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  1. Ausvisitor

    Completion of Form 47PA-help please

    I guess the confusion here comes from the USAs ESTA which whilst sounding the same as an Oz ETA and applied for in much the same way is not a visa the ESTA is a visa waiver. The ETA despite being very similar is a visa it's just electronic rather than paper and ink
  2. Ausvisitor

    189 Visa - Increasing Point Score

    It's possible but unless you are very good at picking up other languages you won't get it
  3. Ausvisitor

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    Given the scarecity of QLD 190 invites this is doubly sad... Firstly it's sad for you as you've had a sniff of an opportunity to realise a dream and now probably may fail due to the lack of a piece of paper. Secondly it's sad for those behind you in the queue who have gone through the process correctly and got the paperwork in place before applying and didn't get an invite, maybe they were next on the the list but you got it before them, even though it's likely useless to you without the paperwork.
  4. Ausvisitor

    Pregnancy when the main name on a 482 TSS visa

    https://www.fairwork.gov.au/how-we-will-help/templates-and-guides/fact-sheets/rights-and-obligations/482-and-457-visa-holders-workplace-rights-and-entitlements It appears you are entitled to 12 months unpaid maternity leave from what I read above, but there is no obligation for your employer to pay you even a single cent whilst on maternity leave. If you left (or they had a reason to discontinue employment during your mat leave) you'd have just a few weeks to find a new sponsor or be made to leave the country (and I don't think anyone would sponsor someone already on may leave until they returned to work)
  5. Ausvisitor

    Refusal Visa

    Most do, but most also make sure they can get the visa before spending money that can't be returned. It seems like a catch22.
  6. Ausvisitor

    Migration Agent?

    It's still true, all the information is out there, but there is more off it, they are pickier and not all sources are as up to date as they should be and if you rely on out of date information and therefore fail there is no comeback on anyone
  7. Ausvisitor

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    Yes that's what I meant it closed to new applications on 26th Nov for 190. Those in place before are OK. My info on the Gold Coast must be out of date (again another reason why it's best to go for a professional rather than listen to a well meaning but ultimately wrong amateur)
  8. Ausvisitor

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    So I think we are confusing the word agent. By agent I mean your MARA registered migratation consultant that you are paying, from what I'm reading above you are using agent to mean the case officer within QLD nominating office. They offer you the invite based on the basis that your points are correct and you meet all the pre-requisites. The process after the invite is to verify that you did in fact meet those requirements. https://migration.qld.gov.au/skilled-occupation-lists/ Check the above, whilst Secondary Teacher is technically available as a 190 and 491 visa, the state closed applications for all 190 visas at the end of November, so unless/until they reopen that blanket closure you can't apply for a new 190 nomination if this one is refused. The link above quite clearly says that registration with QCT is an absolute requirement of being offered state sponsorship of any kind. I would go back to your MARA agent and ask them why they let you file for a visa you didn;t yet meet the requirements for...
  9. Ausvisitor

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    I just took a look on the ANZSOSEARCH website (which whilst not the official government site does tend to be pretty up to date). It's not great news unfortunately. The job "SECONDARY TEACHER" requires "Require registration with the Queensland College of Teachers" in order to apply for sponsorship. It's made worse by the fact that as of right now QLD has closed applications for secondary teachers to the 190 visa and is only accepting 491 applicants, so if you don't get given time to get the QCT certificate it looks like your only option would be to refile (after getting the QCT) for a 491 - which is significantly more restrictive than a 190 (not least of which it is a provisional rather than a permanent residency and the fact you can't use it to live/work in BRISBANE or the GOLD COAST you have to go somewhere further afield) What is your agent saying about this, they should have been aware and they should be sorting this for you!
  10. Ausvisitor

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    The process is supposed to be - you get the confirmed skills assessment and then you submit the EOI The document they are requesting suggests (unless I'm reading it wrong) that you didn't get your confirmed skills assessment before lodging an EOI - if thats the case I can't see them being very sympathetic to a "hold" If it is in fact a completely new document that the department wants to see (even though you have a confirmed skills assessment) then they may well be much more amenable
  11. Historically NSW seems to offer more places than the other states. If you've got superior english and an in demand skill I'd give a 190 from there a serious consideration if I was you (In fact I was you (ish) and I did just that and got my nomination invite the day after lodging the application - of course your experience of the process could be different)
  12. What industry are you looking for in which to do Industrial Design, because outside of food and culture Sydney or Perth is usually always the strongest location for every other industry
  13. If you really believe this you need to go back and re-look at opportunities in the other states. NSW (Sydney) and WA (Perth) are at least as strong in engineering design (Perth arguably the most).
  14. It's very easy to get a refusal after you've applied. 1. You might fail the medical 2. You might have calculated your points incorrectly 3. You might be missing some key information document that you can't get or work around 4. You might fail a criminal check There are all sorts of reasons you can fail after being invited to apply. An invite to apply is the easy bit in all honesty - once you get invited that's when they actually test all the statements you made in your EOI and nomination requests
  15. I mean harsh, but also very true...
  16. What other official documents do you have that reference your "preferred name". It looks like you are going to have to pull together a pack that shows an overlap between your full name, preferred name and other identifying facts (such as DOB, addresses, tax numbers, photos) and then get a statutory declaration witnessed by a lawyer (or similar) to explain the discrepancy I don't think its insurmountable, but it will be some work to resolve
  17. Ausvisitor

