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  1. Hi My ex and I came to Australia together. I was sponsored on a 457 visa and my partner was added to my application. Since then we have applied for the 187 visa and had a baby. Fast forward a few years, baby is now 3 our 187 application was rejected (usual reason - company couldn’t justify my position and afford to pay me..) - our migration agent said this was ridiculous and that many others had been rejected for similar reasons so we appealed in July 2017. We are now all on a bridging visa. However, pressures of uncertainty all just got too much and we are now going through a messy break up. He has moved away and the split is looking permanent. So I am now unsure what to do, I know I need to inform immigration/AAT of this and am planning to do so. But I am also worried about what will happen to my ex. Will he have to leave the country despite the fact his child is here, or will he be offered a way to stay when immigration get in touch with him? He has asked that I do not inform immigration if this, but am really worried that this could affect all our chances of staying and I know as soon as my employer knows that they will inform AAT anyway. Does it matter how long we were together before this or the fact we have been waiting so long for a decision? Or does the fact that it was rejected and it’s now on appeal work against us? Thank you in advance for any information you can offer it really is much appreciated.
  2. Rosie Roo

    Permanent Residency Queries

    Thank you for all you advice. It is really helpful to know. So when the PR is accepted, is it right in saying that it is just my visa that is affected if I do not work for my employer for the two years and have to go home, but my partners and child’s visa will remain as full PR? Despite the fact that their visas are only in place due to my sponsorship? Thanks again.
  3. Rosie Roo

    Permanent Residency Queries

    Hello, I am in the process of applying for my residency and moving from a 457 to a 187 visa. On my application I also have my partner (also from England) and our 18month old (born in Australia). When we (hopefully) get residency then our son will become a citizen straight away as I understand it. For the 187 visa, I will have to stay with my employer for two years as part of the requirements and live in the regional area. I currently believe this will happen, BUT I just wanted to find out what will happen if for some reason I leave early, and consequently break the terms of my visa and go home. So my questions are: - would my little boy remain a citizen, even if we were to all go home? Or would that get revoked? - would my partner be linked to my conditions so have his visa removed too? Or are his conditions completely separate, meaning that even if my visa was cancelled, his would still stand? - if my partner and I split up, then does his residency still stand? I would appreciate any advice you can offer! Thank you in advance!