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  1. martnLFC

    491 visa processing time

    Hopefully you will get it granted soon then! What Occupation is it under?
  2. martnLFC

    491 visa processing time

    Fingers Crossed you will get them soon. Why would it get more expensive in July? Agent Fees?
  3. martnLFC

    491 visa processing time

    When did you lodge your Visa?
  4. martnLFC

    491 visa processing time

    Thank you! No did it all on my own. The whole process wasn't too bad, hardest part was gathering all the information for the Skills Assessment but once I got that it was all relatively straight forward, just time consuming waiting for each part. Have you used an Agent? Where are you up to?
  5. martnLFC

    491 visa processing time

    Thank You! I have seen quite a few visas granted recently that where lodged around May/June last year so they seem to be working through them all now. Hopefully everyone will get theirs soon
  6. martnLFC

    491 visa processing time

    Visa Update - We just got our 491 Visas Granted last week from Offshore Occupation - Cabler (Telecoms and Data) 342411 95 Points (80 + 15 for State Nomination) SA State Nomination Submitted - 28 January 2020 SA State Nomination Granted - 24 June 2020 491 Visa Lodged - 20 July 2020 Medicals Completed - 4 August 2020 CO Contact - Request for Additional Documents - 9 December 2020 491 Visa Granted - 18 February 2021 Hoping that the Border restrictions are relaxed later in the year and we can finally get there!
  7. Hello, Can anyone answer any or all of the below questions please. On a State Sponsored 491 Visa, it states you must work and live in Regional Australia. Does the company you work for have to be based in Regional Australia or could the company be based elsewhere (UK) and you live and work from Regional Australia? Does the company have to have been established for any amount of time? Could an Established UK Company open an Office in Regional Australia, and working for this company, based from the Australian Office, count towards the 491 Visa Requirements? Thanks Martin
  8. martnLFC

    491 visa processing time

    @Conyo2588 @NicMan Funny reading this as we are in pretty much the exact same situation! Got invited by SA and Submitted the Visa and completed Medicals on July 20th this year. Recently our Application changed to show a processing time of 63 days to 3 months, do yours have a processing time now? What parts of Adelaide/SA have you been looking at moving to?