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  1. Ausvisitor

    Immi s57 Natural Justice

    When I got mine I didn't hear anything more until I got my grant letter from them. In total I seem to remember I got my S57 in mid October and ther grant early December - so about 7 weeks I would at 10 days it is far too early in the process to be getting stressed - they might reply tomorrow or it might be a month from now. You can't influence it so best to just "chill" and accept the waiting as an inevitable part of the process
  2. Ausvisitor

    190 processing time

    A grant is a grant... The only difference between an on-shore and off-shore grant is that all VISAs need to be activated by being on-shore. So for off-shore applicants they need to set foot in Australia by the "must visit by" date that will be on the VISA grant letter. This will be up to 12 months from the date of grant - but is often shorter as your Case Officer may decide that your medical and PC certificates also need to still be valid on entry to Australias (we've seen examples of both scenarios so you won't know which until you get your grant letter)
  3. Ausvisitor

    Transferring money from uk to Aus

    I just did a quick comparison of moneycorp and transferwise (i have accounts at both) and as of 10:50 today the quotes I got for transferring £100K to AUD was as follows TRANSFERWISE - $193227 MONEYCORP - $191240 So today TW was better than MC by $1987 or to put it another way thats like the exchange rate going up 2c in the pound. I know a lot of people are currently thinking that if the rate went up to 2:1 they would exchange some cash; however this shows that at 10:50 today if the transferwise rate had been 1:1.98 then it would have resulted in the same dollar amount in your account as a MONEYCORP transfer at 1:2 sometime in the future Of course this will all change in the next hour as each company updates the rates dynamically throughout the day
  4. Ausvisitor

    Notice Period

    The UK big 4 companies use 3 or 6 month notice periods for anyone at manager level or above to dissuade moving straight to the client after completing a role. AUS law might be different, but in the UK non compete clauses are heinously difficult to enforce on an employee (as you could effectively be denying them the right to work if they can prove the only job they could have got was going to be a competing one) so instead they use notice periods which are much easier to enforce (and by the time you take into account legal costs in enforcement of a non compete are usually cheaper)
  5. Ausvisitor

    Transferring money from uk to Aus

    The problem with this question is that the answer is (and always will be) "it depends" Who do you bank with? Does your account have special perks that allow cheaper transfer of money? Has the rate changed recently and have the bank and Forex both kept pace? The real issue (and I know because I tried it) is that getting the answer out of your bank is near impossible, so it's also very difficult to actually make the comparison. As exchange rates change throughout the day as well (on large transfers like yours) even doing the research doesn't guarantee you'll get that rate an hour later when you ask them to do the transfer
  6. I agree but the person's question was if she stayed in Australia on a skilled visa. If she did (I'm not questioning how or if that's possible) then she would be a resident. I was answering the question posed, and not trying to discern information that isn't present or available
  7. It's simple the child won't be made to move, so like most things "possession is 9/10ths of the law". The child is in Oz, so the judgement will be that both parents can have equal rights to visitation (if indeed they do grant equal rights) but in Australia and both of them would need to agree if the child was to leave the country. Australia will never make a legally settled resident leave the country whilst they stay within the agreeements of their visa You however have a choice, you can apply to stay in Australia if you want to be involved
  8. The child is present in Australia and the mother is a resident of Australia - this is important but doesn't answer your question. Because both parents are UK citizens (and not AUS citizens) you could bring action in either country. However whatever happens Australia is never going to repatriate a child that is residing legally in its borders. Of course if the mother and child visit the UK whether or not UK border control would allow the child to leave the UK if there was a court order for UK residence is a different matter. Its complex (as you said) but it is also pretty simple, if the child is born in Australia and is living there legally with a parent who is also living there legally, the chance of that child being made to go and live in the UK is about as close to zero as it is possible to get
  9. Ausvisitor

    Taking car to uk ?

    Worth considering that Hyundai have withdrawn the Veloster from the UK market so this will mean a few things: 1) Parts will be harder to source if you need replacements 2) Insurance will go up as its a scarcer car (and therefore paying for replacements becomes more expensive for the insurer) 3) You need to declare it is an import on insuring it, this again raises the cost considerably You can get a 4 year old one here for about £6,000 in very good condition - this is probably less than it will cost to ship and re-register your current car
  10. Ausvisitor

    Visa 189 job seek

    So the things you pay in advance of applying are 1&2 in my list above Point 3 in the list is you actually applying (and it is free), but needs to be correct. Everything from then on you only pay if they invite you to apply for a VISA - at this point you've passed the points threshold (unless you counted up your points wrong and get found out) So everyhting from point 4 onwards only needs paying for or happens after you know you've passed the points threshold In terms of companies hiring without you being in Oz, well some do but in all honesty most won't - most want someone to start within the month and if you aren't on Oz soil organising to get there (even with the visa already in hand) in under a month is big undertaking. Certainly try, but expect to have to move over as an unemployed person and go on the job hunt as soon as you land
  11. Ausvisitor

