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  1. Neeraja404

    Family of 3 how to survive on student visa ?

    oh is it. Can u share which was ur uni and what course u enrolled for ?
  2. Neeraja404

    Family of 3 how to survive on student visa ?

    Are the uni timings everyday 9 - 4pm kinda? My education consultant told me the timings are flexible and classes may be just 3 days a week or so. Please correct mt if i'm wrong. During this time I can leave my daughter at my cousin's place but cannot do it everyday and burden them. .
  3. Neeraja404

    Family of 3 how to survive on student visa ?

    If i do my masters in my home country the score doesn't seem to change. So doing the same in Australia increases around 10 - 15 points apparently
  4. Neeraja404

    Chilcare for 2 year old for mum on student visa

    Thank you Quall. Can you please explain what is the childcare privilege I can get from University ?
  5. Neeraja404

    Family of 3 how to survive on student visa ?

    Thank you for your insights. I believe the childcare is the most expensive than anything else. We will have to work out some feasible solutions to it, like my husband works full time in the day and I work in the evenings when he's at home looking after our daughter. Frankly, this is a step towards PR. I'm a graduate in Computer science engineering but no relevant work experiences so my points come to just 65, the current cut off for ICT is 75 and above so doing a masters in IT and working for a year will boost my points for PR. This is our plan. A little struggle of 2 -3 years for a fruitful life
  6. Hello everyone, I'm planning to move to Australia to on students visa to do my Masters, trying for Nov '19 intake. I'll be accompanied by my husband and our 2 year old daughter. I have few family friends and relatives in Melbourne so giving that as a priority while choosing university. I understand that as a student I'm allowed to work 20 hrs/week and my husband gets full work rights. I'm writing my concerns below and looking forward to your valuable answers and experiences. 1. My husband is an automotive sales consultant, will he be able to get a job in the same industry ? Because few jobs we saw on job portals said they hire only PR or citizens for this role. Is it difficult to get a good job on temporary visas ? 2. To make ends meet, even I have to do part time survival jobs so our only option is to leave our daughter at childcare or playgroups while we both are working. How are the average expenses for playgroups in Melbourne ? Will it be feasible ? Or would you suggest I work in the evenings when my husband is at home to look after our daughter. That way we can save on her childcare. Please note that I have done some research on the internet but would like to know real experiences of you guys who have already faced these situations. Your replies will be very helpful. TIA
  7. Hello everyone. I'm planing to move to Australia on student visa Masters program for the November '19 intake. My husband and my 2 year old will accompany me. I'm aware that I can work 20 hrs a week and my husband has full work rights, but as new entrants it would be difficult for both parents to work if no one to look after our daughter. So below are my concerns, anyone will previous similar experience, please share ur experiences and views. Will it be possible to find a playgroup or child care easily to fit our budget ? Will we eligible for any waivers or subsidies for my daughter's childcare ?