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  1. Received 2 VAC payment request late in the afternoon yesterday So relieved that the waiting is over. 4 years and 17 days of it. Good luck everyone.
  2. Of course they did not get back to me after 3 days. I called them twice a week later following it up and i was assured that my request for review had been forwarded to AOS team. I did realise that I did not upload the BG request letter. So a couple of days later I uploaded the BG documents again together with a "request for review of a decision" form SS351 quoting lodgement ref # through MyGov. The approval letter came through a few hours later on the same day. Not sure if that helped but I thought at the time that at least I could provide that request for review form to the immi case officer to prove that Centrelink's last decision was not final. It is so daunting calling Centrelink. Sorry that you have to go through that too. Hope they could sort out your application soon.
  3. I'm based in Australia. Applying CV 143 for my parents. I am sure you can invest as a foreign investor. There might be more red tapes to jump through though. Try a different advisor or maybe an international broker that has Australian presence.
  4. @Alan CollettTotally agree. A nudge usually works. If it doesn't and everything required has been provided then it is time to change accountants. But I believe you do appreciate that sometimes things are just out of control for either parties and there could be legitimate reasons for the delay. Best way to go about it is just talk to the accountants. Best.
  5. True for public companies. When it comes to a private company especially a SBE, where directors are often also the shareholders and they only require special purpose financials etc etc, it's quit a common practice. And also there are deemed dividends which can only be determined after year end. Best.
  6. Sometimes dividends from related private companies will only be determined when finalising the tax returns for the whole group. Depending on the complexity of the entities involved, returns for the individuals might be delayed.
  7. It arrived in my inbox on the same date as stated on the letter but I only got a text msg on my phone from mygov saying I have new msg yesterday and that's when I checked. It's interesting that aos was accepted 3 hours after the request for review was lodged.
  8. Should be the estimate for the whole year and you will have to be able to prove it to centrelink.
  9. @ielectric it came to mygov inbox. I tried changing my communication preference through mygov to receive any letters online but the changes don't get saved. It was fixed by one of the rep at centrelink during one of my many calls with them. If it is set up correctly, you should receive a welcome letter from centrelink through mygov inbox.
  10. AOS finally got accepted I did re-uploaded the documents together with the invitation letter as well as a form to request for review of a Centrelink decision 2 days ago. Wondering if those had helped. Now the waiting game restarts...
  11. This might be what had happened with my bond lodgement. I did not upload the invitation letter. 4 calls with centrelink and no one has ever mentioned that could cause issues. Thought the centrelink unique CRN (customer reference #) would be enough for them to identify the person.
  12. You have to go to centrelink in person. Perth immi office, if that's what you meant, won't know what to do with AOS applications.
  13. I uploaded the term deposit confirmation and the letter with assurees names to mygov. Whish I had also submitted them in person.
  14. I am having the same issue. Received a rejection letter although bond was paid and paperwork was uploaded on time. Called centrelink twice about this. First time they promised I would hear back within 3 days and of course I did not and that was 2 weeks ago. They have requested to have someone on AOS team to call me back the second time I called last week but still nothing. They did say the application is reopen ed to be reassessed. What a pain.
  15. So far I've had pleasant experience with Centrelink and started to think they might not be as bad as people made them out to be. Oh my how bloody wrong was I! Despite lodging the bank guarantee through mygov and calling the next day confirming receipt and being promised it would be processed in due course, a REJECTION letter turned up in the mailbox today! Called 10 times before I could get in the queue and with another 30 mins waiting, they couldn't get an explanation other than something had gone wrong and it wasn't processed. The service rep was kind to put an escalation to the case and says I would get correspondence in 3 days. Let's see how it goes. Also I've lost count on how many times I've changed my communication preference to receive letters online through mygov (so I would be notified about the rejection a week earlier when it was issued). But it just doesn't work. Moral of the story, don't trust centrelink and what they say. Double or even triple check everything. Lodge documents both online and in person if you have to and ask for the reference number if you call.