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  1. good news, got visa today. applied Nov 1 2018, staright refusal on 5th Dec. CO didn't ask for additional docs. reapplied on Jan 15, 2019 additional doc requested on 14th Feb. granted today 24 April. It really was a painful wait for us having to go through refusal once. good luck to everyone who are waiting.
  2. congratulations mate, I applied 2 days before you and probably same co contacted me on the 14th feb too. nth on my end though. good luck!
  3. looks like we have same CO. hope he grants the visa soon!
  4. not yet, but considering it. I wanted to apply in Jan after the visa refusal bit thought it would be risky. Now considering the waiting time involved sometimes even 9 months or more I think I will apply for visitors visa during Easter. If she has to wait 9 months for the visa, she would be waiting for a year or more altogether.
  5. is it true that you should have $10k bank balance to apply for your spouse visitor visa even though you have a fulltime job/payslips?
  6. yeah I saw that too. She is offshore mate. Who is your CO? Mine is Sxxxxxxx. Keep me posted. thanks
  7. yeah, but nothing to do with notorization. I uploaded my original documents for 489, still got the visa. Immigration didn't trust our relationship was genuine. So, I just wanted people to know that although your marriage/relationship is genuine, visa can be refused. Hopefully, nobody has to go through what we are going through, thats all. I also hope Kimberly is not your CO.
  8. I applied in November 1st week 2018 for my wife. We had straight refusal on 5th Dec. The reason were... no joint bank statement, no proof of financial support or liability and shared assets etc. No support from friends. CO was Kimberly! Nasty bitch! Giving us so much pain in our life I can't explain. I had uploaded marriage certificates, pics of wedding and reception and pics from honeymoon. Also had uploaded some screenshots of our whatsapp conversation. We still had refusal. We had no financial documents as we were newly married and our marriage was semi-arranged type. I have applied for the same visa for my wife again mid Jan 2019. We had CO, Sophorn, contact on 14th Feb, requesting for Birth Certificate and Evidence of Relationship again. We had submitted so many proof of relationship this time from social media, from wedding, all whatsapp conversation, gifts, financial support (money transfer), 888 form from 3 friends and the list goes on. Also he said, IELTS was expired although it was only 18 months old. Its stated IELTS should not be more than 12 months old. Anyway, we submitted again what he asked for, but we have no answer so far. We been away 6 months now. Honestly it's a joke. I have lost so much money, faith, time and patience. To summarise the rant, I just want all people out there to submit all proofs of relationships as much as you can. Take no chances! We have suffered and we are still suffering. Thanks