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  1. The 9 year old girl missing in the Blue Mountains has been found dead … her remains were found in a barrel … a 31 year old man has been charged with her murder …
  2. A nineteen year old man has been charged with lighting 9 bushfire including some around Wooroloo … he is a volunteer fireman who attend 8 of the bushfires …
  3. Bottie


    we have them where I live …
  4. Bottie

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    What an embarrassing shambles … not one ounce of common sense between them …
  5. another suspicious bush fire in Wooroloo on Sunday afternoon … I won’t say what their punishment should be when / if caught …
  6. Bottie

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Being completely selfish … Yes … we have enjoyed a normal life most of the time … and it may sound silly but I have felt safe … all may end on February 5th … our hospitals cannot cope now … serious ambulance ramping … shortage of nurses …
  7. Bottie

    Hello from tonyman

    I have enjoyed following Stacey and Stacy’s journey …
  8. Bottie

    Hello from tonyman

    I remember the humour … I joined before I emigrated and it was a very stressful time for me … but PIO always brightened my day …
  9. Bottie

    Hello from tonyman

    I , for one are alive and well … it will be good to have you back … I hope life and love are treating you kindly …
  10. Please explain “ a bit of an old women “ … sour grapes because I did not say you were funny too ! … you were …
  11. We have heard there is a car being driven around with lit cigarettes being thrown out of the passenger window causing some of the bushfires on Toodyay road and Wooroloo …
  12. The one thing I will remember about 2021 is a beautiful little girl saying … “ my name is Cleo “
  13. it used to be fun … Pablo was so funny at times …
  14. Coles are selling hot cross buns … happy … happy …
  15. contained but not controlled today ..