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  1. I believe the processing time will also depend on the state too. Because VIC n NSW will have plenty of AAT files to look into>> wherelese WA n SA will have less files. According to general processing time, I was expecting my AAT file to open end of this year... but my AAT File was opened in 14months and finalised 4hrs... lol still I cannot believe how it happened
  2. Hi Assess, i am from South Australia. But my agent is located in Melbourne, Victoria. I have attached a screen shot of his FB page. Get his email address from there....
  3. Thanks Aussiepr.... where did u apply from!!! I mean which state? Aug 2017 for AAT looks bit longer.
  4. For a fact, all the RETAIL MANAGERS who got their NOMINATION refused during this period (DECEMBER 2017) is for the same/similar reason. If you guy’s case is genuine and got all the documents, you can fight for it with AAT with a good agent/lawyer. i wish everyone to get their things sorted early as possible to move forward with their personnel life.
  5. From your say, I can guarantee you are 99% same story as my story. I am sure, if your lawyer does his job, you will get through. But if you doubt your lawyer is not doing a good job, don’t take a chance, coz you can always change your lawyer. I know it might cost you bit extra. But you don’t wanna loose your case n go to HIGH COURT or so. That’s the same thing I did. I didn’t trust my previous agent, so i changed my Agent (it cost me extra, but got the final outcome). I can share my agent’s details, but I don’t think the LAWYERS or AGENT will share their experience between them... drop me a private msg, we can discuss further. Cheers
  6. Yeah seriously man, who would think AAT will make a decision within 4hours? Because updated business documents were submitted to AAT portal by my agent on Friday late night at 10pm. Then Monday at 9am only they open for process, by 1pm, I got the Nomination Approved by AAT. Its all on your agent’s argument. I can highly recommend my Agent for this kind of work..if your documents are clean and if ur refusal reason is similar to mine/unfair, then you can approach him, because he has the letter format and everything what we submitted to AAT, how to handle these case. What is your exact reason for Refusal? Let’s see if I can help you with anything....
  7. Reason for Nomination Refusal:- Director of the Business is currently working in the business, therefore NO need of a Retail Manager. But the real story is The business is new and hired me for the position of Retail Manager. At the time of lodgement, Director was helping out the business by covering some shifts when required, reason the business hired me is because they are a new couple, they wanted to start their family life too (this was given in writing at the time of lodgement). The crazy Case Officer from WA Immigration looked at my file and assumed, the Director is still working therefore they don’t need a Retail Manager and refused the Nomination. Also they mentioned it’s a Retail Supervisor Level position. VISA REFUSAL REASON:- simple Nomination was refused, therefore Visa got refused automatically. AAT:- they requested further documents Related to Business. We submitted that to our agent, and agent typed a bloody strong argument letter. Within 4 hours agent got an email saying the Nomination is approved. Didn’t go for hearing. Normally when AAT looks at the file, they will call you for a hearing, then if they think it’s Genuine, they will send it back to Immigration to re-consider their decision. But in my case, AAT itself approved it straight away. That was the magic of my Agent. The Refusal was an unfair decision, therefore I’m pretty sure RETAIL MANAGERS from WA, SA, and NT can fight for it as long as your agent is Strong n Experienced. The AAT agent I went is different to the one who submitted my Nomination and Visa in 2016. All what I can tel you guys is make sure your agent is genuinely working for your case. If not, NO POINT. Coz this is by experience I’ve been through. Any Questions WELCOME....
  8. Hello All, i have been a silent member of this forum. Let me give you all a relief. Hold on TIGHT and FIGHT. It’s all on your Agents Hand. Hire a Good Agent. POSITION:- RETAIL MANAGER (SA) RCB : 04/08/2016 (Approved within 3 weeks) NOMINATION & VISA LODGED: 09/09/2016 Just before Christmas in 2017 as usual everyone got refusal frm NOWHERE. Visa was refused, due to NOMINATION was refused. However I filled AAT for Nomination (04/01/2018) and Visa (24/01/2018). everyone knows AAT processing time was 18-24months as present. So I was not expecting them to open my file till January 2020. Surprisingly my agent received an email on the 15th of March 2019, PROVIDE INFORMATION TO SUPPORT CASE NO XXXXXX on or before the 12th of APRIL 2019. We gathered all the required documents and my agent also presented a strong argument and my agent submitted all the documents to AAT via email on the 12/04/2019 (Friday) late night around 10pm. guess what, 15/04/2019 (TODAY @ 1pm) our nomination got approved without any question and Visa is been sent back to Immigration for consideration. It took only 4 hours for them to make a decision on my file. LONG STORY SHORT. Your agent has to play the game.