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  1. Geography87

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Wow, that's awesome! I would happily work anywhere if it was the means to the end (PR). I looked into the 482 however, it seems you need 2 years minimum experience for that too. Barriers at every hurdle. I am currently teaching EAL and have been for a few years (with some Geography in between). I am now a senior teacher, but because my degree is not related to EAL I don't think I can get there on the 482 with that occupation either. All very frustrating.
  2. Geography87

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    Thanks for the reply! Yes, that seems to be the issue and by the time I have enough experience, I will have lost 5 points for age. I haven't heard anything about the 482 so will certainly look into it! Do I currently stand a chance in VIC or, NT or TAS? The SA list came out today and I can see that it's not an option for me unfortunately.
  3. Geography87

    Secondary School Teacher 190/491

    I am now on 75 points as a secondary teacher. If WA revise their list and include secondary teachers my brother would be eligible to sponsor me, giving me a total of 90 points. I submitted my EOI (at 65 (+5) points) in October 2018 for 189 and 190 and have heard nothing. I've recently submitted a new 491 EOI for any state which has secondary teachers on their occupation list. It's all seeming like it will never happen. I already have spent a lot of money on an agents and various document verification. Would anyone have any light to shed on my prospects for any kind of visa with 75 points and fewer than 2 years teaching experience? I'm at a crossroads where I need to start planning my next employment contract and am not sure whether to just give up on Australia.
  4. Geography87

    489 Visa Gang

    Wow. Thanks for the detail. So glad yours was relatively quick and simple! I suppose I’d just like to get there as soon as possible to get the ball rolling before any rules change. How many points did you have, if you don’t mind me asking? I was unaware of the extra 10 until you mentioned earlier.
  5. Geography87

    489 Visa Gang

    I know that waiting times for my points for 189/90 were extremely long (a year or more) and was basically just wanting to see if this was also the case for 489. Also, was unsure if points affect the speed of the process or if it was mainly based on the specific occupation. Thanks for the info.
  6. Geography87

    489 Visa Gang

    Hi. How much of an impact do points have in being granted the 489? My MA has advised me to stop hoping for a 189/90 and go down the 489 route. Happy to do this, though, as a teacher, I have to give a lot of notice and am unsure of how quickly I may be accepted for 489 NSW (if at all). My points total 65 (for age, qualifications and English language ability). I’m a secondary teacher. Any help would be appreciated. My MA is currently putting together my 489 EOI and I just need to start thinking of when I may need to hand notice in.
  7. Hi Hazey, I’m in a similar position. I have 65 points as a secondary teacher and have applied for 190 to get the extra 5 points. On Sunday my migration agent emailed saying it is extremely unlikely I will ever receive an invite as even teachers with 70 points are not getting invites. I submitted EOI in October. I am now going to go down the 489 route. My last resort really. Have you you done an English test to boost your points?