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  1. Westy

    Finally, decision made, back to the UK

    Hi Brummygirl If you are anything like me you will hate change. Three weeks is very early to hate or love something . We are treating our 12 months as a chance to try something new. A friend told me the other day, We are blessed with choices. That is very true. 12 months will go fast and for us we will sit down as a family and decide what is the best thing to do next. As with all the comments on this forum you never really know the full situation in peoples lives, just the surface.Humans are designed to look on the negative side of things in the main. That is me. It won't work, is this the right decision, etc etc. Try and turn that around, you are back in the UK go and see places you have not seen before, I've more of Australian than the UK. Enjoy what is happening now and in 12 months time make the next step. As i said before all our family think we are mad to come back to the UK. Maybe they are right and maybe not Take care Westy
  2. Westy

    Finally, decision made, back to the UK

    Thanks Chooklady for your reply. I like the comment about the Trueman Show and and can understand what you mean. All our family and friends in the UK think we are crazy for coming back and when i say everybody i mean everybody. My response is, What's life like in Australian. What do you mean, i've never been, they say. I rest my case. Lol
  3. Westy

    Finally, decision made, back to the UK

    Thanks Amber for the information. Such a big decision moving back, excited and nervous. Will see what happens over the next year.
  4. Westy

    Hazel Grove area

    Will shortly be leaving Australia to live in the UK. Was thinking about moving to Hazel Grove area in Stockport. Wanted to know if anybody new that area and if it was nice and what are the best primary schools. ? If not Hazel Grove any other areas which are nice,good schools, near to a trainline and not in the middle of nowhere. Has to be Northwest UK.
  5. Westy

    Finally, decision made, back to the UK

    It''s a one year career break. Any advice Amber once i get back to UK. Are you enjoying being back ?
  6. Well after just over ten years of living in Australia we are moving back to the UK.Flights booked for July (one way), removal company come at the end of May to empty most of the things in our flat. My partner and I are both taking one year career breaks in our jobs just in case things don't work out in the UK( be silly not to, nothing to lose ). We have a 6 year old and basically like a lot of the people on this site we miss family and friends. Feel like our daughter is missing out on grand parents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins etc. We rented, so no house to sell , only our car. Mixed emotions about the whole thing. Had to make a decision after over one year going around in circles with the pros and cons. After one year will make a decision to stay or come back.
  7. Westy


    Hello. Just wondering if anybody new the answer to this question. I have brought my UK pension over to Australia,I paid tax on it in Australia. I have lived in Australia for ten years and worked for full time during that time, paying Superannuation. I have Australian citizenship. I am returning to the UK in July potentially to live in the UK permanently.I was born in UK. i know i cannot take my superannuation back to the UK, it has to remain in Australia. Once i reach my preservation age at 60, if I have stayed in the UK what are the tax implications when i want to bring my superannuation over to the UK, either as a lump sum or monthly payments. Wanting to know if i would get heavily taxed in the UK, my superannuation would be my main source of income once i retired in the UK