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  1. Fabs

    Training Visa Subclass 417

    Hi I graduated from the University of Queensland in June 2018 with Master of International Economics and Finance. I am a German resident and currently work in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417). My current Visa expires by the end of September 2019. My employer is currently looking to keep me in the company on a Training Visa (Subclass 407) once my Visa expires. We want to send the application for the 407 Visa on our own but we are not sure how to structure the Training Plan. Are there any samples or guidelines available on how to structure a Training Plan? Specifically for my job role management consultant - 224711? Kind regards Fabian
  2. Fabs

    Postgraduate Visa

    Hi thanks for your quick response, On a WHV I do have the right to study for 6 months. I could definitely apply for another student visa I don't think that would be an issue. However, I'd prefer not to undergo another degree just to be eligible to apply for the postgrad visa. Isn't there an easier solution? For instance, a skilled visa or something I might not have considered yet? I studied Master of International Economics and Finance, GPA 6.25 and have working experience in an IT company as an Analyst. My Bachelor degree was in Commerece and Economics as well, from a German university.
  3. Fabs

    Postgraduate Visa

    Hi guys, I am currently on a Working Holiday Visa (417) after graduating from a Master degree at the University of Queensland, Brisbane Australia. I graduated from a 1.5 years AQF level 9 degree (January 2017 - June 2018), while holding the student Visa (Subclass 500). I was considering to apply for a postgradaute visa, but unfortunately this requires 2-years of study load. Is there any chance for me to continue another degree just for 6 more months to accumulate my total of 2-years? Or do I really have to start a second degree, just to be eligible to apply for the postgraduate visa? Many thanks in advance, Fabs
  4. Fabs

    Pathway to PR / Skilled VISA

    I'd just like to hear which pathways I could possible take considering my personal case.
  5. Fabs

    Pathway to PR / Skilled VISA

    Thanks for the quick reply. Any further information on my specific case or a suitable visa agent?
  6. Hi all, I am new to this forum and not sure if this is the right forum, so apologies if not. I am making this post to gather information about my current options to continue staying in Australia. About myself and my Visa situation: -I am a German citizen and moved to Brisbane for my postgraduate studies -Feb 2017 commenced a Master degree at the University of Queensland (student visa 500 valid until August 2018) -January 2018 started working as an Analyst in a Brisbane based IT-company -June 2018 studied for 1.5 years and graduated from UQ (Master of International Economics and Finance) -August 2018 left Australia for a visa run -September 2018 returned to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa (Visa 417) -continued working as an Analyst until now So currently I am on a Working Holiday Visa (Visa 417) which is about to expire end of September 2019. My Master degree from UQ did not grant me to apply for the (485 Visa) as my degree was only 1.5 years. The minimum study load requirement for the 485 Visa are 2 years of full-time study. This is why I decided to return on a Working Holiday Visa which allowed me to stay for one more year. My current job role is "Business Analyst/System Administrator". My employer is willing to sponsor me. We are currently looking into potential options to extend my visa conditions in Australia and potentially even get me on a PR. I just recently read that economics got added to the migration list. As I graduated with an economics degree, I hope that this opens additional opportunites for me. So currently I consider the following options for my PR: 1. Sposnorship through my current job as an Analyst 2. Continue studying for one more semester to be eligible for the 485 Visa For the latter I would like to know if I would ahve to complete an entire degree again, or if I could simply study for one more semester at AQF level 9 without graduating. Just to obtain the 2 years of requried full-time study load. Please help me to elaborate the best option in my case. I am happy to even consult with local migration agents or lawyers. But I had bad experience with expensive consultation meetings last year. None of my 4 agents even considered my solution of leaving the country to return on a Working Holiday Visa. So I ended up paying consultation fees just to beeing told I could not stay any longer. Thanks Fabian