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  1. Thanks for this , we have added evidence for my husband from my end too. We just don’t see the evidence on his side when he logs in. Can your wife see what you uploaded onto your login?
  2. Hey, I think it’s best to do the online form now as I think that the uploaded paper version wasn’t accepted for @ga_brysia last month and they were had a RFI for the online form to be completed. The sponsor creates their own immi account and supplies the sponsee’s visa reference number then the two accounts should merge I think (although I don’t quite know how this happens/what it looks like as I’m worried ours isn’t quite right). The sponsor then has to complete pretty much all the same things - the sections on the nature of relationship, travel history etc. To be safe we made a copy of the online form that my partner completed and uploaded it as an attachment on my application.
  3. Hi all, I am with all of you, crossing my fingers and checking this forum many times daily and refreshing my emails 08:00-17:00 probably twice an hour. Genuinely thought I would be able to keep it all together but waiting is actually really awful. I just wondered if anyone could help with something- I did my application and my partner created an account for the 40SP and added my reference number - so both our online forms have the same reference. His sections for documents to upload were all really different, about military (he’s never been in the military) and some other bits- largely irrelevant- so we uploaded all of his documents on my side of the application under his name there. We thought that the accounts would merge so we could see attachments from both ends, or at the very least see the attachments for him from his login- but we can’t. To be safe we decided to upload a copy of his 40SP as an attachment under my username. We have left it like that for months but the closer it’s getting the more I’m worrying about it, as someone had an RFI for further info as a ‘copy’ of the 40SP wasn’t sufficient and they were requested to complete the online form. I’m worrying that there might be an error with ours and maybe that’s why it’s not merged properly. Has anyone else's two accounts merged fully or does it sound similar to what we have with our application? Any advice or info would be really appreciated
  4. I know it’s a little bitter sweet (seems this whole process is) but really happy that you’re in and being processed now. Hope you get some clarity today re your wife’s certificate
  5. Hi there I would say to get your police check, if they want it (which I suspect they would) then it will just delay your processing with a RFI. For the sake of £40 or so I’d say it’s worth just getting it in. CONGRATS on your visa @07Nov2017 !! I’m super happy to see something else come through. Crossing my fingers for everyone who submitted 2018/ January 2019 and is still waiting, the process seems so ambiguous and for life planning and £4000 she’ll out ‘luck of the draw’ just isn’t a nice feeling. I’m still a few weeks away, 25th Feb submitted, so just happy to see things moving for now (but still checking this thread and my emails MANY times a day!).
  6. Hi @kazronicus Congrats on getting your application in and welcome to the wait! We didn’t upload anything additional, my partner wrote out his sections on the 40sp and we felt that was enough. We just made sure to upload as much evidence that we could to validate what we were claiming - not loads but we have around 10-15 bits of evidence for each of the five sections. Not sure what everyone else thinks, or if ours is sufficient.. we’re still waiting for ours to be picked up.
  7. Great news @Ticklebug74 - how exciting to be taking your whole family back with you!
  8. Ah okay! I thought that must be the case but I thought I check!
  9. Ah okay! I just wanted to double check because I’ve definitely not logged on for a while, I tell myself I’m handling the wait fine by not doing it... but then I check this forum 20 times a day!
  10. @ga_brysia great news that you got your RFI! Frustrating that the paper form isn’t acceptable anymore. Was the RFI via email or through the immi account? I keep seeing that everyone checks their account regularly but I only check once a week or so, I thought it would come via email also but maybe not?
  11. This is such great news for you both, congratulations!
  12. How on Earth did you reply to that section?! I consider myself fairly tech savvy but literally cannot figure a forum out Also dm... I can’t see how to on my phone but will check the desktop version when I’m next on my computer. Number of animals you’re taking... that’s crazy! I have to ask though... how so many? And isn’t it crazy expensive for you? You’re message is actually a blessing... I’m aware of the defra rules and time lines... We got rabies in March, bloods cleared in April and she is ‘fit to fly’ from the 16th Oct following permits and worming bits etc (husband’s job starts the following week so we are really specific about when we need to leave, no sooner or later really). But, I haven’t yet picked travel company because it’s all so crazy expensive. £2500 to arrange travel for her, and then quarantine and all our vet fees on top - total of over £4000 using a company. I guess I’ve been non committal wondering if I could manage all the bits myself. The main thing I want a company for is in case something goes wrong with her flight and she gets lost somewhere (silly though I know) and we wouldn’t know where to start. Also I understand Aus is the most strict so one wrong touch down could keep her in quarantine longer. I’m pretty sure the specific dates and requirements pre leaving is something I could handle, but it’s the fear of what if something happened. I guess doing it alone would save us £1500-2000 - what do you think is best? Have you used a company or arranged independently? So sorry for 21 questions
  13. Hi all, I have been checking this thread daily (much like many of you) for the past few months. I have never quite figured how to reply to a post directly and so have just sat tight until now (still unaware how to respond but hoping this makes it way to the forum thread!). Mhcornwall we submitted in February, after you, on the 25th Feb. Police checks were all done by the end of April and I had my medical on the 26th May, cleared and added a few days later to the immi site. Still haven’t heard from immigration. My partner and I have been together for eight years, married for four this October. He’s Aussie, we met in Aus in 2011 - lived there together then moved to the UK in 2013, and now ready to go back. He’s got a job due to start in October and we have dog travel to arrange so similarly to you all just crossing my fingers that things pick up soon. One thing might be worth noting, (bizarrely and serendipitously) in Jan I met a guy in a coffee shop who had just finalised evidence for his girlfriend’s visa. The four of us met up and keep in touch. They received a request for further info on 22nd May and were told by immi that if they got the info over within a couple of weeks they should get the grant, but if it took more than ‘x’ number of days then their visa wouldn’t get processed until July. So it looks like they might well process them in batches. I guess that’s what I’m holding on to at the minute