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  1. Worried Mummy

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Could you try tech support of Immi account? It seems more of tech issue.
  2. Worried Mummy

    Health assessment issue sharing

    Hi All, as a parent of a child with medical condition, I have been through tough time with all anxiety about our PR visa application. I read a lot of posting in this forum from those who had same experience, and would like to share our experience for reference to those who still need it. - if your child have medical condition and you want to apply PR visa, please obtain specialist assessment on the condition, in terms of history, diagnose, as well as treatment plan, especially cost estimate in Australia. - I got some advice from my agent to try to apply TR for my child first to see if any issue with the health assessment, though it is less strict than PR, it can reflect the attitude from department. So we applied 482 visa a few months ago, it was approved in 9 days after we submitted the specialist report together with health assessment. - Don't lose faith, go find any visa with health waiver if necessary. I didn't go through it, but I prepared for it, as I could have applied for 190 visa (got invite last April) or 186 DE, but there is no health waiver available under them. Search from google or talk to professional agents to find out which have. - lastly regarding health assessment status on immi account, I have been so confused: after we had physical exam, my child received referral, then MOC contacted me by email through BUPA centre to request specialist report on cognition and development plan. As I have Pediatrician specialist report already, I submitted to them on the same day when I received their email. Then in a couple of days, the health status changed to cleared no action required. I do not know whether CO would need any further report, so have been worried a lot what's next, as I seemed not to be able to provide any more report. Now I would think if its status is cleared, it would mean ok. Wish you all good luck.
  3. Worried Mummy

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi All, have been silent reader on this forum. This is a really great forum to search for visa application info and understand timeline, especially when I am very anxious due to some medical condition. Today we received our golden email of 186 visa. Timeline is in my signature. Happy to answer questions you may have. Wish you all good luck and will receive yours soon.
  4. Worried Mummy

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Katie, is your partner primary applicant? Trying to understand why diploma transcripts are required.@katie_
  5. Worried Mummy

    Medical refusal 186 (akrolosing spondylitus

    Same here, kindly share what status of health assessment would be if there is any issue with the exam result? Really Appreciate some health status advice in immi online account if there is any issue. How is it going with health waiver?
  6. Worried Mummy

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

  7. Worried Mummy

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    did you click the button 'information provided' after you uploaded the s56 request?
  8. Worried Mummy

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    I am new here. My visa status shows initial assessment and requested more info for health assessment. We did the health check last Thursday, Sep 5th. Do I need to click the button 'information provided' when clinic submitted all the check results for us? what does it mean by ' Not clicking the 'Information Provided' button in no way lengthens or overrides the period specified in the correspondence'. Does it mean no matter I click the button or not, they would assess only after 28 days as specified in the letter? The status of health check are all submitted for my family, but my child shows ' Examinations ready for assessment – no action required ' 'The required health examinations have been completed and submitted by the panel clinic to the department. This person's case will be processed or referred to the department's migration medical services provider, Bupa Medical Visa Services, for further assessment.' Does it mean his health is not passed?