    Visa 189 job seek

    Aha - they aren't daft you pay when you apply and at that point it's a sunk cost you won't see a penny/cent of it back even if you are unsuccessful. Actual order of payments as follows 1) Sort out skills assessment - pay the skills assessing body at time of submitting assessement 2) Pay for English tests (if you are taking them) - again pay in advance of taking test (this is to IELTS or PTE) 3) Submit EOI - this is free 4) If you applied for state sponsorship and they invite you to apply for sponsorship, you need to pay about $300 in advance for them to review your application - if they don't sponsor you then you don't get it back 5) Applying for the main visa (you can only do this once immigration invite you) - pay visa application fee at time of lodging application (in the case of 189/190 this is about 9 months before you will get a decision on whether or not you will be granted one) - Main application $4,045, Additional applicant (partner or kid over 18) $2,025 each, Under 18s (your kids) $1,010 each 6) During the application you'll be asked to do medicals at some point - these are about $650 each 7) During the application you'll be asked to get police certificates for you all (maybe young kids are exempt I don't recall) this is needed for any country you have spent more than 12 months in - allow $100 per person per country There will be sundry other things like notary costs for documents, transcripts of degrees etc... And of course an agent's fees if you choose to use one. If you don't expect that you'll be investing about 400 hours of your own time into the entire process. If you do use one you will still need to do a fair bit of work but more like 150 hours. Most agents will run about $4000 approx for a complete service so depends if you value your time more than $16 an hour (I know I did)...
  12. Ausvisitor

    Visa 189 job seek

    If you submit your EOI and it is not "selected" you can alter it at any time prior to selection to adjust points (up or down) - essentially a points alteration resets the time of submission to the time you made the update Once you have been "selected" (i.e invited to apply) if you are then refused because you calculated your points incorrectly for some reason then a number of things may happen: 1) You may be refused but allowed to submit a new EOI (with all the associated waiting) with your new total of points 2) If they think your mistated points where a "planned" deception rather than an honest mistake you will likely be given a ban of 3+ years during which you cannot apply for any other visa (including a simple tourist visa for a holiday) 3) You will lose the application fees you have submitted - this might be just the VETASSESS fees, or if it gets further it could be all the VISA fees (and at $4000+ for the main applicant alone this is something you want to avoid)
  13. Ausvisitor

    Visa 189 job seek

    It doesn't work like that for the 190. The state looks at the pool of people in there and if they beleive they need (in this case) a chemist this week they offer an invite to the most attractive candidate on the list (this may not be the one with the most points). I got a 190 invite in my career (management consulting) with 65 points (plus a further 5 for 190 sponsorship) back in July/August when the 189 points where at 85+ each month ...but there isn't a magic number to get over with 190 - it's more a put it in and hope they want you
  14. Ausvisitor

    Visa 189 job seek

    Where are you planning to move to in Australia? I ask because chemist is on the 190 visa list for New South Wales state sponsorship which would mean you wouldn't need to "chase points" quite as hard as you do for the 189
  15. Ausvisitor

    Visa 189 job seek

    Yes... Option 1 - pay a registered MARA agent to review your case and they can give you a very solid opinion about whether your claim is likely to be accepted - this will cost a few dollars but nowhere near the VETASSESS fees (unless you get the agent to do more work for you as well) This opinion though isn't a guarantee - no-one except VETASSESS can give you that (for Skills Assessment) and no-one but the immigration team can give you that for immigration points (and VETASSESS and immigration have been known to disagree in the past) Option 2 - you go through the VETASSESS process, paying all fees and see what they say. Personally I wouldn't dream of doing the process without an agent (even though many do) so I'd start with a free consultation with one of the MARA agents who post on here and then take it from there based on their discussion with you. One of the things that can often trip people up is that experience is only valid after the qualification is granted in some instances. So lets say you got your PHD 3 years ago, if you claim PHD points and employment points you might only now have 3 years of experience. This is one of those grey areas and is different depending on the case and circumstances that's why I'd always get someone else to do it for me who really knows how it works
  16. Ausvisitor

    Saying Hello!

