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  1. JRC

    Primary Teacher Advice Needed

    I think it’s purely based on the fact that my qualification was based from birth that I managed to qualify as the early childhood teacher and is specifically just as an early years teacher for t he PGCE. It is all a very frustrating process. In Australia early years education is from birth to 7 years. In England it’s birth to 5 years. I undertook placements across both qualifications with children from 6 weeks up to 11 years and obviously surpassed the minimum days AITSL require. I have undertook paid work with children aged from 2 to 7 years on permanent contracts as well as worked with children aged from 4-11 in supply when I first qualified as a teacher. It seems more and more difficult for uk teachers to gain skilled work visas. When I first got in touch with our MA she was wanting me to apply as a primary teacher but because I haven’t worked in Key Stage 2 on a long term basis then I’ve never had to teach a foreign language since qualifying so therefore wouldn’t have been eligible. Even though my original degree is in primary education and I spent the whole three years learning how to be a primary school teacher as opposed to three years doing any old degree and then one year learning to be a teacher. The aus requirements just don’t seem to line up with the uk.
  2. JRC

    Primary Teacher Advice Needed

    I did a BA Primary Education (QTS) which allows me to teacher primary and early years in the uk and then returned to study a PGCE in Early Years Education (EYTS) for a year. With the early years PGCE I had to do placements with children aged from birth to 7 years which therefore allowed me to apply for our 489 as an early childhood teacher. I also had to provide evidence that I had been working with the age appropriate children to be classed as an early childhood teacher. The frustrating part is that they dismissed the six years experience prior to the PGCE but I did have the minimum requirement for state sponsorship with SA.
  3. Hi, Seaford is where we’ve been looking at too! We’re still waiting on our visas but had CO contact so hopeful that we won’t be waiting too much longer and then heading out there by the end of July 2020. We (hubby and I - plus a 2 year old too) would be happy to meet up but we live in the nottinghamshire area not London.
  4. JRC

    Primary Teacher Advice Needed

    I’m a primary and early years teacher currently waiting on my visa. I am using a registered migration agent called Smith-Jones Migration and would highly recommend her. When I initially got in touch she gave me a free consultation and realistic expectations of my chances for the different visa options.
  5. JRC

    Is an AITSL appeal ever successful?

    They want four years full time uni level education and the minimum number of placement days and they’re non compromising unfortunately. I was in a similar predicament in that I had a 3 years BA in primary ed and then decided to do a PGCE in Early years after teaching for five years and AITSL dismissed all experience before the PGCE which meant I lost much needed points.
  6. JRC

    Best video calling Aus to Uk

    My parents and sister live in WA whilst I’m in the UK and we FaceTime. Always perfect connection and easy for the parents to use, even for my dad who still refuses to have a mobile phone but loves his iPad.
  7. JRC

    PTE Academic

    E2 Language. They have free YouTube videos but it’s worth paying to undertake the practise test on the PTE website too so you know the test process too and have experienced it before the real one.
  8. JRC

    Best disease and visa

    My husband has glaucoma (I realise it’s a different eye condition so may differ for you) and has had two operations on his eyes in the last six years. Because he doesn’t currently use medication for this condition it had no impact on the health assessment we had done last month.
  9. JRC

    EYITT and AITSL - help!

    As verystormy says I would also recommend getting in touch with a migration agent. We used SmithJones Migration Ltd and she has been open and honest throughout the process. She also gave a free consultation before committing to use her services and gave her opinion on whether she thought I had a strong chance of achieving a positive skills assessment.
  10. JRC

    EYITT and AITSL - help!

    I had a successful skills assessment with AITSL as an early childhood teacher. I have a three year primary education degree (with QTS) and then one year PGCE in early years (with EYTS). They weren’t really interested in the QTS or EYTS only in the four years university level education and a minimum teaching practice. They also didn’t take into consideration my experience prior to attaining the fourth year of education (which was really frustrating) and I also had a letter from university confirming that wit was the equivalent of one year full time for the EYITT. I did have a transcript for both courses. South Australia Teacher Registration Board did at least care about all my experience and both courses though when having my qualifications assessed with them. Not sure whether this has helped?!
  11. JRC

    Form80 - MA to do it or us?

    I am using a MA and we completed our Form 80 forms and then sent them to her. It was very time consuming and I understand your frustration because we also completed a huge questionnaire for our MA at the very beginning of the process with mostly the same information as the Form 80.
  12. JRC

    Immigration Health Examination (Medicals)

    No, we were worried because my hubby has glaucoma and we took all his medical history with us but because he doesn’t take any medication for it then it didn’t matter anyway. I always thought the Medicals were because Australia didn’t want people who were going to cost them money but I think it’s more about whether you will be physically fit and well enough to put into the system.
  13. We have family in a different state to which we have sponsorship and also family in New Zealand. I wrote this in my statement in my EOI application and also declared it on my Form 80 and still received an invitation to apply for the visa. I think as long as you are still showing your commitment to the sponsoring state then it doesn’t matter.
  14. JRC

    Immigration Health Examination (Medicals)

    Blood test - for HIV Weight, height and BMI Chest Xray Urine sample screened Mobility and reflexes assessed e.g. can you touch your toes Asked what medication if any and whether we’d had any operations or medical issues in the last few (I think 5) years. And that was about it I think. We chose the Sutton Coldfield hospital and they were lovely, helpful and really friendly. Would highly recommend them.
  15. It sounds good but I honestly don’t know for sure - that’s why I chose to use an agent because I couldn’t cope with the stress and hassle of doubting myself each time a document was submitted.