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  1. EMJ

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    GOLDEN EMAIL RECEIVED LAST NIGHT!! Cook 457 - 186 trt Nomination and visa lodged: 4 October 2019 Nomination approved and medicals requested: 9 February 2020 Medicals done: 15 February 2020 Medicals cleared:19 February 2020 Visa Granted: 20 February 2020 Best feeling ever. Good luck to everyone still waiting. You day will come very soon xx
  2. EMJ

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi! How long does it generally take for medicals to clear? We did it on Saturday
  3. EMJ

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    We received our silver email on Saturday. Nomination approved and medicals requested after 4 months of submission Nomination and visa submitted 4th October 2019 Family of 4 186 TRT - Cook NSW Now to book our medicals and hopefully receive the visa soon - By God's Grace I believe
  4. EMJ

    Mrs EMJ

    Hello All Hope you are well and having a lovely week We are transitioning from 457 to 186 (186 application has been submitted 2 months ago) We have since received interim Medicare and our health fund has contacted us advising that our health cover should now change from Essential Visitors cover to that of permanent resident. I advised them I'm unsure about this as we are still awaiting the outcome of our PR How did/would you approach this? We intend to keep our health fund even after PR but i'm unsure about the transitioning of our private health care cover ThankYou
  5. EMJ

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Everyone. Is there any way I can check the status of my application using my TRN etc? I cannot use the immiaccount to check as we used an agent to apply on our behalf? Thank you
  6. EMJ

    186 visa

    For the 186 TRT functional English is acceptable providing you can prove 5 years of study in the medium of English
  7. EMJ

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    @GBD congratulations. Are you saying your nomination and visa was approved on the same day? Does that mean you have done your medicals before it was required?
  8. Hello Prabha. If I may ask, why did you not lodge your application in conjunction with the nomination? Decision ready? Of the research I've done I've concluded that decision ready applications can save some time. I'll be joining the que in 3 months and am planning to lodge decision ready but keen to know your thoughts as to why your'e waiting 5 months before you lodge? Good luck to you
  9. EMJ

    Mrs EMJ

    @Ausvisitor thank you so much for your response. I do agree with you. The agent fees are very well warranted as it should be. We used an agent to get here on a 457 and it all went really and i am forever grateful for the work the agents does. Unfortunately living on a 457 and having used all my life savings to get here does not allow me to make use of an agent this time around. I do realize that doing this by myself poses a high risk and demands meticulousness and checking, researching and more checking. I have planned for the last year for this process and am well aware of all the requirements and documents needed which I have gathered thus far. The company will lodge the nomination and I need to lodge the visa application. I have also previously successfully lodged a RRV for a family member and 2 visitor visas so I believe I'm pretty thorough and research focused. It's just nerve wrecking because this is my own application and i would need to be even more detailed in this one. Again thank you. I appreciate all responses and advice
  10. EMJ

    Mrs EMJ

    @Wonderingaloud Thank you so much for your response. I have done hours and weeks of research and we definitely meet the criteria and all conditions. The company will lodge the nomination through their MARA agent and we need to do the visa application. I think I am pretty confident with the required docs and busy gathering it all but my fear is as you've mentioned. One mistake can cost it all. Just wish the agents weren't that expensive
  11. EMJ

    Mrs EMJ

    Hello. Does anyone have a link where I can find the 186TRT applications forms online. I just want to review the complexity of the application before deciding if I will use an agent. I have gone through the forms under the immiaccount but cannot seem to locate these forms? Thank you for your response in advance
  12. EMJ

    Mrs EMJ

    @VERYSTORMY Thanks for your response. Even if its the transitioning visa where grandfathering rules apply? Do they still have a high refusal rate?
  13. EMJ

    Mrs EMJ

    Hello Everyone First time poster in this amazing group. I will soon be lodging a 186TRT application to transition from a 457 on the Pastry Chef skill in NSW. I will not be using an agent and doing the application myself so i would highly appreciate any tips, information, notes, things to look out for. Do's and Dont's etc. The company will lodge the nomination and i will lodge the visa application once approved. Family of (4) . Was the application very complex to do it by yourself?? Really any information and notes will be a great help Also if anyone can share their timeline from application lodged to approval received that would be amazing. Thank You in advance