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  1. renebascossarabi

    Corona Virus

    Hows Oz doing with the COVID 19?
  2. renebascossarabi

    Princes Dianna

    I was a kid when Diana died. I can still sing Candle in the wind by heart. She and Mother Teresa who is now a saint were close friends.
  3. renebascossarabi

    Princes Dianna

  4. renebascossarabi

    Princes Dianna

    As a royal you are bound by la noblesse oblige.
  5. renebascossarabi

    The good old days.

  6. renebascossarabi

    The good old days.

    Ok Boomer.
  7. renebascossarabi

    Is this right?

    Lol that stuff is Surreal. And very funny-serious.
  8. Lol I know right. But you all prove otherwise by commenting. Thank you
  9. renebascossarabi

    Is this right?

    We are degenrating. Its totally progressive and ok to let 7 year old boy cut off his testicles and become a girl because he identifies as such. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.buzzfeednews.com/amphtml/tasneemnashrulla/texas-transgender-child-custody-dispute But you are called a racist Islamophobe if you speak against the rape of little girls in child marriage. https://www.soas.ac.uk/blogs/study/islam-is-still-used-in-pakistan-to-marry-underage-girls-to-old-men/
  10. Hahahaha such trolls. But think of the children!
  11. Lol heres another funny story from Vice. It seems that Colombian Drug Syndicates are using their Filipino distant cousins as a transhipment point for Cocaine bound for the lucrative Australian market. "Australia-Bound Cocaine Has Again Washed Up in the Philippines" https://www.vice.com/en_asia/article/j5w3w4/australia-bound-cocaine-drugs-washed-up-in-philippines-filipino-beach?utm_source=stylizedembed_vice.com&utm_campaign=v747d9&site=vice Some relevant snippets "Seven packages were found bobbing around in the waters just off Mauban, in Quezon province, on Sunday—all of them containing coke, with a collective street value of about 35 million pesos ($970,000 AUD). Earlier this year, more than 100 kilograms of cocaine was similarly discovered floating off the country’s east coast. And between February and April the Philippine National Police (PNP) seized more than 200 kilograms of the stuff in those same waters, the ABC reports. The South Pacific drug trafficking route has become popular in recent years, most likely for this very reason: the cocaine industry is booming in Australia and New Zealand, and the quickest and easiest way for South American cultivators to get their product into that lucrative market is for smugglers to sail straight through the oceanic archipelago. The Philippines isn’t the first country to be hit with the strange dilemma of pre-packaged drugs washing up on their tropical beaches, either. Last year, some 120 parcels of cocaine were found on the shores of Fijian islands within the space of a few months, and similarly-marked packages also turned up in Tonga a short while before that. At one point, a 20 kilogram brick of coke was found floating in the waters off the east coast of Australia." Whats even funny is the sheer naivete' of Filipinos. Who exchanged bricks of Cocaine for bags of rice hahahaha. "In the Philippines, authorities don’t seem to be quite so concerned. Speaking to CNN in February, Albayalde insisted the packages of the drug could not have been intended for Filipino communities as there’s no local market for cocaine there. And indeed, police’s “rice-for-coke” strategy speaks volumes about the amount of faith they have in local do-gooders." Those things costs thousands of dollas yet these poor sweet simple minded innocents exchanged those for cups of rice. Hahahaha lol.
  12. Couple Caught Having Sex on Philippine Beach Resumes Heated Sesh Inside Police Truck Boracay is a popular tourist destination in the Philippines known for its white-sand beaches and reputation as a party island. While the scene has since toned down, it looks like some days can still be pretty wild. Like on Thursday, January 30, when an Australian man and a British woman were arrested for having sex in public on the island’s Bulabog Beach, according to local reports. https://www.vice.com/amp/en_in/article/v747d9/tourist-couple-caught-sex-philippines-boracay-beach Are Aussies usually this fiesty? Personally, I dont really mind the sex. You could go have sex in the middle of the mall and I would be amused. XD
  13. renebascossarabi

    Australia and Climate Change

    Wow. I cant imagine the biome diversity in there.
  14. renebascossarabi

    Australia and Climate Change

    Lucky you! I may be a millionaire in Philippine Pesos but I think that can only buy simple property in Australia which has a higher exchange rate than ours'
  15. renebascossarabi

    Australia and Climate Change

    Yes one of the reasons why I want to go to Australia is that I want to get to Queensland and visit and perhaps get property at the World's Oldest Rainforest.