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  1. tommyhawkes

    Transferring AUD to GBP

    Didn't mean to offend you mate. I thought it was a solid question
  2. tommyhawkes

    Transferring AUD to GBP

    Hi all, Got a little bit of money still over in aus to transfer back into the UK. Is it worth doing it now or should I hold until Brexit?
  3. tommyhawkes

    DASP Super Claim Overseas

    Hi all, So I have been trying to transfer my super from Australia back to the UK after making the decision to stay in the UK and I'm having to literally prove that I am who I am more times that care to mention. I went through the normal channel of filling out a DASP form on My.Gov, as prescribed. A few months later I get a communication requesting that I fill out the Super companies own DASP form and send this back, along with a certified copy of my bank statement (CommBank) and a certified copy of my passport ... in the post!? Now I know what Aussie post is like, never mind international post. I mean really!? I know they have to be cautious but I have made it as easy as possible for them. I have requested that it be paid into my Aussie bank account to cut down on transfer time and fees. I also did this because this is the bank account I have registered with my Super Annuation Fund and My.Gov to help them link to the beneficiary (me), I thought this was supposed to be the idea behind linking all the services on My.Gov, to make it easy... I dunno maybe I'm being unreasonable, but I also used to work at a financial institution and I know the tricks they play to delay or deny withdrawals. Any way, without whinging too much, I have 2 questions. Does any one else have experience dealing with SunSuper? Are they obstructive when it comes to this sort of matter? What are the turn around times, generally? They have given me a list of who can certify the docs in Australia.... I'm in England. Who could I get to certify these docs? Tried ringing them between 8 and 5 (AEST) but I can never seem to get through on the number they give!? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. tommyhawkes

    Moving back to the UK car insurance

    Thanks guys, may have to suck it up, I am afraid. Total pain in the arse. The ping pong lark is definitely a pain. Not something that harmonises ones life either.
  5. tommyhawkes

    Moving back to the UK car insurance

    Hi all, Just a bit of advice really for a couple that have just had to move back to the UK. We have recently just tried our hand at a skills assessment for VETASSESS knocked back on a technicality and have had to come home because our visa has run out, while things are in motion. From looking at some of the other poor folk on here it could be any time or never! Any who, I have been outside of the UK for 3 and a half years now and although I have driven vehicles in Australia, but they have all been company vehicles. The problem I am having is the UK no claims bonus, which I now appear to have lost because I haven't had UK cover for over 2 years!? Has anyone else been in this position!? Do you just have to suck it up, or is there a more cheaper option!? I haven't seen quotes like this since I was 19, I'm now 32! Apologies if there's a similar thread, I just couldn't see any, and the insurance companies are being as clear as mud (as ever).