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    Visa options after 417 ends? 31 yr/o

    Thanks for the reply. I lodged my EOI on 30/08/2019 - with VIC as my preferred state. I've not lodged any EOIs with any other states as I've heard it can jepordise your chances with Vic, which is ideally where I want to live. I'd have lodged it sooner but one of my previous employers took 12 weeks to come back to me with a statement for my employment, then ACS took a further 12 weeks after that to complete my skill assessment. I do have to get my skill assessment revised so that it includes my Australian employment (all 2 months of it) as I started that after I'd submitted my skill assessment - doubt it will affect anything though. There's reports of people getting an invite within a week of EOI for Vic, but those tend to be highly sought after skillsets. My occupation code (263111 Computer Network & Systems Engineer) seems to be flooded with applicants, mainly from India / Pakistan from what I've read on the forums.
  2. Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice from fellow knowledgable forum members. I'm a 31 yr/o British citizen currently living & working in Melbourne on a 417 visa (I work in I.T). My visa comes to an end in about 7 weeks and I also turn 32 just after my visa expires so hence cannot apply for a 2nd year WHV. I currently have an EOI in place for a 190 visa (Vic) that I lodged a few weeks ago once I had my skill assessment back (70 + 5 points for ss, points maxxed out)so that's just a waiting game, with no indication on if I'll receive an invite at any point, let alone before my current visa expires. I have family living here who are Australian citizens but it doesn't appear to open up any doors visa wise. There's no option for sponsorship with my current employment(contract) which will come to an end in 4/5 weeks once the project is complete. It would be great not to have to leave Australia and miss the summer here, the plan is to live here permanently (see 190 visa above). I've no plans to go back to England, but I'm open to other countries - ideally working there but it's not essential to work. Wondering what my options are given my age? I have suffucient funds in my australian bank to last 10 months without work.
  3. As I understand things (and I could be wrong here) but for 190 visas the state can invite you at any point and isn't done in rounds each month.
  4. Brenning

    ACS RPL as well as passing MCSE

    Thanks for the replies guys. Thanks Westly. Presumably when you say "Note the previous post" you are pointing me towards VERYSTORMY's post to speak to a registered migration agent. Aren't you a registered migration agent? Can you answer my original question based on your migration agent knowledge and experience?
  5. Brenning

    ACS RPL as well as passing MCSE

    Hi All, I have a question that I couldn't see answered anywhere else. I'm currently going through the skill assessment with ACS and seem to have to go down the RPL route due to not having any degrees. I did pass MCITP:EA (Which was basically MCSE for the Windows Server 2008 platform) however ACS don't seem to accept this as it wasn't called MCSE, hence the RPL route, though I'm really borderline on points for a visa (and this is including 20 points from IELTS). If i complete my RPL, and also pass an MCSE now (it's only 1 exam to upgrade to it) does that get me any additional points over not passing my MCSE now and just submitting the RPL on its own? Many thanks in advance.