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  1. Hi, Sorry for the late reply! They didn't actually request for sponsor's police checks. I just provided AFP myself - because I noticed that some people, after applicant got request for PCC, a month later sponsor also got PCC request. So I decided to upload it myself just incase, to reduce wait times. But yeah, the only reason I provided only AFP is because I haven't stayed anywhere else for longer than 12 months. If the cost for all of your police checks isn't much, I would get the process started just incase. As I have seen sponsors do get asked for AFP, but I don't know if all sponsors do.
  2. Thank you! I didn't provide Pakistani PCC for myself. Only AFP. Pakistani PCC was only provided for my husband (applicant).
  3. GUYS!!! Alhamdulillah my husband got his visa today. DOL: 14 April 2019 RFI: medical and PCC (applicant) 10 Dec 2019. Uploaded by 18 Dec 2019. Also uploaded sponsor's police check (AFP) 20 Dec 2019. 309 granted 22/01/2020. He's been given 1 year to arrive in Australia. No interview. Married since December 2018. No kids. First marriage for both of us. Processed in Islamabad AHC. I pray that all of you get your visas very soon inshaAllah
  4. Based on the trend I've been seeing from some of the other people's timelines here, including my husband's, you could potentially get some correspondence any day now hopefully. My husband's visa was lodged 14 April 2019 and we got RFI (medical and PCC) on 10 Dec. Uploaded by 18 Dec. Also uploaded my (sponsor) AFP check on 20 Dec. Haven't heard anything yet.
  5. I think everyone would be different. My husband and I aren't big on texting, we rely more on phone calls. When his visa was lodged, we provided records of our phone calls. Just curious to know if others have been updating call/chat records after lodgement?
  6. I want to know this too. Have people been uploading updated phone call records? I haven't. Should I?
  7. I don't think you can do that. Unfortunately, you just have to wait for agent to send you updates.
  8. By phone? No. Email requests for med and PCC were from Islamabad embassy yes Since lodgement, had no contact until requests for med and PCC on 10 Dec
  9. DOL: 14 April 2019 Request for medical and PCC: 10 Dec 2019 What should I expect from here? No interview or anything yet. Also recently applied for visit visa last week... not sure if request for medical and PCC means visa grant soon and I should withdraw visit visa??? Am i being too hopeful? Any advice anyone please?
  10. Asalamu alaikum everyone, I've been following this forum for a few months now... I'm sponsoring my partner's visa application. DOL was 14 April 2019... so still a long way to go He got his biometrics done in April... it said in the letter to take polio certificate but the biometrics people didn't take it. So, should I just upload it to his application or does he need to show it when he goes for medical? Also, if we have no children... would we still need to show a family composition (something that shows his parents and siblings names?). I'm really confused about whether applicant's get asked for this or not?