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  1. Visa application was acknowledged 18 August 2015. I paid the 2nd VAC and was granted on Thursday.
  2. 18 August 2015 All sorted now. I was able to get the cash and will bpay soon. Bit weird why i was told it will take 2-3 weeks to clear which didn't make any sense.
  3. Good to know. Unsure why I was told it will take 2-3 weeks to clear.
  4. Hi, my parents 2nd vac has been requested. Can someone advise if it's possible to split the payment and pay part via bpay & part via credit card summing up the total amount requested? I was able to collect most of the funds 80k but short on 7k. I have emailed pvc team, they rang me up yesterday in the afternoon and was advised that the best option is to go to commonwealth bank and get a bank cheque. I was also told that credit card & bpay can take up to 2-3 weeks to clear which did not make any sense to me!
  5. ljg00

    143 Visa- applied 11 August 2015

    I haven't made payment yet. I am just trying to get the funds sorted to pay it. I am yet to find out if i can split the payment via 2 different payment methods before I proceed From what I read it's a matter of couple days once payment is made to get the visa.
  6. ljg00

    143 Visa- applied 11 August 2015

    Hi Mani, yes. My parents application was 14 august 2015 and have been requested 15/05 to pay the 2nd installment
  7. Hi, The second installment for my parents contributory visa subclass 143 has been requested. Can someone shed some light if you were able to pay the sum of vac2 split in 2 payments within the allocated 28 days required. I want to see if I can pay 80K by bpay and 7K by credit card. I tried ringing immi and they didn't have an answer and instead asked me to forward the question via email to pvc team. TIA