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  1. Are these the ones you were thinking were from April/May? The first two applied October and the second two in Jan. Each had an RFI. This latest grant is really exciting because it’s the first time on the forum that someone new (from London/UK) without a previous RFI has had their visa granted since July. Great for us as they should be on to Feb and March soon. @mppc also crossing my fingers that the second round RFIs don’t take as long as the first.
  2. We applied 25th Feb and front loaded everything, along with a couple of others from that time. They ‘shouldn’t’ require anything else from us. Birth certs, ID docs, police checks, medical all done within a month or so of applying. Together nine years and married four. Once they have got through the last of 2018 and maybe of few more from the ‘processing’ pile I think they’ll get back up to speed working through 2019, Feb onwards.
  3. I don’t think anyone from London has been granted front the spring. No one after around mid Feb from what I have been following. I know one came through from Sweden but otherwise not aware of any since Feb. @Emz82 congratulations!!! 🥳 That’s so exciting for you and that they’re picking up ‘new’ applications again! Hopefully @GRS will hear something soon too, if not already (and I’ve missed something).
  4. Hi @Usman Jav hopefully there’s not too many? Do you mind me asking where you lodged from?
  5. Congratulations! Such great news! 🥳
  6. Congratulations! And congrats to everyone who got theirs last week!! 🥳 I moved out here last month and have kept meaning to reply to messages about what visitor visa to use etc but things have been really busy since leaving/arriving. I came on the visa that requires you to leave every three months- optimistic that my visa would come through and also eager not to spend more money on visas. I’ll also need to go back to the UK to work a month or so if it doesn’t come through by January. I came on a one way ticket and no issues with border control- they didn’t ask to see savings either but that just might have been luck. Good luck to everyone still waiting. Except from the Sweden visa it seems that they haven’t processed a ‘new’ visa since July (at least for the people on here). Crossing my fingers that they start picking up new applications soon and that the last couple still pending contact from 2018 are processed ... and then they get back to February where they left.
  7. Hi all, Quick question for those of you out on a visiter visa, did you update immi account to say you were going? My initial application submitted in Feb didn’t specify a departure date, I can’t change that now but not sure whether I should upload something to say we are coming out now on a tourist visa, and if so where I would upload that info. Any advice from those of you there would be hugely appreciated- leaving for Melbourne on Saturday morning- though have still be hopeful that a miracle might grant my visa before we go! @ES86 have you left and received yours yet? How does that process work? Do they know as soon as you leave the country and you automatically get the grant, or do you have to leave, let them know you’ve left and then wait for it to come though? Hope everyone is doing well. No new applications have been picked up since July, which is a bit gutting but great that they’ve been working through the ‘processing pile’ for the past few months. Praying they pick up some more applications soon, and more so praying that we don’t get a RFI or I’ll have to come back home to get a bit of work here whilst wait.
  8. Amazing news! Congratulations!
  9. Congrats! Looks like they’re sweeping through the 2018 applications, which is great. Good luck with the move!
  10. @Jeannie this makes me feel better as ours is flying the 9th October and we’re in the same boat- going with or without it! Fingers crosses for us all the next few weeks
  11. Congratulations! That’s so exciting!
  12. Welcome to the thread @SarahR I applied on 25 Feb and haven’t heard anything. I have a rough list of everyone on the forum- when they applied and when they have had RFIs/grants. Based on my very rough record- everyone after me is still waiting for contact (unless they haven’t updated the thread). Everyone before me has had RFI except for 2 applications made through agents (November and December). I don’t know if it’s different with agents or if this is just a coincidence. Based on the trend over the past year-two years you won’t likely get a case officer or contact until at least four months and currently, we are at six+. And the two who applied in 2018 at nine. You will have seen the responses already- that the times given are global processing time and UK applications are often being processed within the year. Often six-nine months but of course this isn’t a guarantee and it’s frightening when everything goes so quiet. However, I understand that your application was submitted in Aus- so you’re in a slightly different boat from most of us, who applied overseas and cannot enter Aus unless on a tourist visa/have no rights to work there / live until the visa is granted. I’m not sure how much your nationality changes processing times for the onshore visa so might might be worth tracking a forum with other onshore applications to get a better idea of the process over there. Immigration as a rule won’t entertain enquiries about the application until after the global time scale- unless there are exceptional circumstances in which they might consider expediting your application. I was informed this by the immigration department but how reliable it is and what qualifies as ‘exceptional’ is up for debate. We are moving to Aus in less than six weeks and hoping we get the grant, but fully prepared to be entering on a tourist visa at this point. Good luck with your application Nic
  13. Thanks for this , we have added evidence for my husband from my end too. We just don’t see the evidence on his side when he logs in. Can your wife see what you uploaded onto your login?
  14. Hey, I think it’s best to do the online form now as I think that the uploaded paper version wasn’t accepted for @ga_brysia last month and they were had a RFI for the online form to be completed. The sponsor creates their own immi account and supplies the sponsee’s visa reference number then the two accounts should merge I think (although I don’t quite know how this happens/what it looks like as I’m worried ours isn’t quite right). The sponsor then has to complete pretty much all the same things - the sections on the nature of relationship, travel history etc. To be safe we made a copy of the online form that my partner completed and uploaded it as an attachment on my application.