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  1. Cammy2310

    Contact immi help?

    Thanks for replying. When I've spoken to my agent about the wait, its been a case of "bad luck" and I understand 14 months doesn't seem far out, when people are getting the same visa granted in 3 months, its very annoying. What makes it worse is, my agent advised, its not a complex case
  2. Cammy2310

    Contact immi help?

    I've used an agent for my visa but I have been waiting nearly 14 months for it, I know processing times are an estimate but I am well over by nearly 4 months. I spoke to another agent who advised me, if i was her client she would be raising this with immi as you can contact them (via email) and explained any mara agent would know how to do this. I spoke to my agent and asked them to do this and they have advised there is no way to contact immi and i have to wait. Is it possible to email immi and if so, how do you do it?
  3. Cammy2310

    Visa application help

    Yeah he wrote me a reference and the duties I carried out and explained the company no longer exist and they can contact him but i was curious if anyone else had this issue, being asked for proof of work that you haven't claimed points for
  4. Cammy2310

    Visa application help

    Thanks for replying This would give me more points however I didn't claim for it as I couldn't get any proof such as payslips etc as its actually more than 10 years ago, not 9
  5. Cammy2310

    Moving to Adelaide Suburbs

    I have recently moved to Adelaide. The area i'm staying in is nice, close to the beach and schools etc. We have friends who live in Hallett Cove, that seems to be popular with expats with children. Have you looked at any areas?
  6. Cammy2310

    Visa application help

    I've had co contact asking for details of employment that I haven't claimed points for, they asked for payslips etc. The company no longer exist. I was able to get a bank statement for one of the years they asked for but as it was more than 9 years ago i was unable to get any other documents. I gave them details of my boss at that time who they can contact to confirm I worked there at that time. Would that be enough or could this potentially be an issue even though I didn't claim points for it?