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  1. By tightened up, what does it entail? Do we actually have visas that are cancelled because people are moving before the 2-year obligation?
  2. Hi everyone, I've researched the forum regarding the question of "Moving states on 190 visa before completing 2-year stay obligation" and have found many answers. The general consensus is that it's a moral obligation and you are free to move, however this may affect your future citizenship or visa application. Raul Senise also made a thread in 2018 stating that "Some States are now actively pursuing non compliance and have successfully had SC190 visas cancelled for applicants not meeting their obligations of living and working in the sponsoring state, using cancellation provisions in the Migration Act." I appreciate Raul's warning but there doesn't seem to be any followups to this matter. If someone had their visa cancelled because they broke this obligation, I'm sure one of them would create a forum post to discuss in this forum or any other expat forum. None so far. Now I came across these videos by Australian Immigration Law Services (Karl Konrad) and he states that there are no obligations for 190 visa holders to stay in the nominated state and that moving will not affect their citizenship application. Video 1 - Release Letter to Move From Your Sponsoring State/Regional Area? Video 2 - Moving from your sponsoring state or territory? Yes you can! Video 3 - Australian State/Regional Visa. Can I Move? I believe a migration lawyer would not speak in absolutes unless they are absolutely sure. The fact that Karl, who's a renown migration lawyer in Australia, is confident enough to speak in absolutes gives the assurance that there is no repercussion and it is only a moral obligation. Yes, staying and fulfilling the 2-years would be the ethical thing to do, but there are various reasons for residents to move (job opportunities, climate, social environment, etc.) and if they can justify their reason to move I believe it's fine. It crosses the line when someone who was granted the visa immediately moved somewhere else without trying to fulfil their moral obligation as much as they can. -- Having said this, has anyone who moved to another state less than 2-years after grant of their 190 visa ever applied for citizenship and got refused? Is there anyone who was granted citizenship? Please kindly share.
  3. Aeoz

    New rules for partner points

    I didn't say otherwise. I just said it's a dumb thing for a MIGRATION AGENT to say. Potential immigrants don't know shit, that's why they ask stupid questions. Migration agents have to deal with this crap but it's their job to educate and find solutions. If a random bloke said, well fine buddy you're spot on, but a migration agent that relies on these "potential immigrants" for their livelihood? Definitely not someone to trust for your visa.
  4. Aeoz

    New rules for partner points

    That's a really dumb answer from a Migration Agent.
  5. Aeoz

    New rules for partner points

    How is this fair to legit couples? My spouse has to get competent english just for me to get 5 LESS points than singles who are doing nothing. Singles and non -skilled couples were on the same level with the old rules. Now they're just disadvantaging legit couples. At the very least they should make english couples have the same points with singles, not 5 less. Then only the SOL + english partners get more points than singles and non-skilled spouses.