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  1. jamesharvey3

    Emigrating to Brisbane

    I’m a project manager in the storage/construction industry, It also includes fitting occasionally, fitting is also on the list. wife and youngest 10 is onboard, our 18 year old is about to go to university in London for 4 years, I want to put him down on the emigration papers in case his law degree is to hard for him (lol) and he decides later he wants to come. i understand it’s tricky and am in it for the long haul and willing to do whatever is necessary.
  2. jamesharvey3

    Emigrating to Brisbane

    Thanks for that detailed response Marisa, it’s really helpful on which way I’m going forward, the exact reason why I don’t want to come sponsored is that, so although I want to come fast, I want to come for life, so I’ll be taking longer to come without the risk of being kicked out lol
  3. jamesharvey3

    Emigrating to Brisbane

    Thanks for that
  4. jamesharvey3

    Emigrating to Brisbane

    Firstly hello Forum, this is my first post and thanks in advance for any replies that are given, no doubt you're answering the same questions over and over. I wont go on forever, I'll keep it short and sweet. Just got back from Brisbane and Melbourne on a scouting trip to see if me and my family like Australia, we do and would idealy like to move to Brisbane, but we're prepared to move anywhere initially. I went for a job interview whilst in Brisbane, got the job on the basis i get to Australia lol, the business owner will sponsor me but ideally I'd prefer to just come on and be free to choose myself, wht are peoples thoughts on that? I've passed the points test, my job title is either construction project manager or fitter, the whole thing is way over my head hence why im looking for suggestions on a register agent, I will answer any questions, be gentle!! thanks james