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  1. It seems like there are not many July 2018 applicants in the same boat as me just2-3 in this forum. Btw I was looking at some other Facebook groups for 309 visas. And I'm noticing that many over there are also getting visas before the financial year end. Hoping for a good news soon
  2. @Sadia oh yes. I had you in my mind. In sha Allah in sha Allah you're next
  3. Congratulations to the ones who have recieved their visas so happy to see the good news coming. Hopefully everyone else will also get visas timely and very soon. Now are there any applicant exceeding 12 months time left in this forum? if so do you mind sharing the DOL . I hope this week (right before the financial yr end) there is much more good news to follow.
  4. @Mohadisa did you provide them with your post marriage frc which has you and your husband? I dont know how vital this document is, but I did submit it. Everyone I know personally has done the same. They have provided them with pre and post marriage frc... and if required, husbands pre-marriage frc as well
  5. Yup. I dont know exactly if the polio certificate was required for medical since I travel frequently and my certificate is always attached to the passport. So no one mentioned it. However, for the FRC (family registration certificate) I'd say you have 2 FRCs. One is pre marriage and the other is post marriage. In partner Visa they are primarily looking for post marriage FRC (as an evidence of your marriage). So you and your husband will only appear on it until and unless you have kids. Having said that, it varies from case to case too as well. Like in my case, I mentioned quite some relevant points regarding my siblings and parents (their visits to Australia and stuff) so I attached both pre and post marriage FRCs to prove my relationship with my siblings and parents as well. Similarly I gave FRC of my in-laws too as it was relevant to the sponsor section of the application.
  6. @Sarah Bee Hello . Yes you need to upload polio certificate in your immiaccount (there will be a part where it asks you about your health/medical record). Also, yes you need to submit your family composition certificate. Even if it's a family of just 2 Hope it helps
  7. @Ahmad as much as I am aware of, you are to submit PCC of anywhere you stayed for more than 1 year
  8. @Ahmad hi Ahmed. even in Islamabad the PCC issued is valid for 6 months. I confirmed it with my CO. She said it will be valid for 1 year from my DOL since I uploaded it on the day I lodged my application. So even though I got it made in the 1st week of July, I lodged my application on 27th July 2018. So she said it will be valid till 27th July 2019 as per the information you have provided.
  9. @Sadia oh I see :). I also submitted everything that very week. But they sent me the generic email 6 months later (in feb). I applied on my own. Anyways goodluck:) how I see it is that as the time is passing by, the Visa finalisation is getting closer in sha Allah
  10. @Sadia I also didn't get a call for the interview. When did you recieve generic email and when did you submit your docs... could you plz elaborate on your timeline if possible thanks
  11. Also, did you apply from Pakistan? I applied from pakisan- Islamabad
  12. @tahri06 many many congratulations! can you please tell the exact DOL and Visa grant ? I applied on 27 July 2019 so a bit inquisitive Thanks
  13. @Marium generic email is basically recieved a few months after you have lodged your partner Visa... let's say 6 months later... in that the CO asks for updated versions of a few docs... so even if you have submitted all your documents before, there will still be a febe which will need to be submitted later. E.g updated bankstatements of past 3 months, electricity Bill's of last three months etc .
  14. I went for my medical on 3rd of August 2018 (I think)to aziz medical centre isb. they charged me 12500. But there I heard them telling 17500 rate to other applicants over the phone. So I inquired and they told me that from tomorrow onwards the rates will be revised.
  15. @tobeaussieIA it seems perfectly fine to me. Every area and country has it's own way of making PCC. Having said that, let me give you a disclaimer here, i am not 100 % sure about it... nonetheless most of us give our own personal opinions based on experiences here. So giving my two cents here Furthermore, aslong as you have gotten the correct PCC made with the right sequence of dates entered, I dont think you should inform the immi department about what you think might be lacking here. Does not matter right? Its something very petty. In so many forms even If you enter the exact date, only the months and years show up because perhaps they are more imp. Also, do correct me if I am wrong here, as I mentioned, I am mostly talking from my own experience.... To further add in, I have gotten PCC made for England, Saudi and Islamabad. Dont know much about how the trend may vary within Pakistan as I only have experience of getting isb PCC. Last but not the least, goodluck! hope to hear a good news on this forum very soon