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  1. Jasmine Sallis

    Parent visa

    Yes you are right costly indeed. Especially when looking at the ten year option as a total sum. Perhaps then a Tourist Visa with request for longer stay given the circumstances.
  2. Jasmine Sallis

    Tourist visa Family Stream

    The forms are different as Sponsor (person putting up the bond needs to do an additional form). Which ones is best really depends on the ins and outs of the situation. Also sponsorship only possible for certain family relationships.
  3. Jasmine Sallis

    820 timelines / waiting room

    Gotta love decision ready applications!
  4. Jasmine Sallis

    visa refusal

    Review rights?
  5. Jasmine Sallis

    Options whilst waiting for 143 visa

    Might be an idea to check out the new (opened for application july 1st 2019) Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa (subclass 870). My understanding of 12 months in 18 months situation is that the requirement is to be offshore for 6 months before next entry if have been in Australia for 12 months continuously. (Not sure if this applies in your case).
  6. For statutory declarations from another country you have to meet the criteria of that country. So however they do statutory declarations in India is how it should be done.
  7. Jasmine Sallis


    Have you heard of the Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa (870). Might be worth looking it up and having a read. It's not permenant and can only be renewed once. Applications only opened on the 1st of July 2019.
  8. Jasmine Sallis

    Parent visa

    The old parent visa that does not require the contribution has not been scrapped but has a 30+ wait period. Temporary sponsored parent visa opened for applications on 1st June 2019 (with sponsorship applications opening 17th April 2019). Wait times difficult to determine. Visa can be applied for 3 or 5 years and renewed once only. That would take him to 86 if did the 5 year one and renewed once? Visa requires health insurance. Hope this general info helps.
  9. Jasmine Sallis

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    Lastly I'll say that I have seen a case at the AAT (not mine) where a relationship wasn't declared on a tourist visa application (and the couple were not yet engaged so it technically did not need to be declared on the tourist visa application) but this then led to the later partner visa being refused because of this action. As the case was at the AAT when I came across it as an observer this meant long delays in the couple being together - in fact their child was already one at the time.
  10. Jasmine Sallis

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    As a Registered Migration Agent I can never recommend that people are not upfront in their intentions (firstly because it is a legal requirement) but also because the problems that could result later on are too costly in both time and money. It makes sense you are confused - this question comes up even in Migration Agent forums!
  11. Jasmine Sallis

    Partner Visa 801 Filing/Waiting Period

    Something similar happened to a friend of mine (not someone I was representing). The Agent she used hadn't reminded her the two years was up. She uploaded her documents on her ImmiAccount about 12 months after she could. Clicked the button at the bottom (that reads updated or something similar) and a week later received notification that she was moved onto the 801.
  12. Jasmine Sallis

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    I wouldn't be able to speculate because everyone's situation is so different. People definitely do what you are attempting and sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't. So many factors at play. Before I was a Migration Agent we attempted this for my husband. He came as a tourist first but had the 'no further stay' condition. Applied offshore after visiting but got lucky as his partner visa was granted within 4 months. We had already applied for him to come back on another tourist visa but ended up withdrawing this application and he came on the partner visa instead.
  13. Jasmine Sallis

    Visit visa while partner visa 309 is pending

    In cases where I have had clients apply for partner visas and then tourist visas while they are waiting they basically submit a 'mini partner visa' with almost the same documents proving the relationship and explaining intentions in relation to the tourist visa. Hope this helps, apologies can't be more specific as will depend on your individual circumstances.
  14. Jasmine Sallis

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    No looking back I saw PR issues and made an assumption. Yes I'm a registered Migration agent
  15. Jasmine Sallis

    Tourist visa HELP NEEDED

    Ah I see I read this incorrectly and assumed PR issues were from time in Australia rather than in Phillipines. My assumption had red flags all over it!