    Project Administrator 511112 Criteria

    Varies greatly, I advise people on how to stay on the right side of data laws - so there really isn't any sector boundaries. That said, mainly finance and transport (as they have all the money)
  18. Ausvisitor

    Project Administrator 511112 Criteria

    I've not done it myself as my skills assessment didn't require it (management consultant); however obvioulsy I do have to manage and adminster many projects in my job. Whilst I've often been on long term projects (like your three year one), they are rarely solely on the same thing. So could you split the work you've done into discrete mini-projects? I'm thinking that maybe a three year roll-out of a procurement system could be re-stated as three related projects: 1. A 6 month project to understand the feasbility and need of the system 2. An 18 month project to oversee the design and implementation of the system 3. A 12 month programme of Business Change to rollout the system to the various offices and departments It might not work for you (I don't know what your project actually is), but in my experience any project over 18 months long that really can't be split into discrete and different sections is really "business as usual" and therefore not a project at all. If this is the case you've then got to consider would VetAssess consider it a project? If they don't you'll fail the assessment even if your duties match the job description
  19. Ausvisitor

    Holidays Outside My Regional Area

    So you'll still be working in region (even if you are outside it visting elsewhere) as being on annual leave is still working legally... As for visting other areas I am pretty sure that is fine so long as you don't take up residence or employment It's a different matter if you go outside the country as that stops the counter for things like an RRV or Citizenship application - but staying within Oz and just being a standard tourist I would think is absolutley fine
  20. Ausvisitor

    Western Australia Teachers 491

    If you are going on a 491 you need to be aware that the process for buying property is more involved. You need "FIRB" permission to buy/build (essentially government permission) and you'll pay a punitive stamp duty (much worse than the UKs second home uplift) - although as you are building its only on the cost of the land which in the regions will be pretty cheap. You also won't qualify for first time buyer incentives (either mortgage or stamp duty discounts) This changes once you get your PR and its the same as if you were a citizen then (but you can't claim back any of the premiums you've already paid as a temp resident)
  21. Ausvisitor

    Haskew’s Law

    To be totally correct, it's good enough, it's just not the best you could get. I imagine the costs are similar so why put a middle-man in the way (as that's what Haskews would be here)
  22. Ausvisitor

    Western Australia Teachers 491

    Got to agree, Sydney and Melbourne centres are certainly more "glass everywhere" modern than Perth, with better transport and culture too. WA is lovely but it is too far from anything
  23. Ausvisitor

    Western Australia Teachers 491

    The rules for 491 are standard across the country. The max length of a 491 is 5 years, if you want to stay longer you need another visa type after the 5 years. Once you meet the residence/employment conditions on your 491 you can if you wish apply for a 191 which is permanent (little is known about this at present as no-one can apply for one untl 16th Nov 2022 - 3 years after the 491 became active as a program) FROM THE IMMI WEBSITE You must: hold an eligible visa have lived for at least 3 years and have a taxable income at or above a specific income threshold for at least three years both primary and secondary applicants have complied with the conditions of the eligible visa you hold or have held ===== So assuming you get a job at the right salary (I don't know if this is published yet) on day one of living in Oz, you can apply for a 191 exactly 3 years later (if you haven't left the country at all - time out (even for a day) stops the clock until you return) It will take some time to process the 191 - so assume 6-9 months; so you could be a PR within 4 years. You can't or work outside a regional area until you actually have the 191, so it will be longer than the qualifying 3 years before you can move
  24. It certainly doesn't seem an excessive wait, I think mine was 6 weeks after getting CO request for details but that was something trivial they wanted. Depending on how much you had to upload (and the fact you've had the Xmas go slow in the middle) I'd say it's not been long enough yet to worry
  25. Ausvisitor

    Migration Agent?

    If you can truly get the immigration backing of an employer (i.e. they will pay and do the paperwork to sponsor you) then maybe you can get a temporary visa and look to switch (through a new application) in the future when you have got the post-qual experience under your belt. If I was you I'd contact one of the agents on here and see what they have to say about your chances