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  1. You will need to wait at least six months. You said you applied in September 2019 but that at this time you did not have the partner. That means you have been partners for at most 6 months. You need to be able to evidence a minimum of a year together to be classed as defacto partners
  2. Ausvisitor

    Agents fees

    I think they are allowed to set their own rates, but most seem to stick to about these prices. I remember London was more expensive so we did ours in Manchester (as it's about the same effort to get to either for us) We paid 315 each as Lavers said above
  3. Ausvisitor

    491 medical

    They can ask for it whenever they wish, and once asked you have 28 days to get it done. It's usually one of the last steps though so it will be about 4-6 weeks before the final grant decision is made usually
  4. Ausvisitor

    Physiotherapy AHPRA registration without a job offer?

    The APHRA query I can't help with, but the info on the aged 50 is out of date. This is from the IMMI website Usually, you must be under 45 years of age when you apply. [FOR THE 186 VISA] You are exempt from this criterion if any of the following applies to you: you are nominated as an academic (university lecturer or faculty head at Academic Level B, C, D or E) by a university in Australia you are nominated as a scientist, researcher or technical specialist at ANZSCO skill level 1 or 2 by an Australian scientific government agency you are a medical practitioner who has worked in your nominated occupation for at least 3 years as a 457 or TSS visa holder, and for 2 of those 3 years were employed in regional Australia, and the position is in regional Australia Transitional arrangements If you held (or had applied for and were later granted) a subclass 457 visa on 18 April 2017, you can still apply for this visa if you are under 50 when you apply. You will not be able to get a 457 visa as these have been superceded by the 482 (so the transitional arrangement piece doesn't apply to you) The part about "medical practitioner" may be relevant (but not sure if they mean doctor rather than all healthcare professions) but if you did go that route you would need to spend a lot of time in rural Australia. I would be getting a second opinion on the route you are looking to take as from what the department publish it doesn't look possible
  5. Ausvisitor

    Agents fees

    It feels like they have "over-egged" the visa application fee a bit - although that may depend on how old your kids are, if they are over 18 then thy are $2000 each not $1000 so potentially Main App $4,000 Secondary $2,000 Child 1 (19yr) $2,000 Child 2 (18yr) $2,000 Chils 3 (14) $1,000 Dhild 4 (12) $1,000 Then thats $12,000 and change for visa fees alone, and there is a fair bit of work involved in submittign the visas. If they are all under 18 then it feels very expensive for that bit
  6. Ausvisitor

    186 ENS Visa TRT with no agent?

    I had a quick look at that - just out of nosiness basically - and although I've got my visa I founf myself wanting the help of an agent just to fully understand what was going on in that case - I wouldn't want to be wading through that treacle by myself. It's interesting to note that whilst the initial application was donw without MARA agent help, one was appointed by the applicant for the appeal - I imagine this isn't cheap and in the long run a decent agent up front would probably have saved thousands of dollars (not to mention tears)
  7. Ausvisitor

    Agents fees

    Our entire process (including all the external fees - medicals, 3 countries Police reports, one very expensive, VETASSESS, State Fee and 3x VISA application fess) managed by an agent ended up around $17,000 for 2 adults and a child. So just over $20,000 all in isn't that unlikely - although the agent fees in all this were around $3,000 (and they did absolutley everything for us)
  8. Ausvisitor

    Tourist 600 / CPV 143

    The issue here is that whilst you have to keep returning home until you have a visa, your intention is that these visits aren't holidays they are recurring visits related to your major visa application. No one would see this as a genuine holiday maker being asked to do a little work whilst on vacation by their employer at home
  9. Ausvisitor

    Can't believe it!

    I agree Sydney is expensive but the person asking is a Doctor so I imagine the cost won't be as much of a limiting factor as it usually is
  10. Ausvisitor

    Tourist 600 / CPV 143

    The reality is if you were coming for 6 months and not coming back again you probably will not be caught working from home, but not being caught and not being allowed are very different things. If you had no interest in getting a "long-term" visa you may be able to "slide under the radar", but as a long-term visa applicant you will get caught easily when asked for work history, pay-slips and references as part of your main visa application - any half switched on immigration worked will discern that you spent most of the year in Australia, yet seem to have been employed for the whole year It really isn't worth the risk. No other MARA agent will tell you any different (unless they aren't telling you the truth). To be clear, there is no issue with you doing work in Australia for a UK company if you have a visa that allows you too.... I'd be talking to @paulhand @wrussell or one of the other MARA agents on here
  11. Ausvisitor

