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  1. I am currently very deeply involved with the Australian Tax Office (ATO), Private Healthcare Ombudsman and my Member of Parliament to rectify the ridiculous mess of Brits having to pay the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS). I haven't read all the posts above, but I can categorically state the following: 1) Reciprocal Medicare is sufficient to satisfy your 8501 visa condition. But as stated above, you need to have valid cover to show the immigration officer when you arrive, so take out some cover and cancel after you have registered with Medicare (if that's what you want to do). 2) Overseas Visitors Health Cover does not exempt you from the MLS. It is considered as non-compliant according to both the ATO and Ombudsman. This is a ridiculous anomaly, hence why my MP is pushing for changes in the regulations on my behalf. 3) You can take out any local medical insurance policy that is available to an Australian. Some providers I spoke to were misinformed about this, but I know it is true. There will be gaps between what Reciprocal Medicare covers you for and what a local healthcare policy will cover for you though, as you are not entitled to full Medicare. What those gaps are, I am not sure. In any case ALL local healthcare policies will exempt you from the MLS. The current cheapest policy is from AHM for $1,600 (family of 5), which in your case is slightly cheaper than the MLS. It is very basic cover, but seeing as you are not going to claim against it that is irrelevant. My recommendation is to take out BUPA Overseas Visitors Health cover and Top 60 Extras. BUPA have been a pleasure to deal with when we have claimed. It is a comprehensive starting point and you can evaluate your requirements after a year here. You should also apply for AHM Essential Basics Plus so you can avoid the MLS.
  2. Fanatic278

    482 visa refusal probability

    What a coincidence! Visa has been approved. One week from submission to approval. Australia here we come!
  3. Fanatic278

    482 visa refusal probability

    Call me paranoid but I can’t stop worrying that my 482 visa might be refused. It was only submitted last week and I have no specific reason to be worried, so really I’m just coming on here for a bit of reassurance. My skill is on the medium skill shortage list (materials engineer), my skills were verified by Engineers Australia, my employer was accepted as a standard business sponsor, the position was advertised locally for one month.... etc. All the boxes have been ticked! Plus the employer and I are working through a registered migration agent (TSS Immigration). So given the basics above, is there much risk of a refusal?