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  1. Things are moving along. Our agent received the request for Police Checks, Medical and AoS yesterday (signature updated accordingly).
  2. Thanks Biggsy - good advice.
  3. Thanks Biggsy. By the looks of it his mum's application was about a month after yours. Great news that yours is now granted though, and the timeline from the request for medicals etc to granting of around 2 months is very encouraging. I'm in Aus on a BVB and my wife on a bridging while they process her latest tourist visa application (I happened to hold a valid tourist visa in 2016 when we applied while hers had just expired). Looks like we could be in the final stages of the 143 soon. Cheers, Paul
  4. Hi All, A guy on the facebook 143 page reported on 14th June; My mum received her notification from the department to submit for aos and police clearance- date of lodgment - 9th Aug 2016 That's the latest one I've seen and quite exciting for me and the Mrs as our lodgement date was 17th Aug 2016 and acknowledgement 19th Aug 2016. Fingers crossed we hear something soon - and same for other 2016 applicants.
  5. Thanks for pointing this out. I have asked my son, daughter, son-in-law and daughter-in-law (all Aus citizens) to sign.
  6. PaulM

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    She quotes the government guidance article, then draws all the wrong conclusions and throws in a few emotive words for good measure. Just another conspiracy nut.
  7. PaulM

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    I don't - I learnt that lesson quickly. It does keep popping up in feeds though. I can feel brain cells dying just from seeing their headlines.
  8. PaulM

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Sky News Australia - sensationalist fakery and lies with a crystal clear agenda. Nowhere close to being a real news channel. Fox America for Australians. News from the 'number' channels are basically light entertainment and fluff. ABC really quite good.
  9. Absolutely agree. That's why I'll keep all options open until I meet with my agent and he can review and advise the best course. Which is what I've said above. I am a believer in the value of agents for these visa matters, especially PR issues.
  10. Hi Marisa, I agree a visitor visa is probably the way forward, but since the refusal mentions an AAT appeal it would be sensible to consider this. My agent will go through options and we can settle on the one (or more) with most chance of success.
  11. Correct Paul, which is why we will look at other alternatives for her to also be allowed to stay in Australia.
  12. We got a mixed reply from immigration yesterday. My application was granted with the BVA becoming active when my current visitor's visa ends (31st Dec 2021). No conditions attached. My wife's was refused as she did not hold a substantive visa when we applied for the 143 in Aug 2016. We had hoped that the joint nature of the applications would mean both BVA's were granted, but seems not. We will be speaking to our agent to see what to do next - appeal, apply for a further visitor visa for my wife or any other options. Any suggestions from the forum appreciated.
  13. Hi Vyvy - apologies for late reply - I didn't look at the site for a while. I haven't had any response yet, but the original application went by normal post (by mistake) on 8th October. Since I couldn't track it and heard nothing for a few weeks, I repeated the application with an explanatory covering letter and sent that by express post on 12th November. It was received at destination on 16th November. Important to remember to send to the locked bag address and not the street address. I'll post again when/if I hear back from immigration.
  14. Sorry - the formatting went wrong. This should be better. Temporary to Permanent Contributory Parent (143) Contributory Parent (Temp) (173) Contributory Aged Parent (864)* Contributory Aged Parent (Temp) (884)* Parent (103) + Aged Parent (804)** Acknowledge New Application 30 Oct 2021 Queue Assessment N/A Lodged Sep 2018 Lodged May 2019 Visa Assessment Sep 2021 Lodged/Queued up to 31 May 2016 Date Queued up to 31 Oct 2010 * updated 17 Nov 2021
  15. Just FYI. No movement since June 2020.