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  1. Jasmine Sallis

    S600 visa problems

    You can request a longer than 3 month stay in the application but it's at discretion of case officer to decide how long you are given.
  2. Jasmine Sallis

    Second working holiday visa issues.

    Second working holiday visa only for those who completed the required regional work. No options for that route again. Engineers are generally in demand and would depend on your points score and skills assessment outcome. Skilled visa would not be a quick solution but a longer term commitment to moving to Australia.
  3. Jasmine Sallis

    Citizenships documents

    Surprisingly the documents required are minimal compared to most visa applications. One with face and signature, proof of birth, proof of current citizenship and some others - if you fill out the application online via immiaccount and get to the end the required documents come up in a list before payment or lodgement is required (only for citizenship applications in my experience). This info will likely change by the time most people read this comment!
  4. When I got health insurance for my husband for first visit as a tourist it was around $100 so not too expensive.
  5. Jasmine Sallis

    Entering Australia once you have an invitation to apply...

    Bridging visas get us all stumped - generally takes me a good hour going through the regs for a particular circumstance to fully comprehend it! Not a surprise there is no definite answer being offered.
  6. https://www.vetassess.com.au/home/contact-us In my experience usually the way to get in contact with the assessor is through the general migration email migrate@vetassess.com.au They then forward your enquiry to the assessor and you can request they call you back. More skills assessment refusals from VETASSESS of late.
  7. Jasmine Sallis

    189 query, confused!

    Have seen Visas refused because points were not as claimed on initial EOI so it is important to make sure EOI claims are correct.
  8. Jasmine Sallis

    Contributory parent visa temp 173

    Just a note - for countries eligible for ETA this does not have no further stay condition! It's not valid for one year though.
  9. Jasmine Sallis


    Points also particularly high for certain occupations. I somehow feel that changes in November will mean many people's points increase (if single or partnered to someone that speaks English essentially) which won't really give much of an edge.
  10. Jasmine Sallis

    SC190 Obligation Warning

    Some states are good at giving release letters if required - a matter of being upfront about not being able to find work and attempting but having found opportunities elsewhere. Without a release letter there can be issues with a state or NT withdraw their sponsorship.
  11. Jasmine Sallis

    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Lots of your enquiries do not necessarily have a definite answer and a lot of it will depend on which country your parents are from, purpose of their visit and other personal circumstances. Definitely you need a comprehensive invitation letter. Bond is requested by the Department if they choose but only for the Family Sponsored Stream. Health Insurance only required for the 5 year or 10 year temporary sponsored parent visa but the two visas you have mentioned.
  12. Jasmine Sallis

    801 Check List

    What information do I need to submit? The information below if from an automated email from the 801 processing team. Received a few months ago. You need to give us the following information: Your online application form through ImmiAccount: https://online.immi.gov.au/lusc/login A copy of the biodata page in your current passport Your sponsor’s statutory declaration in support of your relationship Your sponsor’s current passport or other valid identity document Statutory declarations or Form 888s from two Australian citizens or permanent residents, including evidence that they are Australian citizens or permanent residents: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/form-listing/forms/888.pdf Evidence of your relationship with your sponsor since the grant of your Temporary Partner visa. If there is a child of the relationship please upload a copy of the child’s birth certificate. See information on gathering your documents: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/partner-onshore/permanent-801#HowTo A National Police Certificate (NPC). If you did not provide an NPC as part of your Temporary Partner visa, you will need to do so now. Please provide a National Police Certificate from the Australian Federal Police (Complete Disclosure Code 33) See: https://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/services/criminal-records/national-police-checks A penal certificate for any country outside Australia in which you have resided cumulatively for 12 months or more since the grant of the Temporary Partner visa. See: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/meeting-our-requirements/character
  13. Jasmine Sallis

    Parent visa

    Yes you are right costly indeed. Especially when looking at the ten year option as a total sum. Perhaps then a Tourist Visa with request for longer stay given the circumstances.
  14. Jasmine Sallis

    Tourist visa Family Stream

    The forms are different as Sponsor (person putting up the bond needs to do an additional form). Which ones is best really depends on the ins and outs of the situation. Also sponsorship only possible for certain family relationships.
  15. Jasmine Sallis

    820 timelines / waiting room

    Gotta love decision ready applications!