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    Thanks @RoEire! Yes, that all chimes with my understanding and what the council told me. They said they can get about 50 at a virtual ceremony, and also that the availability of the presiding officer was affected by upcoming elections.
  2. Mmmbop


    Oh right, thanks! I actually just spoke to the Department of Home Affairs. They said it's council by council, each council is responsible for scheduling it's own online ceremonies according to its capacity. At that point they let the DHA know, who provide lists of people. Councils then invite people to submit an expression of interest, and are placed in a queue. I also spoke to Woollahra Council, who confusingly told me the opposite. They said the DHA gives them the dates for ceremonies. They currently don't have any upcoming dates for online listed on their website, so that's not great. In all of this there doesn't seem to be any way/need to 'submit a request'. If anyone has any insight they can shed on any of this that'd be great. Cheers. UPDATE: Spoke to the council as well, they are emailing DHA to see where I'm sitting in the queue. So that might be an option for others who are wondering where they are as well.
  3. Mmmbop


    Hi all. I'm a bit unsure whether it's necessary to specifically request a virtual ceremony, or whether this will automatically happen? Or does it vary from council to council? I can't find any info on this anywhere. I gather that in ordinary times this is an exceptional request but obviously it is the norm now. I note that @Melb User had requested one above, was denied, then got one anyway, so I'm not quite sure what this means and whether it would be different where I am (which is Woollahra, NSW). Thanks very much!
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    Thanks - I was hoping it would be a bit quicker!
  5. Mmmbop


    Hi there, Is there still a spreadsheet kept of people's timelines? I seem to remember there was a google doc, or maybe that was just for PR? I'm trying to get a good idea of waiting time from test to ceremony in NSW right now. I understand it's between 3-6 months but would love to hear from others. Thanks!
  6. Mmmbop

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    Do you have any link to the criteria? I thought they constituted 'exceptional circumstances'.
  7. Mmmbop

    Back to UK for vaccine?

    I can well understand the desperation of people cut off from their families with no end in sight. Meanwhile no rush, and complacency from government. I fail to see the logic or ethics or preventing dual citizens from leaving the country to visit family. If they choose to do so, knowing the difficulties of re-entry, what right does the government have to stop them? It's callous, frankly.
  8. Thanks Warren. That seems pretty clear cut! Sadly...
  9. Thank you for the links, that's helpful.
  10. Thanks a lot, I'll check that out!
  11. @rammygirl actually, just re-reading your post...so do you know of people who have left, then come back to do the interview and ceremony? That could be viable if so...
  12. Thanks Cal. Yes I can see that will be difficult to say the least. I would be willing and able to come back to do those if possible. Who knows, maybe the situation would have improved by then and travel will be easier. I've also heard they are doing some ceremonies online now, though I don't hold out much hope of that as a possiblity for me. I haven't quite given up hope yet.
  13. The fact that it is your opinion doesn't preclude it from being rude. If you're an immigration lawyer, then sure, tell it to me straight. However, I would personally refrain from making sweeping and negative pronouncements about other people's families' futures, unless I was quite sure what I was talking about.
  14. Re: residence requirement? That is the same general residence requirement which is on the immi official site. But yes, thanks for the flag that agent pages need to be taken with a pinch of salt.
  15. Thanks for the analysis. I haven't been rude, I've been appreciative and asked for clarification where I wasn't sure what people meant. I admit I was a bit curt to one person, and I apologise, but I didn't really appreciate her response, I thought it was rude. Thanks for policing my tone though. It's actually quite hard to read that in text as I'm sure you know. This response is pointed (at worst rude) though, to be clear.