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  1. I agree with all the aspects mentioned by you, except for the last one. Using a registered migration agent does not prevent or eliminate the possibility of errors in any way. It's definitely not the best way. There are some great migration agents out there, no offence to them but I've spoken to a number of incompetent MARA agents that have come up to me with ridiculously hideous advice, I wonder how they managed to even get accredited. The best way to prevent any visa calamity is by doing your own vigilant research. Now I understand, not everyone has the IQ to properly do their own research but this is the one and only best and guaranteed way to prevent any possible setback.
  2. RandoMigrant

    189 invitation round

    You sound like you're only a month (or two) away. Just stay relaxed, sit tight and everything will turn out well!
  3. RandoMigrant

    189 invitation round

    Well, the wait will depend on a number of other factors... hopefully, you don't have to wait too long. Bump up to 75/80 for 189 if you can, that should definitely give you the edge and expedite the process.
  4. RandoMigrant

    Police Check

    It's NOT A DOCUMENT THAT YOU MUST HAVE. Now, obviously if you select "Australian Driver Licence/Learner's Permit" as one of your PRIMARY DOCUMENTS at stage 1.1, it will become a "MUST" document at stage 5.1. Click this link https://afpnationalpolicechecks.converga.com.au/ and start all over again. This link will direct you to the page in the picture I've attached here. The thing to note for this page is, ONLY select documents that you actually have and you should be good. There are a series of documents that you can choose from.
  5. RandoMigrant

    189 invitation round

    How many points are you sitting at? What's your current status, etc??
  6. RandoMigrant

    EOI for 189 and 190

    How are things now? Have you been able to score an invitation for one of the sub-classes?
  7. RandoMigrant

    Profession year course

    You're right, and I'm aware of that. Coming back to your point, where does it say rules were any different (compared to what I said) 2 years ago?
  8. RandoMigrant

    Profession year course

    Although you're partially correct, one doesn't have to complete that degree 'in Australia'. Overseas students (the ones that completed a degree outside of Australia less than 6 months ago) that now reside here in Aus on an eligible visa (Eg - 476, 485, etc) can too enrol/apply for PY programs.