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  1. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    I did a request of information on 188(B). If I understand the numbers right, the processing times in gerneral are shorter in Adelaite as in HK. There is no big change over the time, even as the numbers of applications increased a lot. So I think most of us will get a first response after 14-16 month and a final answer between 17-20 month. Good luck to all of you. Hope to meet you down under. https://www.righttoknow.org.au/request/5577/response/16110/attach/4/FA 190801029 DOCUMENT RELEASED.pdf FA 190801029 DOCUMENT RELEASED.pdf
  2. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Dear Jalphonse, that is magificent. Congratulations. I suppose you are very excited now to move to Australia soon. So you did the investement of AUD 1.5m already. I tried to get some information on what investments they allow you to do, but never found a usefull answer to this. Is it only 1 specific state bond or do they give you options? What are the conditions like interest etc. on the investment?
  3. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    I think you do not have to prove exactly AUD1.5M of your investments. It is more like this: Based on our immi agent it is a multi step they check. First of all, you have to prove you own AUD2.25M for the last two years. Actually, you have to prove it for 3 dates like 27.09.2019, 27.09.2018, 27.09.2017. So you need detailed documentation, valuations etc. for this specific dates. But you can choose the date, which should not be more than 3 month before your application date. Then you have to prove it, that you earned the money legally. Usually, this is based on your investments. Be aware, the investments you are putting in the form are the ones you need to use to make the designated investment. So you cannot use any other assets, than the ones you put in the form. Of course, you do not have to earned the money withhin the last few years. Or you can prove it is from a legacy, lottery, you job etc. Besides proving your financials, you need to prove that you manage the assets. Like you actually run your business, or you manage the renting of the real estates etc. pp. For us it was quite complex, as it was based on company, real estate etc. A lot of paperwork, especially for the company. I was happy to have a migration agent to lead me through the process and check the paperwork before turning it in.
  4. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    So in total it took you about 16 month. 14.5 waiting and 1.5 processing. That is promising for all still in the queue. Our visa page still quotes 20-22 month in average, based on global processing times.
  5. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Thanks for your feedback. That was us. We are still actively waiting for any activity in our visa account. We are waiting since Nov. 2018, so more or less 10 month. Maybe another 6 to go to get a first sign of activity.
  6. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Welcome. From UK you are more lucky, as we from Germany. I suppose you do not need a documents translated :-). Good luck with your application. Regarding your question. I got the information that you are only allowed to use money from the assets you submitted in the application. i.e. you did a list of 2.25m AUD including specific property, you can use this assets only. But you can re-morgage instead of selling. You must prove the sources the investment of 1.5m. You are granted the visa only after you did the investment. IMM will tell you the date until you have to make the investment and enter Australia 1st time. It should be something between 6-9 month. To prove the additional 0.75m AUD (for personal use), which you need to transfer to Australia, you will have up to 2 years. Actually, we already started to sell some assets and put them cash on an bank account in Australia so we do not get suck in case we get the visa need to sell property at a wrong market time.
  7. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Is there any communication by the CO? The website and our consultant are saying, that you cannot have any influence in the process. No way to speed it up. You got any requests regarding additional documents (except of maybe form 80 and medical?).
  8. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    I just like to share a few links for thoses, who are looking into the 188 visa class: There are +10.000 applicants for the 188 visa class p.a. but more than 90% are from Asia: statistic PDF till 2017 published. Split of the visa class 188 into the different streams like A, B, C ... statistics till 2017 als PDF So if you look at the numbers, there are very few applicants for 188B and especially from Europe. I wonder why so less from Europe try to make their way via a business visa to Australia. Maybe before, the 457 or other visa types were more easy to do. We run companies in Europe (for example for custom printed trade show flooring) and it makes it possible for us to apply for the 188B. In my opinion it has a clear path for the 888 PR.
  9. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Hello Indo, what is the status of your 188B? Did you finally get it or is it still pending? Any news of the CO? TiMoniSam
  10. 3together

    Investor Visa Subclass 188b

    Hello, as I found some valuable information in this forum, I like to share our experience with the Australian immigration. We applied for 188B. Out of the 188 visa class, it is the most seldom used one. So there are not many applicants. Most go for 188A. I think there are less than 500 applications p.a. for 188B. 188C are far more, than 188B. Not surprising, +90% of all 188 aplicants are from China, HK and South Korea. Even for 188B there are +90% from these countries. I checked numbers for UK and other European countries. Non of them was more than 5 applicants p.a. (they do not show the number if less than 5 p.a. per country). All from China etc. are processed in HK office. Other countries are processed in Adelaite. So I do assume, it is very difficult to tell the processing times for 188 and especially for 188B or any other subclass. We are a family of 3 (son 5 years old) and are a business family from Germany. It was tough so far to go through the applications for a visa for Australia. First we wanted to go for skilled migration. After skill approval, Australia canceled the skill in the list. Second skill approvel, same happened. This costs us 1,5 years. Schooling visa for our son, canceled as well. So option 3 was gone. The most complex of all was 188. We decided for 188B, which incluedes AUD 2,25m assests and tons of paperwork. our timeline: end of 2015 we visited Australia and NZ for 3 month 2016 decision to migrate to Australia 2016 preparation of migration/ skilled migration with migration agent from Australia. // all changed due to changes in migration policies (spend 20k EUR) 2018 final decision to go for the complex 188B visa 06.03.18 contract with migration consultant (from HK) 03.10.18 applied for NSW sponsorship 22.10.18 Invitation by NSW 04.11.18 IMMI application/ EOI 08.11.18 payment processed for EOI // 120 points (option for add. 25 points) 09.11.18 additional information request by CO; form 80, medical checks 11.01.19 medical transmitted by physician .... since then waiting, keeping our fingers crossed. So we have now 6 month of waiting time. The numbers by IMMI do not really help. What does it mean that 75% are processed withhin 21 month and 90% withhin 22 month. What is the average or what is the fastest or what is the usual processing time? We heard about 12 month for good prepared application in HK. On the other hand, the AU government anounced to reduce the number of immigrants. This goes easily by exspanding the processing times. Moreovery, each case is very specific and might need extra time to check for the CO. I assum, they do a great job and have their goals to reach, like any other employee. They do not have any personal preferences, but have to check by objectives. For the 188B we invested about 35k EUR for the migration consultant, visa application, translations, valuations of assets, auditors, notary, tax officer etc. pp. I think we have 3 folders of paperwork for 188B. Most is about my main company. We choosed only one for the application. A lot of paperwork was the translation of company documents. The most complex part was to prove the assets over 3 dates (2 years). We needed to assess all assets. Australia asks for specific certified consultants. The translations should be NAATI certified (you find great ones in Australia), Additionally, you need documentation how you gained your wealth. This is quite tough, as you might not have all documents over the last decates. Moveover, you have to prove you manage your business on a day-to-day base etc. I hope this will help someone to better understand the process of 188B. We are not through yet. But so far, it costs us a lot of efforts to come this way. After 188B, there is still a way for 888 and PR and later-on the citizenship. So more exiting things to come. TiMoniSam