    I've used revolut for years, and it is great at what it is great at, but there are some pretty big issues with it, that in my view therefore make it only good as a infrequent use card, I certainly wouldn't use it in a current account like way. The rates are decent and you can store cash on it when rates are in your favour to spend any time in the future, however the amount you can draw out of an ATM before incurring fees is small and they have pitiful customer service. They are also well known for closing accounts (or suspending access) on a whim and then with next to no customer service it's very difficult to get access back. Even with these niggles I'd still be happy to use it as a payment card whilst in another country - just transferring money from my AUS or UK account in drips as required to keep it topped up. That said if you are just looking for a card to spend money in AUS before you open your UK account you could do a lot worse than a Halifax Clarity Credit Card (other similar cards exist) that allows you to spend fee free anywhere in the world (they make their money on the exhange rate - which is still good to be fair - and the fact you may leave a balance on the card) If on the other habd you are looking to send a decent chunk of cash from the UK to Oz (or the other way) then moneycorp and their like are by far the best way to do it
  17. Ausvisitor

    Visa 189 job seek

    Be thankful you aren't a plumber or other licensed tradesman the VETASSESS fees for these occupations run north of $5,500 as there are interviews and exams to take that are punitively expense Also many people don't get IELTS in their first attempt, there are english teachers and people with higher degress (MA, PHd) in English Lanaguage on this forum that have had to take the test more than once - it's the same fee each time...
  18. Ausvisitor

    Visa 189 job seek

    That's how it works. We (as the applicant) see it as unfair because we need to spend a bunch of cash before knowing if we will ever get an invite. However look at it from the other point of view (the immigration team and other applicants in the queue). If you were not required to pay to put these things in place in advance the amount of people applying will increase hugely (after all why not apply and see what happens if it is free). You then get an invite at 90 points so the immigration team spend time/money evaluating your case only to determine that you don't have 90 points anyway (because your language skills aren't up to scratch for instance) and so they waste their time (salaries) and refuse you anyway. In the meantime someone with a valid claim at 85 points has been overlooked for the more "qualified" 90 point applicant.
  19. You will need to wait at least six months. You said you applied in September 2019 but that at this time you did not have the partner. That means you have been partners for at most 6 months. You need to be able to evidence a minimum of a year together to be classed as defacto partners
  20. Ausvisitor

    Agents fees

    I think they are allowed to set their own rates, but most seem to stick to about these prices. I remember London was more expensive so we did ours in Manchester (as it's about the same effort to get to either for us) We paid 315 each as Lavers said above
  21. Ausvisitor

    491 medical

    They can ask for it whenever they wish, and once asked you have 28 days to get it done. It's usually one of the last steps though so it will be about 4-6 weeks before the final grant decision is made usually
  22. Ausvisitor

    Physiotherapy AHPRA registration without a job offer?

    The APHRA query I can't help with, but the info on the aged 50 is out of date. This is from the IMMI website Usually, you must be under 45 years of age when you apply. [FOR THE 186 VISA] You are exempt from this criterion if any of the following applies to you: you are nominated as an academic (university lecturer or faculty head at Academic Level B, C, D or E) by a university in Australia you are nominated as a scientist, researcher or technical specialist at ANZSCO skill level 1 or 2 by an Australian scientific government agency you are a medical practitioner who has worked in your nominated occupation for at least 3 years as a 457 or TSS visa holder, and for 2 of those 3 years were employed in regional Australia, and the position is in regional Australia Transitional arrangements If you held (or had applied for and were later granted) a subclass 457 visa on 18 April 2017, you can still apply for this visa if you are under 50 when you apply. You will not be able to get a 457 visa as these have been superceded by the 482 (so the transitional arrangement piece doesn't apply to you) The part about "medical practitioner" may be relevant (but not sure if they mean doctor rather than all healthcare professions) but if you did go that route you would need to spend a lot of time in rural Australia. I would be getting a second opinion on the route you are looking to take as from what the department publish it doesn't look possible
  23. Ausvisitor

    Agents fees

    It feels like they have "over-egged" the visa application fee a bit - although that may depend on how old your kids are, if they are over 18 then thy are $2000 each not $1000 so potentially Main App $4,000 Secondary $2,000 Child 1 (19yr) $2,000 Child 2 (18yr) $2,000 Chils 3 (14) $1,000 Dhild 4 (12) $1,000 Then thats $12,000 and change for visa fees alone, and there is a fair bit of work involved in submittign the visas. If they are all under 18 then it feels very expensive for that bit
  24. Ausvisitor

    186 ENS Visa TRT with no agent?

    I had a quick look at that - just out of nosiness basically - and although I've got my visa I founf myself wanting the help of an agent just to fully understand what was going on in that case - I wouldn't want to be wading through that treacle by myself. It's interesting to note that whilst the initial application was donw without MARA agent help, one was appointed by the applicant for the appeal - I imagine this isn't cheap and in the long run a decent agent up front would probably have saved thousands of dollars (not to mention tears)
  25. Ausvisitor

    Agents fees

    Our entire process (including all the external fees - medicals, 3 countries Police reports, one very expensive, VETASSESS, State Fee and 3x VISA application fess) managed by an agent ended up around $17,000 for 2 adults and a child. So just over $20,000 all in isn't that unlikely - although the agent fees in all this were around $3,000 (and they did absolutley everything for us)