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  1. Hi, Yes, I (the sponsor) did a police check for the UK, and as I've lived her for over 10 years I didn't do one for Australia.
  2. We got our 309 / 100 email today! Took 9 months and 1 day. No RFI and no agent. We feel so relieved that we can finally start planning our new lives.
  3. Very similar to you. Been in the UK for a long time, I have dual, as do my 2 kids. Applied in April, and we are planning to move to Tassie! Haven't heard a single thing since we applied Excited to see some grants coming through.
  4. Hi all - I love this thread and reading about all of your progress. We lodged in April, and have done and our medical as requested. I am now wondering if we should do our police checks, or wait for them to be requested?? We have been together for 12 years and have two Australian / British children, so have a lot of evidence, but I'm still nervous! Also, I have lived in the UK since November 2009 - so not quite 10 years - do you think I still need an Aussie police check?
  5. Hi, Thanks for the replies. There was a note on the application that said to book the medical, and we received a referral letter. I just assumed this meant we had to do the medical quickly. The doctor doing the medical said that because he has done it with the referral letter it will not expire. I was just unsure of we should wait for a similar thing for police checks.
  6. Hi everyone, We applied in April and I have uploaded all the supporting docs I feel are necessary, and my partner has done and passed his medical, which was requested as soon as we paid the application fee. I am now unsure if we need to do the police checks - my partner lived in Australia with me for 12 months in 2008/2009 - or do I wait for them to request this? And do we both need police checks for the UK where we have lived for 10 years (he is British / I am Australian) And lastly - once (or if !!) the visa is approved does my partner need to travel to Australia to activate the visa?
  7. Scoop

    309 Partner Visa payment

    I imagine either way is ok? Not 100% on that though. I have done 2 similar visas to this one to stay in the UK, and we typed our statements out.
  8. Scoop

    309 Partner Visa payment

    Hi, I haven't been asked for them yet! Is it something that comes after you pay?
  9. Scoop

    309 Partner Visa payment

    Thanks so much! I thought I read somewhere a while ago that the applicant had to pay.
  10. Hi all! We are about to pay for the 309 visa, but does any one know if the sponsor can use their own credit card to pay for the 309 visa? I am the sponsor, and we would prefer to use my credit card to pay rather than one of my partners, or out of our bank account. Thanks in advance.