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  1. Tulika

    Migration under farmer stream

    Yes there is apparently I think under rural migration assessed by vetassess but require bachelor level education . I think hope this helps
  2. Hi if anyone help me with clarification regarding points change post November 2019. I m currently single not married post divorce do u think I can claim single 10 points. Anybody has clarification regarding this thanks tulika
  3. Tulika

    Welfare centre manager

    hi to be eligible does the work place needs to be outside the hospital or can it be within the hospital. thanks tulika
  4. Hi has anybody here applied for migration under farmer stream. thanks tulika
  5. Tulika


    Sorry my query it appears is not clear. My query would be I am a medical doctor currently work as medical administrator in a health facility. I do have Australian health service management qualification so can work as health administrator. My business experience is managing my mothers rental property which commands aud 500000. And have personal funds to invest in Australia . My desire is to own and manage a chain of GP centres in Australia. So with this much if I apply for 188 do u think my application will incur a positive assessment for both state sponsership and migration. thanks
  6. Tulika


    Hi i am a medical doctor currently working as a manager in health facility. I wanted to apply as medical administrator but it seems it's removed from Iist I check all the info provided in the website but it is not clear. So anybody who has applied could u plz give me some info , if myself who after working as manager now want to open and manage a business . Would be assessed favourably. Any help in this regards will be appreciated. Thankyou everybody