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  1. AAT processing time differs by state to state. So 575 days could be normal. Which are you from? I mean State? i am from SA and it took 14months to open my file. That’s roughly around 420days also please note, as everyone has mentioned above, just the PaySlip is not enough. You need to provide a complete set of financial documents to win this case, because your Refusal is about FINANCIAL LOSS OF THE COMPANY. If you provide the payslip, that will cover saying you have been working, but it will not show your company’s financial status. Whatever the documents you have submitted during the Application Process is now way too old. So AAT will need Current situation of the company financial, to see if they can run the business and still provide a genuine position to you. AAT will not care about the past of this company, they want to see the present and future of the company. act fast and get them right, you got 15days. Because AAT won’t give you a second hearing. This is my opinion to fight this case and win.
  2. Best of luck.. keep all the documents crystal clear>>>
  3. Hahahah lol looks like my calculations are working on timely basis Btw according to ur agent, Immi has done nothing on my file yet... I also thought they will process the AAT files soon. But I submitted my documents on the 9th of May and still haven’t heard anything from them I though as soon as we submit it, they will look at them and approve, but as usual they are taking ages to move on. btw regarding ur Immi account finalised... it should have been like that since ur Visa was refused.... because ur file was forwarded to AAT. But when Immi receives it back again frm AAT, it will remain the same as FINALISED. So don’t worry about it. Now it’s all Manual system for us..
  4. Hey Emily, i have not received my Visa yet. But immigration opened my Visa file after 2 weeks from the Nomination Approval. They requested for more information such as AFP, Overseas Police Report Did the Medicals again, because the previous Medical was expired.
  5. My agent just completed the AAT appeal form and submitted, didn’t give any documents with it. Because our original file which contains all the documents from Immigration will be transferred to AAT. So waited till they open the file... when they opened in March 2019, they asked for further information (I don’t know what documents, coz my agent and owner only dealt with it, since it’s Company’s Confidential Documents) After they requested only, my agent submitted the documents.
  6. I applied for AAT in January 2018, it took 14months for AAT to open my file, so they opened on the 20th of March 2019. Then they requested few documents, we submitted them on or around 5th of April morning time via email, same day around 1pm AAT Approved the Nomination straightaway. They didn’t invite us for a hearing or anything. AAT Officer Approved the Nomination after looking at the submitted documents and my agent’s strong argument.
  7. MNT

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hey DDL... for me Case Officer didn’t ask for 3 years experience, he asked to prove my Overseas Qualification is equivalent to atleast a Diploma Level on AQF Level. So for that I did RPL to prove it. Also Immigration cannot ask such thing from me, because I lodged my Nomination and Visa in 2016... Hope your case is that you applied for your Visa after March 2018, that’s why Case Officer is asking for 3yrs Experience, coz after March 2018 they put a condition as min 3yrs experience required.
  8. MNT

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Yes the Business is currently running, Director/Owner is not working... The business opened in mid 2015. I joined end of 2015, and applied for RCB, NOM and VISA starting July 2016... Then we got the Nomination Refusal in December 2017, VISA Refusal in February 2018. Applied for AAT in Jan n Feb 2018 (Nomination and Visa). AAT requested more documents in March 2019
  9. MNT

    187 Visa Processing Time

    I had the same Document Request from Case Officer. My MA suggested to do an RPL for my Overseas Qualification. So I did RPL and submitted on the 9th of May along with other documents. Still nothing from them....
  10. MNT

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Sorry to hear that... looks like u have been some hard time... hope your agent is doing their job>> btw why don’t u try some other state for a new visa option?? Have you tried? What’s your current visa! BVA OR BVE?
  11. MNT

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Yes I won my case within 4hrs without even attending. But it took 14months for AAT to open my file. Then they requested few documents, we submitted them in 15days, on the 15th Day around 1pm. AAT Approved the Nomination straightaway. I am from SA, Retail Manager. following my win, there is another applicant who won his case the same way as mine. Follow that page and read the previous posts. You will see the entire story. btw what’s your occupation and state?
  12. MNT

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Sorry to hear this... but don’t loose hope. join the AAT APPEAL FOR 187 NOMINATION REFUSAL page. You can take it forward with success AAT stories on that page. i had the same reason for my Nomination Refusal in December 2017.
  13. I Agree on everything... Good Agent who has experience in dealing with AAT will be able to win the cases. Currently in South Australia AAT takes around 12-14months to open the file.. first I got my Nomination Approved by AAT within 4hrs, then another guy on this forum he also had same case as mine, from South Australia, his Nomination also Approved by AAT within 3days. hope everyone’s AAT files will get processed soon
  14. if I apply AAT for nomination refusal my visa file will also get refuse - WHETHER YOU APPLY FOR AAT or NOT, your Visa application will be refused in few weeks time. if yes How long AAT processing time will be - AAT processing time will vary state to state. But roughly around 14-20months for them to open your file. can I wait overseas for AAT decision or I have to keep working for same position until not get decision - NOT a good idea, because in the application, you have already mentioned that you are working, the employer needs you. So if you leave the country, the AAT will also refuse the file, because if the STORE is running without a Retail Manager (your self), then they don’t need this position to be filled. If you are planning to stay here in Oz, AAT is the only option and hope for you. Since you are on BVE, you cannot do much being On-Shore I do understand that you have not seen your family for a while and they have not seen you either, that will be so much pain. But if you leave Oz, you will have to submit a new application for another visa type Hope everything works out well for you. Let’s keep praying...
  15. You mean, you appealed for AAT in JUNE 2017?? Which state and what’s your occupation?