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  1. Dusty Plains

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Even better, Google: Poms in OZ. Its an Australian Website. You will find its description as "Australian Migration Forum" Perhaps you should start your website called "Brits and Brexit".
  2. Dusty Plains

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    At the same time however its fair to say that Brits in Australia as posters on PIO and others coming to Australia are generally happy with the border controls here, and particularly since the emergence of Covid-19. As long as 40 year old EU immigrants coming into the UK and can claim to be teenagers and sit in school classrooms, then the system is no system at all. Its all rhetoric and bluster hiding the fact that the UK has no border control. There is no point in substantiating your argument by holding aloft the EU Directive, as it is obviously part of the problem simply because it advocates on behalf of those 40 year olds pretending to be school children. Its simply unbelievable.
  3. Dusty Plains

    Corona Virus

    It may be that Covid-19 persists for years to come. Perhaps (just perhaps) such persistence may see other nations adopt a system similar to that of a nation of federated states like Australia. Its largely worked here,
  4. Dusty Plains

    Finding lost items

    That's definitely a keepsake Bobj
  5. Dusty Plains

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    Great to see the Melbournians out and about again. Business is back on track, although as reported on A Current Affair, not all restaurants are making money. But I am certain that the punters will fill those venues eventually. Welcome back Melbourne.
  6. Dusty Plains

    How is Trump doing so far?

    Either a cause of, or a symptom of, gun ownership is the strange but growing "prepper" culture in the US. I am not sure whether the prepper culture spawns increased gun ownership or whether gun owners have migrated towards a prepper culture as in their minds at least, being a prepper is a valid reason to own lots of guns. Who or what are they preparing for? Zombies?
  7. Dusty Plains

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    It already is. The most populous state is always going to be high risk to other states, simply because there are more avenues for Covid=19 to spread. Covid-19 needs carriers in order to spread and NSW is fairly full of potential carriers. I am amazed at these state premiers in Queensland and WA who hold themselves out to be heroes but have never needed to deal with a population of Covid -19 carriers. to any great degree.
  8. Dusty Plains

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    A fair observation. I'll stick with mine though
  9. Dusty Plains

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I don't think that the EU directive has anything to do with border control, rather it sets out how individuals may cross borders. The directive also nominates that such arrangements have a limit of five years. Five years? How do you police that if these people are not subject to a visa? What precludes them from assuming a new identity to the extent that they simply fall off the radar and remain beyond five years? Then again what is the radar? Australia has fairly stringent border control and visa conditions yet we have been deporting undesirables who have been in hiding, so to speak, for 20 years or more. It takes a great deal of resources to find them and prosecute them. Do you ever see posts here on PIO that complain about Brits coming into Australia? Of course not. Its not a case of "foreigners bad" but more the case of "Bad Foreigners".
  10. Dusty Plains

    Building a home

    I found this at the Wanneroo WA website relating to the submissions required for building. Planning A completed Application for Development Approval form Cover letter explaining the proposal and (or have this listed in details on page 2 of the City's application form) A completed Metropolitan Region Scheme Form 1 Payment of relevant fees (Refer to City's Planning Fee Schedule) Current copy of the property’s Certificate of Title (no more than six (6) months old) A site plan showing the originally proposed and modified building envelope Geotechnical Report (a certificate from a registered engineer stating that the areas within the modified building envelope are geologically suitable for the construction of a dwelling) If property is within a bushfire prone area, you will also be required to submit a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assessment
  11. Dusty Plains

    Building a home

    Good advice. I am not sure where you live but if you are in the south west of WA then there are broad areas that are designated as bushfire prone and so you may need to engage a consultant, then again maybe not. Here is a helpful link which has an interactive map of WA showing designated bushfire prone areas. Its slow to load but you can view your own property: https://www.dfes.wa.gov.au/bushfire/bushfireproneareas/#planning-and-building-requirements
  12. Dusty Plains

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    Agreed, the Dems have an election plan and it is based on a mainstream candidate. However, I am talking post-election, say 12 months into Biden's term as POTUS, he will not survive. The last two presidential candidates from the Dems were not white men, and the democrat voters have made it clear in their street protests that they despise a white president. That says a lot.
  13. Dusty Plains

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    More evidence that Biden is the fall guy. The Democrats famously despise old white guys and have form over many years in this respect. I think that in years to come we will see Harris as POTUS.
  14. Dusty Plains

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    Thats just it, NSW does not want to share any Victorian experience and i would suggest the other states would be equally gun shy of the Victorian experience.
  15. Dusty Plains

    How is Joe Biden doing?

    I think that could very well be a viable strategy for the Democrats. Biden may have a use-by date that expires some time within the next 12 months and so even if he is elected he may not serve a full term. Perhaps Biden is OK with this arrangement even if he is elected. Biden is a straight talker and a genuine candidate but the Dems want a woke outcome whereby Harris will be in a position to step up and be handed the batten mid-term. One thing is for certain, the Dems aren't stupid. They have already seen a non-white president (Obama) as a pretty lame vote winner, and they have also seen that the electorate was probably not ready for a female president. Plan B therefore may be to get Biden elected and then, once in power they can move the pieces on the chessboard as they like. If its fairly obvious to the passive observer outside of the US that there must be some recognition in the US that the Dems have a chessboard plan, and that ultimately Biden will be the fall guy, 12 months in. Then Harris would be given the nod and the US will have a black female president and Biden will be happy to go from President of the US to Resident of the US. I would suggest that such logic may be quite appealing to voters in the US.