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  1. Dusty Plains

    Moving to Albury

    Go to Albury Wodonga Health website, it may assist. Also go here for job vacancies and registration as a job seeker: awh.mercury.com.au
  2. Dusty Plains

    Moving to Albury

    I agree with the previous poster. Although I cannot assist with positions in NSW Health, I did move my family down there for a three-month stint, working in Albury, several years ago. We really enjoyed it. Summers can be hot in Albury yet there is hardly any humidity throughout summer and so its quite bearable. I found it to be a great place to work including the fact that in NSW Government Services Albury is a desirable posting. Like any town or bush city I did strike the usual cliques, in the workforce, so be prepared to weather that.
  3. Who the F**k would go to Victoria at the moment?
  4. Ultimately. I think it is going to come down to the fact that Covid19 is clearly exhibiting sufficient degrees of preponderance toward manifesting itself into a second wave. Now if the virus, and the reactionary social responses that seem to be a week too late, then we are up shit creek, chasing each wave, as opposed to anticipating the next wave. . No he does not. The reason that Australia is in the reasonably favourable position in relation to Covid-19, worldwide is generally summed up in two words, namely "Scott Morrison" Daniel Andrews the Leftie recalcitrant socialist Commo a*sehole who refused ADF assistance months ago because Lefties absolutely despise the military and any public profile assumed by the military , but above all, Andrews desperately needed to have the last say. Are Victorians going to vote for Chairman Dan at the next election? Please get your act together in Victoria. You are poorly led. Its a disgrace,
  5. Dusty Plains

    Great Youtubes

    Let There Be Drums............when drums sounded like drums and not like pizza boxes.
  6. Dusty Plains

    The Slave Trade and removal of statues

    We seem to fondly look back on Abe Lincoln as some sort of saviour when it came to slavery. He wasn't.
  7. I neither agreed or disagreed. Because I dont need to seek your opinion first when making comments on Aussie Chat. I think I might reside here for a while.
  8. Dusty Plains

    NSW Recommendations on places to live!

    No privilege whatsoever. It entailed hard work. Hard work became its own reward. Loving Life in Sydney.
  9. Dusty Plains

    NSW Recommendations on places to live!

    I worked in NSW government for 35 years across numerous agaencies and that required me to visit other states. Melbourne is OK. Friendly people and very welcoming. I simply prefer Sydney.
  10. Dusty Plains

    NSW Recommendations on places to live!

    (Joke) Two men are at a bar in Sydney. arguing about the Sydney/ Melbourne rivalry The first man: "The only things of any note to come out of Melbourne are AFL Players and Prostitutes" Somewhat irritated, the second man: " Now see hear, my wife comes from Melbourne" The first man: "Oh Really .... what position did she play?" !!!
  11. I think I see the impasse here in our "discussions". My posts relate to recent discussions which now highlight ( at least from my interpretation) that we are hearing different language from the PMs office over the last few days. Its no longer an issue which predominantly centres around QANTAS and international travellers. Its now about closing borders to the extent that migration is expected to nosedive by 85% in the 2020 / 2021 financial year. Its got nothing to do with QANTAS anymore, other than the fact that Mid 2021 had been touted by QANTAS as a date for returning to international flights, and the govt believes this is "not unreasonable" but not definite. The governement does not need to implement measures or targets in this respect but recognises that with borders closed immigration will fall through means of attrition rather than by any need for the govt to implement measures aimed at the migrants themselves. The next change in dialogue from the PMs office in late June was the word "resume" or the lack of any word relating to things resuming in mid 2021. There is now, no set date for Australia to Resume migation to Australia. Why??? As suggested in previous posts ( and this is my opinion as already stated) that the Aust Government is concerned that Covid19 cases worldwide are increasing and there is no vaccine on the horizon. Australia is an island continent and so why does the Aust Government wish to close its borders. Simply because it can. In the last week Australia's Health Minister Greg Hunt says Australia's borders will remain closed for a "very significant" amount of time. Mr Hunt says coronavirus infection rates are accelerating around the world. "For the time being we are an island sanctuary," he told ABC radio on Tuesday. The number of global coronavirus infections has exceeded nine million. Mr Hunt appeared to suggest international borders would be shut until a vaccine was found. See here: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/australia-s-borders-will-be-closed-for-a-very-significant-amount-of-time-greg-hunt-says You will find the 85% drop-off factor in news websites such as SBS, SMH and you will also find the 85% factor being reported in international media sources such as Thestraitstimes and the Huffington Post. I understand your issues with my posts. I had simply avoided lodging wordy posts as I have been censored before. so I decided to simply offer my opinion My view is simply that we may be able to discuss these matters as they stand. For instance there are certain economists in Australia, who, on the basis of the recent dialogue from the PMs office and that of the Health Minister are lobbying the government to the extent that ( in the economist's view) immigration provides negligible positivity for the Australian economy. Perhaps that assisted the govts decision to allow a nosedive in migant numbers to Australia. Lastly, the bit that will probably get me censored again. Australia continues to have a very low cases of Covid19. If Australia is to maintain its Covid 19 management, possibly through its isolationist stand,and to control unemployment ( to 8% or lower) then the OECD believes Australian economy will rebound quicker than any other country. If you are currently an Australian citizen living in Australia, or perhaps a permanent resident, then its quite likely that you have won the lottery of life. Haven't you?
  12. You seem stuck in the notion that there was no announcement made by the PM Do you agree that just 4-5 days ago relating to the subject as i have presented it. This announcement is all over the electronic media . SMH again today discusses the particular issue. You see its topical. If you read my previous post you will find the answer to your query, namely: Here is the link in my previous post: Do you actually ackowledge that these matters hit the head;ines just days ago? This is a discussion board and I offered my view for discussion. These measures are in place and underway. What is your view?
  13. Australia's migration intake is expected to plummet as a direct result of the prolonged border restrictions. Net overseas migration numbers take into account how many people enter Australia and stay for more than 12 months, compared to how many people leave the country for the same period. According to the government forecast, net migration is predicted to fall by about 85 per cent to just 36,000 people in 2020-21, due to the widespread travel bans brought on by the pandemic. Mr Morrison said, "It is going to be one of the real impacts of the ongoing crisis," Looking at these factors the Aust. Govt has already indicated its concern that Covid 19 is not under control worldwide, and is on the increase. Secondly there is no vaccine on the horizon. The other factors that Aust needs to deal with include the need to maintain unemployment under 8% and to continue the fight against covid-19 within Australia. Both of thse factors seemingly. in my view at least, relate to decisions taken over the last few days relating to extended border placements and immigration cuts.
  14. It seems so. Its difficult to find out any greater details following the announcement.
  15. Dusty Plains

    Glasgow Stabbings

    This reminds me of the Lindt Cafe seige in Sydney several years ago. I won't mention the perp. but he was an idiot, and an asylum seeker who potentially could have murdered several people during the incident. The only reason he did not was that he was a coward. This particular asylum seeker had most things laid out for him. He led the Dept of Immigation to believe that he had been high up in the Irani government (the government of Iran??? now there is a dubious collective noun if ever there was one) and was seeking asylum. This turned out to be completely false, but only after the crime. After several years of having everything laid out for him by the taxpayer, he decided that I, and people like me, and you, should be shot because of who we are, collectively. Fortunately the cops shot him instead. What do we benefit from accepting so-called asylum seekers?