    189 Visa - Increasing Point Score

    Yes but only if you are already at a decent level in a second language that is on the list. Learning a new language to the required level is a little over the top for just 5 points.
  12. Ausvisitor

    Tourist 600 / CPV 143

    The visa tells you what you can and cannot do. If you have a visa that says you cannot work whilst in Australia on this visa that is exactly what it means. You cannot work at all in Australia. If you want to work (even from home for your UK employer) you need a visa with work right attached to it. I'm sure many chance it, but If you are caught you will never get a proper visa as you will be on a blacklist
  13. Ausvisitor

    Purchasing NI credits for pension

    You can "buy" a year of NI contributions for up to 6 years after your retirement date. So whether he could purchase them depends on if he already has a full year for the years he was 61,62,63,64 (the one's before are too far back and the contribution element stops at 65 so you can't buy that year either). The Pension service will be able to help, however I do know that if you buy them now you won't get the lump sum you mention because you didn't qualify for it (you didn't have enough contributions) and you only start to build up the lump sum repayment (for deferred pension) from your state pension age or your qualification date (whichever is later) - in your Dad's case the qualification date would be later (Otherwise everyone would do this as waiting 12 months and then buying 6 years would be covered by the rebate from the state pension for not drawing it for a year)
  14. Ausvisitor

    491 lodgement

    You can add them as additional documents if you need to submit them. Not all cases need them, for instance mine didn't (different VISA) but I know other people who did have to supply some financial details during the process.
  15. They have access to a bunch of other stuff as well as the things you mention. They can determine through government records where their Medicaid card is registered to, who their employer is, where they are registered for task etc. A bit like the UK and school catchment areas if you try to game the system to look like you are in region when you are not they will find out. They always have the final option of just going to the address and knocking on the door...
  16. Ausvisitor

    491 visa

    If you take a 491 state sponsorship it is a requirement you remain in a regional location. It's only the 190 where location is a moral undertaking
  17. Ausvisitor

    491 visa

    Possibly, but there are way more spaces on the skilled state nominated quotas than the family nominated quota so if you can up your points you may be better applying for a skilled nomination in your own right without the family additions (unless the 491 works very differently to the old 489)
  18. Ausvisitor

    Diabetes Type 2 - Medical - Pass / Fail?

    I don't understand why they wouldn't want an assessment. Yes the entire submission from start to end if handled by an agent will incur £2k+ in professional fees but the initial "do we stand a chance" conversation will be just a few pounds/dollars and in some cases even free. Surely it's worth the price of a mediocre night out in the pub to gain some clarity on the potential ways to proceed. I can understand why people may not want to commit to thousands of pounds in agent fees (although I found it worth every penny and more) but to not take any at all seems counter productive
  19. Ausvisitor

    SA 190 invitation

    As soon as you start worrying it's taking a while... It's as though they spend their time on here working out which case to process next
  20. Ausvisitor

    190 processing time

    It's roughly about 5-6 months from submitting that people have been asked for meds and PCC. If you've front loaded everything you should get an answer in that sort of time.
  21. Ausvisitor

    SA 190 invitation

    It is difficult in the waiting, and as you are seeing it's hard to see others get what you want quicker than you are. Keep the faith and hopefully it will come
  22. Ausvisitor

    187 visa

    Congratulations - things just happen when they happen in the immigration timeframe! Enjoy your life in Australia
  23. Ausvisitor

    Refusal Visa

    The agent will be able to supply you with details of your previous booking.
  24. Ausvisitor

    Refusal Visa

    Airline booking receipts (from your email when you booked) Airline online checkin emails from when you checkin Paper boarding passes Bank Statements showing transactions abroad buffered either side by transactions in your home country Hotel booking receipts and/or bills sent by email You are simply looking to highlight that when you travel you come home - that should be easy enough to show (obviiously the passport is the easiest but if you haven't got that then the above will show the patterm)
  25. Ausvisitor

    SA 190 invitation

    They are different teams (or at least different quotas) so you can't compare your experience to someone applyimg for a different visa. It's like saying you applied for a Job with worldwide plumbers in England and 2 days later your mate applied for a job with worldwide plumbers in Northern Ireland but they heard back first. You haven't applied for the same thing so you can't compare the process and draw any useful parallels