is just the child visa 101). My wife and my child is offshore and i am in Australia but we want to take our child to Australia so we can stay together (my wife already have PR). We are exploring different visa option for our child considering we have already applied for child visa 101. So far, we found visitor visa is suitable one but not sure which stream.
  9. Hi there, I have applied for a child visa for my baby who is 5 month old (as of august 2019). Me and my wife are planning to apply for a visitor visa while we get the child visa granted (my wife is also PR holder). I have gone through different visitor visa streams but could not find the one suitable. But these visas have a condition 8501 (health insurance) and 8503 (no further stay). Can i apply for a simple health insurance for a child that covers the hospital expenditure or there needs to be any specific thing like amount limit? Does the condition 8503 pose any risk on the stay in Australia? Can we apply for another visitor visa (or any visa) once the visitor visa is about to expire so that our child can stay with us? Thanks in advance
  10. Hello friends, I have applied for child visa for my kid but now me and my wife are planning to apply for a tourist visa for my kid. My wife already have PR. We have been discussing how situations will be once we come there. And after all that, we are confused. We need suggestion\advice from experts or from someone who already experienced it. My son is now 4 months old and we are planning to travel somewhere in december\january (by that time my baby will turn 9-10 months). My wife may not work till our kid turns 1 year. After that we are planning for a daycare. Which daycare will be good and affordable (our budget 2000/month)? Is the daycare good enough to handle annoying kids :)? Which suburb is suitable to settle (considering the nearby vegetable market, grocery stores, good public school, etc)? Thanks in advance, Pratap
  11. Thanks for taking out time and replying. I just want to make sure that my family won't face any problem when i apply for tourist visa (when the child visa is under process) and when my family is in Australia.
  12. Hello friends, I have applied for a child visa (subclass 101) for my kid which is under process. But now i am planning to apply for tourist visa for my child. Can i do that? Can my child (who is 4 months old) travel to Australia on tourist visa when the child visa is under process? *Me and my wife have the Australian PR. Thanks in advance, Pratap