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  1. JenniferSiders

    186 Employer sponsor - Direct Entry

    Thanks @Raul Senise If we havent applied the visa, how can the medical be linked to the Visa?
  2. JenniferSiders

    186 Employer sponsor - Direct Entry

    Thanks @MaggieMay24 But if the doctor at medicals doesn't mention anything such as assessment report, then it should be a positive case? or can we not ask doctor on the outcome then and there itself? Also, i don't see 186 visa type in my health declaration, so not sure how can we get medicals before submitting a nomination for ENS
  3. JenniferSiders

    186 Employer sponsor - Direct Entry

    Hello All, I am currently on 482 visa. I shall be going through an agent for my ENS-186(Direct or TS). Is it possible to go for medicals before actually applying the visa? (https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/employer-nomination-scheme-186/direct-entry-stream#HowTo) says 'Yes'. But, do i need to create my own immi account to undergo health examination? As i will be going through an agent, will they create an Immi account on behalf of me ? The reason why i would like to do medicals before applying is due to a medical condition of my daughter aged 3.5 yrs, she has speech and few devlopmental delays. But few therapists have opined that my daughter would be able to complete the medicals as their children too went through that phase and unless the child clearly displays severe characterstics of devlopmental delay. but i know it's case by case. If my health examination are positive, then i would go ahead with ENS-Direct entry which doesn't have health waiver. So is it a good idea?? so that i dont need to pay the agent fee and application fee and later getting rejected. Also, if at all i do medicals beforehand and if the medicals are negative, can i not simply not link the medicals with the visa application? will it have any effect later if i apply any other visa? Thanks for your inputs, Jen
  4. JenniferSiders

    Speech delay effect pr application progress?

    Understood. Did the doctor at BUPA mention anything about what we would update on the application? If yes, probably the immigration would asl complete assessment report from the psychologist
  5. JenniferSiders

    Speech delay effect pr application progress?

    where did you get your medicals for your son? what did doctor ask your son or how did he engage with him? did he give any feedback?
  6. JenniferSiders

    Australian citizenship for child with autism

    @Noop any update on your case? can you share your contact details? did u contact George?
  7. JenniferSiders

    child autism migration to Australia Ozzie

    Hi @bearbear were u able to get in touch with any agents? i am in sam situation
  8. @itsme16may how did u go with your application? i am in same situation
  9. Hey @essessp whats the latest on your application?
  10. Hello @semsema how much did they charge? so if a child is autistic they are clear that it would be rejected and hence they straight forwardly that it would be rejected?