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  1. Hey guys, I'm super new at this, so if I do anything wrong - sorry in advance! I am on a 187 visa as a hairdresser and it was lodged on 28/02/2018.. In late November my boss sold the business (he had to unfortunately) and I got a new employer. My new boss is happy to take over sponsorship, and so my agents have informed me that we have to start the whole process again including visa application fee's.. I have already spent $17,000 on this visa, so this was a bit of a shock. A fellow staff member is a little further along than me and her agents have apparently just changed the employer details, saving her the costs of the application fee's and the waiting time all over again.. My agents are saying her agents are wrong and when I call Immigration (3 times now), they can't help as they say they don't have the correct information. They gave me an email address to use, which I have but have had no response as of yet. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or experience with this? Thanks heaps
  2. That’s a great result (482) in 7 days! You’re right, it is a little scary not knowing if the pending 187 will be picked up before we go away.. My first agents said there was no way I could go away but my new one thinks that I have a good shot.. So I’m trying the new agent, who’s fees are also $1500 less than my current ones! Even with their $1k discount! Thanks heaps for the info and I’ll make sure once my pending 187 is refused that I withdraw within 28 days
  3. Hey, That sucks for you guys too! I didn't think to check the 482 nom.. My new agent is saying I can apply for a new 187, leaving the current application in the mix so I have a Bridging B and C running - letting me travel in August, then when I return, I can withdraw the dud 187 and leave the new one running.. I hope he is right! I will check out the 482 though - so thanks heaps for the idea Good luck to you guys too!
  4. Not a sausage.. But to be fair I think it helped me more to write it all down than I realised. David must be too busy
  5. Hey thanks for that I will have to apply again as it’s a new ABN but I am going through a different agent who is cheaper.. Now I just have to find out if I will go onto a bridging A or C!
  6. Yes I am from England and he is Kiwi, feeling a little stuck as my fiancé is studying at University so he has a year left.. I actually ended up writing to David Coleman as I don't think it's right that after all the cost they can make you reapply - my agent confirmed I could be in the same position if the new boss had to sell before my visa is accepted. I thought about going to NZ, but we wanted Aussie PR so that we could get a decent mortgage..
  7. It’s a new abn.. My agent has told me the same thing today.. Also that I probably have to cancel a trip to Indo to meet my little brother (who lives in the uk) in August, as once I start a new one I will be on a bridging C visa, and apparently if you leave on that you can’t return? It’s so unfair after spending so much money and working so hard. Makes me feel sick to my stomach that this can happen. Plus my agent said in theory it can happen again if my new boss lost the business or if something happened before my application is through. I wish I never started it and just went to NZ as my fiancé is Kiwi.. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
  8. Hey, thanks for the quick reply.. Sorry for the missing info, it's a little confusing to me. I am on a bridging visa as I was on a NZ spouse visa until October 2018. I believe I am on a bridging A visa.. My agents have told me I will go onto a bridging C visa once the application is updated. Costs already paid were : agent fee's $6050, visa application fee's for me $3670 and my fiancé $1835, skills assessment as I went travelling for a year so had to get one done ($3,500), RCB $450 plus other costs such as a bridging B visa for when I travelled last year, but altogether I have spent $16,289.00. I do have a registered agent and they are quick to respond, but the info is never clear and I'm dubious as its such a huge extra cost when my work mate isn't paying it too.. I guess I can only wait and see what happens with her application.