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  1. Lizbeth


    Hey everyone chill your jets! I was asked about my personal experience and I gave it. I have no idea if sending emails every day worked or not and you're right, the visa may have arrived in time despite that. You may prefer to sit back and watch your fate unfold. I believe in trying everything I can and fighting until I know there’s nothing more I can do. In reference to me considering the poor immigration persons workload. Well if you want me to put that over and above subjecting my family to utter heartbreak because dad had to stay at home, then a quick email every day seems reasonable. To those of you who sought some genuine advice , all I’ve told you is what happened for us and I keep everything crossed that you the outcome you want because being in limbo is really hard and sometimes the system is wrong. To those of you who think I’m out of order for pushing, enjoy your trip to Oz in 2029
  2. Lizbeth


    Hi everyone, We had given up any hope and I was expecting to travel without my partner. However we did get a response from VACCU and we did get to travel as planned. I emailed them every day, I sent family photos , character references and anything else I could think of. It was very last minute , I think maybe 10 days before we went and an email arrived saying they had looked at the case and saw no reason to refuse the visa it was sent back to the normal visa office in Hobart and approved within 24 hours. All I can say is email every day ( even though they say don’t) & send lots of supporting evidence. With your application. It’s a really stressful time waiting for a response , I wish you luck and hope you get to travel as planned
  3. Lizbeth

    Visitor Visa- VACCU Referral

    Well just an update, the Federal MP has not been able to help, the travel agents won’t accept any responsibility for not advising us correctly so my partner can’t travel and i will be visiting on my own with the kids as we lose all our money otherwise. It all seems so unjust for a two week holiday
  4. Lizbeth

    Visitor Visa- VACCU Referral

    Do you know the name of the MP please? It might help my MP if they wanted to seek any advice?
  5. Lizbeth

    Visitor Visa- VACCU Referral

    Harper’s girl- would you be able to give me the name of the Federal MP that assisted you with the visa? I just thought it might help our MP if they wanted to discuss it or ask for advice from someone who had been successful? Or could I PM you for details please?
  6. Lizbeth

    Visitor Visa- VACCU Referral

  7. Lizbeth

    Visitor Visa- VACCU Referral

    Thankyou for that, I’ve checked and that’s who we’ve contacted. Still waiting to hear though
  8. Lizbeth

    Visitor Visa- VACCU Referral

    Hi thanks for your speedy reply, my cousin who we are visiting is an Australian citizen too, she’s spoke to her local mp who said they’ll take a look. The photos are a great idea I’ll forward some on. Thankyou again
  9. Lizbeth


    Hoping anyone might be able to help, my partner has been referred to VACCU which I presume is for an offence he has from over 20 years ago. We had Police certificates which are clear, employers references, and other evidence to show we are returning to the UK. We are due to travel on the 12th August 2019 and have been told it could be months before they even look at his case. Does anyone know if it’s possible to expedite a case or has been through a similar situation with a positive outcome ? The family member we are visiting has contacted the local MP AND WE’ve emailed VACCU but I just seem to be reading people waiting for a year. One person did post in December 2018 that by emailing the local Ozzie MP AND VACCU theirs was sorted within a week. Any help or Positive suggestions would be very much appreciated!
  10. Lizbeth

    Visitor Visa- VACCU Referral

    Hi there , I hope you might be able to help, we are in a very similar situation to your daughter last year. We are due to Travel on the 12th August and my partners visa has been referred to VACCU , he an offence from over 21years ago which I presume is the reason but his police certificate was clear and we have references & letters from his employer too. We were planning a holiday of a lifetime to visit family in Sydney. Could you offer and advice on what you did to get such a speedy response and what part of Australia you are in? We have a local MP in Sydney who has been contacted but if I could give them evidence of a successful case it might help them build a case for us? Thankyou , in anticipation and the hope you might see this!