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  1. Dusty Plains

    London bridge AGAIN !!!

    What reformation? Its still "Old Testament".
  2. Dusty Plains

    London bridge AGAIN !!!

    Well I can tell what religion is for, at least in Islam Its there as an excuse to slaughter non-muslims. The problem with Islam is that it never reformed its original concepts. It never developed a New Testament, and it never went through a reformation or review like christianity did. Its still Old Testament fire and brimstone. Henry VIII challenged papal authority and questioned the Catholic Church’s ability to define Christian practice. That is exactly what Islam desperately needs, a definition of its practices, according to a changing world. It s amazing to come onto these discussion threads and find those attempting to harangue the conservative views of some posters, egging them on to a new narrative, at the same time that the world is changing and so they need to move with the times. Yet the same supporters of monumental change are the very posters who will also vociferously defend to the back teeth the very historic and persistent epicentre of conservatism itself, and that is Islam. It has not changed for centuries. They do not have a case. They are only here because they do not like conservatism, but will use the very home of conservatism itself as a basis of their own feeble arguments, and they do not even know it.. You simply cannot have it both ways, now can you?
  3. Dusty Plains

    Rugby Australia apologise and settle with Israel

    Agree. My only disappointment is that the matter never made it to court. If the PC policies of RA were so readily countered at mere mediation, failing dismally at the first mere litmus test, then perhaps a court would have made mincemeat out of the arrogance of RA. Such outcome, if a court determined such outcome to be valid, then the matter would have entered into case law and a legal precedence would have been set. As it stands, only a public precedence exists and this may not necessarily assist other "Folaus" when challenging political correctness and the harm caused to them.
  4. Dusty Plains

    Rugby Australia apologise and settle with Israel

    (Dave) "And as the final whistle blows on this unbelievable match we go down to Reg on the sideline"; (Reg) "Thanks Dave. Well what a match we have seen here today ladies and gentlemen. The game had everything, lots of penalties and a preference by both teams to keep it in the scrum rather than running with the ball. Falou was the stand out player for me Dave. He kept it in the middle, which worked wonders in the end, despite some solid offense ". (Reg) "Just repeating the final score: Real World Wanderers: 8,000,000 PC United: Nil. This is Reg on the sideline, and its back to you Dave".
  5. Dusty Plains


    Oops my Bad. 2016.
  6. Dusty Plains


    Sheffield flooded in 2017 when we were there.
  7. Dusty Plains

    RIP Bob Willis

    Yes I remember that, ..........unfortunately. No taking away from Bob Willis though. He would run in with ball cupped in his backward facing hand, like a reverse grip, and his bowling arm dangling behind him. The batsmen never got to see the ball until it was almost upon them. A very entertaining cricketer. RIP
  8. Dusty Plains


    You bet Toots. I would absolutely love to fish Tasmania's streams and rivers, especially the west coast wilderness. Definitely a trip for us in the near future. We will put the car and van on the Spirit of Tasmania and spend a month or two on the Apple Isle. We spent about 3 weeks last time there, which was not anywhere near enough time to see and do all the Tassie attractions. I envy you living up on the north coast(??) I would move to Tasmania tomorrow ( Strachan or Sheffield) if I could, but I can't.
  9. Dusty Plains


    I had been hoping to do some freshwater fishing in NSW as the season is now open in streams as well as Trout dams across the state. With the exception of the Snowy Mts dams and lakes, there is not whole lot of water in many streams or the dams as well. Looks like I will have to put my new fly rod and reel back the shed until the drought breaks. Mrs Dusty will be happy too. Apparently I am going to continue to be pain in the a*** until I reel in a Rainbow Trout with the new rod and reel.
  10. Dusty Plains

    RIP Bob Willis

    RIP Bob Willis. I remember him being an agressive fast bowler with a particulalrly long run up. A great cricketer and a gentleman.
  11. Dusty Plains

    Rugby Australia apologise and settle with Israel

    The so called undisclosed sum paid to Folau by RA has been disclosed. Its $8 Million
  12. Dusty Plains

    Rugby Australia apologise and settle with Israel

    Local news update. Israel Folau has received an apology from RA as well a confidential multi million dollar payout. If you are going to attack free speech, especially free speech that attacks what you may hold as being accepted as mainstream, or just the norm, then you better bring barrow loads of money with you. The norm, obviously does not extinguish the right to free speech. RA has been found to be completely out of touch. Congratulations Israel Folau.
  13. Dusty Plains

    Moving to Central Coast from Perth

    Born and Raised, but its not the wonderland that used to be. I live on the rim and rarely go down into the jungle that is Sydney. Still its the only world city in Australia.
  14. Dusty Plains

    London bridge AGAIN !!!

    Except that specifically on London bridge it was yet another Muslim weirdo with a knife. More broadly it is not Eurocentric at all. Man Monis, born Mohammed Hassan Manteghi Borujerdi was an Iranian refugee in Australia. After all that Australia has done for him, he held people hostage in a cafe in Sydney. Having executed the first hostage, Monis was in the throes of executing the next hostage when police stormed the building and shot the bast*rd. Its not just that these people have a statement to make, the idiot on London Bridge and the other idiot Monis, just wanted to kill non-muslims. How is that for tolerance?
  15. Dusty Plains

    London bridge AGAIN !!!

    That would be due to the fact that it is one way. Not all Muslim people are terrorists, its just that the vast majority of terrorist incidents, resulting in deaths, are perpetrated by Muslim extremists. Why is that? I think you need to check your DNA at the door mate, prior to coming on here and and calling out every other excuse to the contrary.