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  1. My migration agent also requested that I stated the school or nursery setting details too - not sure whether it was specifically needed or whether she wanted to make sure that all possible questions were answered before being asked.
  2. JRC

    Migration agent cost

    Yes we could pay in full or in instalments - it definitely softened the blow as it felt like a lot of money for not a lot of work to begin with. However, after the amount of time, effort and expertise put into the application it was definitely money well spent. Whenever we have applied for the ETA though we have done that ourselves online it’s only because the 489 included quite a few steps and hoops to jump through and my skills assessment wasn’t the most straightforward to begin with.
  3. JRC

    Migration agent cost

    We are currently using Smith-Jones Migration and I’ve been happy with the service. Can’t remember how much they charged now though because it’s been a while since we paid the final instalment.
  4. I am considering visiting an Australia expo/ seminar but is it worth it?! Does anyone have any experiences of these? I have my visa application in so I’m not in need of visa advice and I cannot register as a teacher in SA until I have completed the one day course but have already had my qualifications positively assessed with SA TRB. So I am wondering whether it would be a waste of time and money going to an expo?
  5. Yes the 489 is becoming obsolete very soon. We are still waiting on our visa - it was submitted earlier this month. I didn’t have enough points for the 189 and the 190 wasn’t available for my skilled occupation sponsorship for SA unfortunately so it was the 489 or nothing. It is all very complicated which is why I chose to use a migration agent and also with working full time as well as having a family I didn’t have the time or energy to do it independently. To begin with my husband and I thought it was an expensive option but now we feel like it’s been worth every penny.
  6. I have had to opt for a temporary 489 visa because it seemed like slim pickings for teachers with lots of hoops to jump through Which included working full time in teaching (I had to return full time after maternity leave because of this reason ) I have used a migration agent and she just suggested getting letters from each employer confirming the job role undertaken and hours worked - even when I was working as a supply teacher nine years ago. It seems like gaining a skilled visa as a teacher is not straight forward unfortunately.
  7. JRC

    Immigration Health Examination (Medicals)

    Thank you so much for this. I managed to call them and book a weekend appointment. I just presumed that they didn’t after Manchester saying no.
  8. JRC

    Did anybody get a 189 Invite?

    We are going down the 489 route and using an agent. The agent and I both received a notification email with the invitation to apply.
  9. JRC

    Social Worker

    I am currently using Smith- Jones Migration. She’s been very knowledgable and professional throughout the whole process. She was recommended to me from a family friend who also used her services.
  10. JRC

    South Australia 489 state nomination

    I’m expecting it to take months and months yet! So I’m trying to almost put it to the back of my mind and enjoy what I hope will be the last working school year in the UK.
  11. JRC

    Restaurants and bars in Adelaide

    This is all really positive to hear. We are just waiting on our visas and will be heading to SA (with a toddler in tow) after never visiting anywhere other than WA so it’s brilliant reading all the information you share on here. Thank you
  12. JRC

    Moving with kids

    As a teacher let me reassure you that kids are fine if they start mid year so don’t panic about the time of year you put them into school, they are so resilient!
  13. JRC

    Moving with kids

    We plan on renting a holiday let via Airbnb for a month when we first arrive and fingers crossed this will be roughly in the suburb we hope to rent long term in. Don’t know about the school intake though, sorry. I have looked on the Realestate.com.au app and it lists all local schools for each property listed which is useful - I’m a teacher so it’s helped me to see which localities have the biggest choice of schools so therefore more chance of job vacancies.
  14. JRC

    Immigration Health Examination (Medicals)

    Yeah I realised that I needed to contact them individually but just wanted to find out before calling around whether anyone already knew about the weekend appointment likelihood. For anyone else wanting to know this information... Manchester do not offer weekend appointments.
  15. JRC

    South Australia 489 state nomination

    We submitted our EOI in May and got the invite to apply by the end of June. It was on a Saturday which surprised me because I expected it to be a Monday-Friday kinda job!